Jan. 21st, 2012 11:14 am
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I'm in Collaroy, with my parents for the first time since last April.  Mum's maid of honour and her husband are also around and I've not seen them for the better part of twenty years.

There is always a shock when this happens, because suddenly the Collaroy Castle which I am accustomed to having to myself is much MUCH smaller.  I'm also keenly aware of the fact that I understand my parents (particularly my mum) less and less.  I'm noticing how she seems incapable of doing something without announcing it, that the traditional maternal fussiness is still there, and that she has very little knowledge of what is going on with me.  None of this results in hostility or even awkwardness, but it is still there.  I've not lived in the same jurisdiction as my parents for eight and a half years and it shows.

We did have a chat about the gloom yesterday, which is an issue of some concern to her.  She wanted to make sure I'm not drifting in the direction of suicide (I'm not and she knows I'm not) and I suspect there will be more chats while they are here.  I was kind of hoping to be able to explain what's going on with me, but I can't seem to do it.  It's like it's back to the old drill of things being wrong when nothing is wrong.

In better news, I finished all my work for the Cert III and handed it in on Thursday.  The training manager at my gym signed off on a number of workout sessions that I was meant to observe.  In fact, I just entered workouts that I had done in the past and that was deemed to be good enough.  I did do a flexibility session with Helga (who is leaving Canberra to move in with her boyfriend) and an aerobic session with Coffee Snob to get used to designing programs for people and they were both happy with what I did.  Now I am going to start on my Cert IV.

There have been a number of good workouts recently, including a new concept that involves working out with a deck of cards.  Each suit represents an exercise, and the value on each card represents the number of reps.  Then you just "hit the deck" and go through either the whole deck or go for a set period of time.  Very random, a good challenge, and heaps of fun.

Also, on the Collaroy Castle front, I am getting a stronger feeling that much of the pressure for selling the place is coming from my aunt in Sweden who resents the place and the work required to maintain it.  It struck me yesterday that if she died, there would be far less pressure to sell.  Noticing this made me feel a bit macabre, but maybe that's what I'm like these days.
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I'm doing Black Dog Pushups again tomorrow.  This time it will be a target of 2,000 in two hours at lunch time in Garema Place, and there should be some pretty good exposure.  I rejigged the media release and sent it to local TV, radio, and the Canberra Times, who are sending a journalist and a photographer to cover the story.  I've also been hyping BDP on Twitter and today I was retweeted by two rugby league players, an ABC journo, a comedian, a judge on Australia's Next Top Model, and an Olympic swimmer, which means hundreds of thousands of people have been told about my project.  After a good retweet, for an hour there was a surge in people following me.  At times it was on the cusp of going viral.

I had a session with my psychologist yesterday and it was the first time there was more positive than negative talk.  Plenty of talk about BDP.  Excepting some frustration with Coffee Snob and work and one of the agencies, it was all good stuff.  And to improve things further, while I was in session the frustrating agency rang and set things in motion to resolve my frustration over being knocked back from the DoHA job.  Later, Coffee Snob dropped the Spartan Death Race advocacy, so I'm running out of things to complain about.

I was advised to think in terms of "and" rather than "but".  Instead of saying, I have x, y, and z but I don't have a real job, I can say I have x, y, and z and I would also like a real job.  I've also started thinking that I've been living with the gloom for a long time.  Far longer than this year when I really started to notice it.  I've long felt aimless and like I don't quite fit.  It's only recently that this started to wear enough on me to make things break down.  It could be that the gloom has been with me a long time and will remain with me for a long time, and it just needs to be managed.  Much like the Asperger's perhaps.

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Ok. First the links.

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So although things in the gloom department have been going a lot better recently, this weekend there was a bit of frustration at being lectured on things I should be doing.
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It has been an active few days.

Plenty of workouts, including one where I surprised myself by cleaning more than my bodyweight.  I failed at my first attempt but made the second and felt very proud of myself.  I've also had lots of fun with the tire at Deakin (which belongs to a trainer who has no objections to me using it if he's not around.)
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So I've had plenty of physical fun.  I took Coffee Snob through a workout I devised for her, and she said to me "you make me work harder than I want to, but I have to work out harder than I want to."  Praise indeed.

I also went to a harp concert featuring Ginger Harpist.

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Because I'm all cultured like that.  She learned me a few things about the harp the next day.

I had a job interview that went very well.  It would be doing media work in the Department of Health and it would be one step removed from the Minister's office.  There was a little bit of concern about my partisan past, but I'm professional enough to be able to put my personal feelings about the Minister aside (I don't like her at all) and do the job.  It would be a three month job, possibly longer, and it sounds quite interesting.  Oh yes, and the first question they asked was about wife carrying, which I mention on my resume.

I've also traded a bit.  Generally I keep an eye on the market for the first half hour and the last ten minutes or so in addition to checking in periodically during the day, rather than watching like a hawk all the time. I can still pay attention without letting it get in the way of everything else.

I'm up in Sydney now, but I forgot to bring appropriate clothes for looking for work so I may have to pick something up before heading into the city today talk to a couple of agencies.  I've also got a funeral to go to.  The team doctor for the Convicts and partner of one of our players died and it would be good to go.

Last night I had a beer with an ex-girlfriend.  With Jem, things were often tumultuous.  I really loved her and I still do (though I didn't say it this time.)  I hadn't seen her in quite a while but we had a good chat.  I told her about me being depressed, and her reaction was "isn't is great?"  I may have been told at some point, but somehow it never struck me that she had been struggling with depression since before we met.  That might explain some of the difficulty we had, especially when you add in the stresses and aspieness that I brought to the table.  What we had was wonderful at times, but it was also exhausting at times.  Part of me that still remembers the good things between up still wishes we could have it back, but we can't.

Tonight I'm having a beer with another ex-girlfriend.  It's lucky for me that I get along with exes.  The only one about which I have any negative memories is Ma Cherie Zoologiste (and I'm not sure she was actually a girlfriend.)

So the last few days have been pretty good actually, given that I've kept myself busy.
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I got a call from Coffee Snob this morning.  She is in Perth for work and asked if I could send her a workout similar to the one I gave her earlier in the week.  I did one involving rowing, deadlifts, pushups, and burpees, and again she is quite keen to get on it (though she still got some delayed muscle soreness from the last one.)

I also got a call from Andrew Broad, CEO of the VDM Group.  I e-mailed six questions about the capital raising than I am considering yesterday, and today I got a response.  The CEO and I chatted for over 15 minutes and he answered every one of the questions I asked in a quitte satisfactory way.  Apparently they are soon to announce $60 million in new work, their property sale is going well, all the directors are participating with their own money except for one who legally cannot, and this CEO was until last August one of the higher ups in a company that has done quite well recently (and which I considered investing in.)  He was with them a decade ago when they were in dire straits and now they are trading at many multiples of their old value.  In that case, within a year they had jumped sevenfold.  All in all, it was an impressive phone call.  If I am going to participate in this capital raising, I will have to rearrange a few things, but I am now more confident that it is a good idea.

I also had my first foray into margin loans today.  I bought shares in ERA, a uranium mining outfit that has recently been hammered and I think oversold.  The market on it is showing signs of a turnaround.  I'm not getting into margin trading too heavily, and I've put up a lot more security than I needed to using shares I don't plan on selling any time soon so I should be pretty safe from margin calls even if bad things happen.

It struck me today that as my time in Parliament winds down, these things are far more interesting to me than what I actually doing for a living.  I wonder if I will end up doing this for a while.

The Convicts are in the semi-finals this weekend.  I'm still not sure if I will be playing or not.  My neck is pretty good and I am back to doing full on workouts and taking a muscle relaxant when I get home and another right before bed.  I may not know right away whether I will be playing.  It's hard to tell.

YW: AMRAP 15 minutes: Max 30kg shoulder press, max pullups, row 200m.  5 full rounds plus shoulders and pullups.  Totals: 117 shoulder presses, 84 pullups, row 1km.

Also, I have decided that in addition to one of the business reporters on Sky News, I have a new secret celebrity girlfriend.

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There is a bit of an IT related problem regarding my margin loan.  I have been granted it and they can see it, but it's not showing up on my account so I can't do anything.  For the second day in a row I rang them to tell them as much and they are working on it.  It should be good to go within 48 hours, but I am quite keen to get deeper into CCV and every day I don't have access is a lost opportunity.

I'm in the process of clearing everything work related so I will have a clean desk (so to speak) when I leave in August.  I'm getting there.

I've also made another appointment for next week with the psychologist.  I'm still not quite clear on how this whole thing is meant to work.  From what I've read they place a lot of emphasis on living according to your values, but I don't really know what my values are.  They also put emphasis on stepping outside of yourself to say things like "I'm having the feeling that my life is pointless" rather than saying "my life is pointless" but I'm not sure how I will take to that.

Last night I was at the gym with Coffee Snob and I had put together a Crossfit workout for her.  I showed her how to work with kettlebells (which she had literally never done, perhaps on account of feeling they were all foreign and scary) and then set her loose on the workout while timing her.

YW: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 4kg clean and press left and right, 6kg kettlebell swings, 8kg SDHP.  Her time: 12:06.  I was impressed.  She didn't complain once.  Then I gave her the finisher of tabata situps.  I held her feet down and she managed 80.  She said it was the best workout she had done in a long time and told me I should be a personal trainer.  I don't think that would suit me, certainly not in a gym context, but I could possibly do it on a freelance basis with people I know and can trust not to annoy me and get all whiny and slack.  It's something to consider.

I did the same workout with four times the weight (CS thought her weights looked very cute in comparison to mine) in 11:55 and promptly collapsed to the ground.  My lower back is all fatigued today.  I'm sure I will have other chances to demonstrate workouts in the future.  It was fun.
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"It used to be cool" night went very well.

I decided on Saturday morning that I would go as Officer John McClane from the Die Hard series.  There are very few characters that I could come as that have very short hair, but this one worked.  One theory that Die Hard was still cool and therefore my outfit was inappropriate was advanced, but I decided that it was still a valid idea because Die Hard was such a huge series that was so full of iconic action movie cliches that it can be mocked for its excesses even as it enjoys a mantle of retro coolness.  Plenty of things fall into similar categories.

I managed to get a workout in on Saturday afternoon.

YW: AMRAP 12 minutes - 5 80kg deadlifts, 15 hand release pushups (12 rounds +5 +3).  Finisher - 2 minutes for max situps (75), 2 minutes max 30kg tricep extentions (81), 2 minutes mac 30kg bicep curls (73).

I was really sore especially from all the pushups, but later on during the party I was called upon by MadAlex to do pushups as her way of explaining my inclination to spontaneously do pushups.  I did 50 in one set as they counted off, and later did some pushups on the sofa over the people who were sitting on it.  I don't know whose idea that was, but I was always going to take up that challenge.
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People didn't stay as late as our last party, there weren't as many people (last time Roxy invited almost her whole program and this time she only invited about half of them.  By about 2:30am I was in bed.  I made it up the next morning with no hangover at all (Alleluia spent a lot of time over the toilet regretting the amount of alcohol she had consumed the night before.  I was absolutely exhausted though, and have not set foot off of the property all day.  I've also taken a couple of my prescription muscle relaxants and have been quite drowsy.  My neckstill has a stubborn crick and I've got a lot of soreness in the chest and core.

So today was spent mopping floors and loaning my car to Roxy as I was not going to be driving anywhere.  Chez Canuck is clean again.
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Alleluia is leaving, which means we are replacing her with a new housemate.  We put out an ad and got a lot of response and two people came to view the place yesterday.

We were happy with both but we wound up settling on the older (and quieter) of the two.  And get this, she has been to the Olympics twice.  The freakin' OLYMPICS!!!

I mean she didn't win, but still.  OLYMPICS!!!!!!

She's taking up a teaching job in a suburb not far from Chez Canuck and she seems like she will fit nicely into the house.  The prospective nickname is "Esky" because it sounds not to far off from her real name and because it has been something like a dozen years since she has had a summer.  Really.  Every Australian summer she has been off in the northern hemisphere

This, of course, means that I will almost certainly no longer be the sportiest/fittest person in the house, and I am without question not the best cross country skier.  But I think this story is cool enough that I don't mind losing that mantle.  Anyway, I bet I'm still the best at wife carrying.

I had dinner with Coffee Snob last night.  There is also a room to be filled in her place and because she was home alone she wanted someone to be there when unfamiliar men came to the house.  So in exchange for looking all intimidating, I got this.

Ecuadorian chicken stew, avocado, rice, and refried plantains.  It's good having friends who can cook.

I'm currently trying to pick up some more shares in JRL which I feel are grossly undervalued, and I think I will approve and participate in the capital raising for VMG.  I may get rid of it after a while.  Clearly I've held on too long, and I hope I can use this as a learning experience.  I have also applied for a margin loan.  I've never dealt with margin trading and I don't plan to go too far into it.  I've applied for the smallest credit limit available, but it does present the opportunity to increase some of my holdings like CCV and AUT and to get into new ones like NAB that offer stable and long term growth.  This would not be the place for something risky, and I have no intention of getting leveraged up to the hilt.  Still this stands to be the largest debt I've ever taken on.

I will be getting my unused annual leave paid out when I go and I will likely have another job to go into, but I will have to keep more cash around than I otherwise would given what will become my new working situation.

I also tried to sign into Google+ and was told to come back later.  Not encouraging.  The big new social media platform being run by the biggest kind on the block and they can't handle the capacity.

Ready to go

Jul. 8th, 2011 05:02 pm
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I'm off to Sydney in a bit.  There will be a party tonight and then two games with the Convicts tomorrow, then probably a nice recovery swim on Sunday morning.

I'm also planning to do my taxes (or part of them) this weekend.  The ATO is pretty easy to work with and I suspect that by claiming some of the costs associated with my overseas trip last year I should be able to get a decent refund.

Coffee Snob asked if I wanted to come for a drive just after lunch as she was going into the city.  It's interesting to get out of the building.  I remarked that I always assume that everyone works and everyone looks and lives substantially like I do.  One look around the Canberra Centre early on a Friday afternoon disproved that.  CS and I will be having a dinner on Monday, and she is quite a good cook in my experience.

I've now told nearly everyone I want to tell about my leaving.  Half of the Shadow Cabinet know,  Almost all of the party know, and some former colleagues who have also left now know too.  Plenty of people want to keep in touch and I think I will make more than the standard token effort to do so.  I suspect I will be back to politics one day, and going back during sitting weeks to visit and attend functions and play touch rugby in the mornings will remind people that I'm still around.  I've arranged an interview with another agency for Monday afternoon.

The stock market was solidly up today.  I have a good feeling about a number of my stocks that have lagged recently such as ARX and NBS and PVE, though I have prepared myself for VMG to drop like a stone when it comes out of its trading halt.
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Rugby last weekend was short lived.  I was fine during the warm up provided that there was no contact and I didn't have to change direction.  Because those things rarely happen in rugby.  They wanted me to start at Number 8 but I said I would probably be better off on the bench.  They did put me on mid way through the second half and in my first ruck my ankle got knocked (not turned or twisted but just bumped) and I foud myself limping to follow the play.  I did get thrown the ball and suddenly felt no pain as I ran it forward into contact.  Getting up, however, I felt all sore again and realised that I was going to have little impact on the game like that in addition to needlessly risking myself.  We were up by three tries late in the game anyway and an injury could have put me out for the season if it went wrong.  I did, however, enjoy the fact that I am one game closer to making 100 appearances for the Convicts.

I drove a teammate with a broken hand (that I may have broken in the first ruck where I knocked my ankle) to hospital before going on to the next game.  Both our teams wound up winning in solid displays, and I told some of my teammates that I was looking for work, possibly in Sydney.

It was nice to have a whole day in Canberra for the end of the weekend and I spent a fair amount of it at the gym in a pretty intense workout.

SunW: The Filthy Fifties: 50 shoulder press, 50 kettlebell swings, 50 calorie row, 50 bicep curls, 50 dynamic pushups, 50 toes to bar, 50 bench jumps, 50 pullups, 50 dips, 50 burpees.

I was reminded during the workout that I like girls.  Also, I am always impressed by girls who lift.  I think not enough of them do. One of my fellow patrons and I had a conversation about borrowing Crossfit workout principles into creating our own taxing and brutal workouts.

On Monday I picked up Coffee Snob from the airport which made me late for work, and also picked out a fabric and a design for my next new suit.  Apparently they are going to narrow the lapels by about half an inch because that is the fashion now.  Fine.  I wouldn't have known but I'm happy to go along with that.  Shopping for suits is much easier when this is all I have to do.  The tailor remembered me and was pleased that I had given him referrals.

Then it was another full on day at the gym, but not before I prevented a woman from disrobing in the mens changing room.  Somehow a woman got almost to the point of taking her shirt off before I asked "are you sure you're in the right place?"

YW: 5 rounds of: Row 400m, 30 seconds L-hang (which was VERY hard), 30 kettlebell swings.  Then I practiced my form on squats a bit, then did 50 burpees (I have decided to do 50 burpees in every workout in the hopes of improving at them) and 10 heavy bag getups.

When I got home dinner was on.  This is becoming a regular Monday evening thing it would seem.  Roxy had made a very nice stirfry and we all ate together.  I think I would be quite happy if we continued doing so.  I contributed som chocolate I had around and I also made the tea and did a bunch of dishes while they watched Masterchef.
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This could be a good explanation of what has happened in my office this week.

I've been feeling marginally better since Tuesday.  I've not been able to workout on account of the ankle but I may do so this evening before the budget reply speech.

I am spreading the word about work.  Coffee Snob already told me about a PR job in Sydney with a firm of political types which may or may not amount to anything.  Apparently one of her colleagues saw me on Tuesday night and when I didn't respond he thought he must have offended me somehow.  I think I am ready to start letting it become public knowledge.  If it was public knowledge maybe this wouldn't happen.  Still, I feel strange about being so open about this issue.  It could mean I end up with a new job very quickly.  Still, it may be better to take my time.

I found myself in the supermarket on the way home from work for nearly an hour for what should have been maybe five minutes worth of shopping.  I was just in a stunned state.

An MP rang our CoS today to say how wonderfully helpful I had been yesterday.  The thing is, I didn't do ANYTHING to help this guy.  He must have me confused with someone else.  Still, I was advised to take credit.

Helga advised me to maybe think of the public service, not because I would want to do that for a long time, but because I could do it for a little while before finding something better.  I'd rather stay away if I can because I think I'd be bored and frustrated with the culture, but it may be a stopgap option if I need something.  Helga has been quite helpful through this.  She came home late last night and we had another talk about this and about relationship stuff.  She's seeing a new guy who she likes and who likes her enough to cook her dinner.

I got a very strange message from an MP a few minutes ago that called me a faggot and advised me to kill myself because she hated me.  not surprisingly, it was a virus.  If I had clicked on "remove this application" it would have burrowed into my profile and sent itself on to my friends.  I'm sure the Convicts would have LOVED me calling them faggots and suggesting suicide!  It also purported to be from the Nicole Santos campaign.  Now I don't know who Nicole Santos is or what she is running for, but this is possibly the worst electoral strategy in all of human history.  Maybe I should apply for a job managing her campaign once the current people in charge are fired. ;)

Finally, I just found out from my friend JAQ that she may have to leave home on very short notice under unfortunate circumstances, and may have to give her tremendously sweet dachshund puppy away.

Do not click unless you want to see photos of a dachshund who needs a temporary home. )
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FW: Improvised.  Run 1km, 30 pushups, 25 kettlebell swings, 20 situps, 15 pullups - 10 rounds.  Reduce run by 100m every round.  It took me just over an hour of consistan physical effort.  300 pushups, 250 kettlebell swings, 200 situps, 150 pullups, and running 5.5km at an average pace of over 15km/h.  I was quite pleased with my improvised workout, and had a really solid endorphin high.

I was up early on Saturday to do some electioneering with Coffee Snob and boyfriend of Coffee Snob.  We hit Bungendore in the morning then Coogee and Maroubra in the afternoon after driving up to Sydney.  The results were fairly unsurprising.  It was a resounding Liberal/Nationals victory.  The degree to which Labor was smashed is hard to overstate, and it will not be easy to come back from such a drubbing.  I will have the chance to send in my CV to the new state Government and see what comes of it.

I was trying to decide what the best story of the night was.  The change in government overall is, of course, a pretty big story, but it was so expected that it was anti-climactic.  A couple of Independent federal MPs who put Labor back in last year saw their allies on the state level smashed in favour of people on my team.  That could be a warning of rough seas ahead for Windsor and Oakeshott at the next federal election.

Of course, I still am fairly disengaged from politics (or more accurately a lot of the people who get up in arms about politics.)  This article reminded me of a quote from Winston Churchill.  "The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter."  Is it odd that I am cynical about people who are cynical?

We stayed at the Collaroy Castle.  My uncle was reluctant to have people over, but he didn't show it.  CS and BoCS were quite impressed by the place and the neighbourhood.  I though it was going to be tough to get CS back to Canberra.

I drove most of the way back to Canberra and it looks like I may have converted BoCS to thinking along the lines of Crossfit.  I'm always happy to see people willing to take working out seriously.

Oh yes, and on election night I ran into a girl I dated in my first year in Australia.  At the time I was really smitten with her as she seemed to tick all the boxes, but five years later (has it been that long) I came to the conclusion that being involved with her would probably have been exhausting.  Also the new MP for Coogee is openly gay and there was a pretty high proportion of gays in the crowd including a few surrounding my former crush (who seems to have taken on the role of a fag hag) and one creepy guy who groped me a bit.
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It's good to be back at the gym.  I liked having my odd challenges but it meant giving up the daily workouts that do so much for me (mentally probably more than physically.)

YW: Bench press then sit ups - 15,14,13... 1.  I had to stop the bench press after the set of 10 because the twinge in my back came back.  It's basically gone and I am able to bench press again, but obviously I'm not yet able to bench press as much as I used to.  I switched to kettlebell swings for the remainder.  Then it was maximum pullups, and running 400m at the end of every set until 100 pullups were done.  I managed it in four sets, doing 35, 30, 20, 15.  35 is a lot of pullups and I was coming very close to kipping, which always felt like and awkward action for my clumsy self.

I'll have to take this format on in future.  It was a good way to get a lot of work done in a short time.

I was given a gift.  It's not my birthday or Christmas or anything, but Coffee Snob came back from Japan with this.

Now I just have to get some sake.

Tonight I will do battle with my technological ignorance in trying to set up the internet.
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My rowing is continuing nicely.

YW: 1 minute, 2 minutes... 10 minutes then five minutes to cool down, for an hour in total rowing time.  Distance: 15.5km.

I'm now at nearly 119km after this morning's row.

I think I have decided to do a 12 hour run on the first Friday in February.  My parents will be in Australia and can act as part of my support crew.  I'm not sure how to train or what my goal distance should be.  I think it will be just to keep going for the full 12 hours.  Additionally, I think I will use the opportunity to raise funds for beyondblue, a depression and anxiety charity in Australia now that they seem happy with me doing this.

Also, Dad and I will both be in Australia for the Warrior Dash which is held at the same place as the recent Mud Run.  I think he would be interested in joining me.  He normally runs marathons but he does seem to be interested in unique sporting pursuits.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree I guess.

My friend from the Israeli Embassy came to Parliament for lunch and brought Coffee Snob and I Israeil wine.

I locked my keys in the car and didn't worry aobut it until about 4:00pm.

I spent the first two hours of the work day at my desk in my gym gear.  I had no meetings and nobody to impress, so it was rugby shorts and singlet (tank top for the Americans) until I felt like putting a suit on.

Is it possible to make Julian Assange any creepier?  Yes.  It.  Is.  Hey ladies, he's single!

Tonight we celebrate Christmas at Chez Canuck.  Pizza is on the menu and we are going ot exchange gifts.  I got a sudoku calendar for Helga who I have seen on many occasions doing sudokus from the newspaper, a set of ramekins for Alleluia who mentioned that she needed ramekins, and a bonsai tree for Roxy.  Also I got an enormous Toblerone for the house.  It comes up to my waist.

That is all.
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Oktoberfest went very well.


Cut for pics )

For any of you who missed it, I just want to say I'm very disappointed in you.


Sep. 27th, 2010 09:24 pm
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I was in work for a bit today much to the surprise of CoS and W and I said hello to some of the MPs who had turned up for Parliament.  Then it was off to pick up Malice from her trip to Europe.  She had brought back gifts including half litre beer steins from the Hofbrauhaus in Munich.

They will come in handy for our Oktoberfest night.

I proposed pizza would be a good call for her first night back, Roxy added a dynamite spinach pie, and we had Coffee Snob over.  I've had a lot of friends over since moving into Chez Canuck.  Either I am happier bringing people over now or I have more friends or both.

TW: A Crossfit workout I saw a trainer taking a guy through yesterday.  Row 500m, rest 1 minute, 2 minutes of double unders, then pullups, 24kg kettlebell swings, ring pushups - 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1.  My time, 15:00 flat.  And I actually did four double unders.  I have always struggled with things that require rhythm.  I was only able to do them one at a time before the rope got caught.

Later I managed to increase my deadlift maximum to 140kg.  It was easier than I expected and I manged five.  Then it was 200 closers.

And now for a closing giggle courtesy of an ex-girlfriend's Facebook status: Insert name here supports the Jedi's right to build a temple, but do they have to do it less than two parsecs from the ruins of the Death Star?

And that reminded me of this little clip.
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I made it back from Sydney fine, after having lunch with an ex girlfriend.  I have positive memories of her overall but I was reminded that she had moments of being quite objectionable.  I mentioned how I did the Kokoda Track last year in Papua New Guinea and her immediate reaction was to decry it as the sort of theing she would never do because it was full of bogans and what not.  Now I sympathise with that criticism and there is a lot of truth to it, but I wasn't all that pleased that her immediate reaction was to pour scorn on something I had done.

I also picked up some special coffee for Coffee Snob according to her precise instructions, and it made my car smell like coffee all the way home.  [ profile] minxyminou  agreed that it made for a nice smelling drive home to her pad where I was greeting by a hysterically delighted Dora who got very shouty and jumpy when I came in.  I had the chance to sample some of the coffee I had picked up and it was very good (though posh coffee is somewhat wasted on me.)

Today was my rostered day in the office.  I took some school visits but overall it was a fairly quiet day.  I did find out, however, that in the post election period, technically everyone's position is terminated, then people are signed on again.  I don't expect anyone in our office is going to be unemployed in any real sense.  W will carry on in his position, but if that changed, given the length I have been in my current position I would be entitled to 8 weeks pay.  Apparently after previous elections some people took payouts (sometimes amounting to substantial sums of money) before being rehired the next day.  That rort has been closed down.  Now you would have to find work elsewhere.  To be honest, I really don't understand all the rules under which I am employed.  I just go in, do my work, and they pay me.

TW: Inspired by [ profile] yurusumaji  I attempted the USAF PT Exam hoping to score 100%.

62 Pushups in 1 minute - I did 71.
62 Situps in 1 minute - I did 58.  DAMN YOU LAST FOUR SITUPS!!!
Run 1.5 miles (2.4km) in 9:30 - I did 9:21
Waist 32 inches or less - 32 inches

So I came up just short on situps, but I'm pretty sure I can do 62 in 1 minute.  Another goal.

Then it was 150 shoulder presses (30kg) with 10 bench jumps every time I put the bar down.  I managed it in 6 sets.

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I managed to lock my keys in the house this morning, but at least this time I wasn't covered in sweat and had my phone and wallet with me, so I started making my way to work on foot until I managed to get through to a colleague who lives nearby and he gave me a lift.  (Though not in his anti-communistmobile.)  Coffee Snob gave me a lift to the gym and then home.

The briefing I was meant to have with my opposite number didn't happen (and I made arrangements to wear my new bulletproof suit today too) so I will have to arrange a few things on the fly.  I have to remind myself that I am playing a significant part in deciding whether or not there is a $180 million tax increase.

TW: 10 shoulder press and 10 marine pushups - 5 rounds. 50 floorwipers.  400m row and 20 bicep curls - 5 rounds.  110 more marine pushups when waiting for Coffee Snob.

Marine pushups (that's what I call them, I think other people have other names) and the row-weight combination seem to be a recent fascination of mine.  Oh, and there was no feeling dizzy or spewy today.  Hooray!
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Nexbis, which plunged earlier in the week is back above where is started.  I nearly got in at 7.6 cents but revised my bid down to 7.2.  Now it's at 11 cents.  I've now got a bid in at 7.7 cents in case there is more panic selling, but I did find myself regretting what could be a lost opportunity.  Stop thinking about it.  Don't dwell on the last trade.

It turns out that my financial acumen (or my perceived financial acumen) has impressed Coffee Snob who described me as her inspiration to be better with her finances.  This is after I convinced her and some of my other colleagues to train for and run the half marathon last month.  This is a new experience, being seen as an inspiration.

Oh, and it looks like I'm moving house this weekend.  The new Chez Canuck is just a few days away.

TW: Appetiser: 20 marine pushups and 20 bicep curls - 5 rounds.  Main Course: 50 pullups, 10 handstand pushups and 10 medicine ball throws against the high wall - 5 rounds, 50 pullups.  Dessert: 10 dumbell swings and 10 burpees - 5 rounds.  I was getting a bit of a spewy feeling during some of the medicine ball throws and the burpees, and the dessert course took me a long time, but I got it done.
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I had my NRMA interview today.

I went up to Coffee Snob's office (she has been very supportive and trustworthy in this area) to have some space to myself and the whole process took about 25 minutes.  I was able to relate my current responsibilities and skills to the job as described. I am entirely confident that I could do the job and they sounded pleased.  No hiccups that I couild tell and I felt very comfortable the whole time.  The supervisor is someone who used to work in a very similar job to mine until the end of 2007.

They will be deciding on candidates for further interviews tomorrow, and there is a chance they may want me for a second interview in person in Sydney on Friday.  So far no decision need to be made on my part.  If I am offered the position, then I will have to work out how I want to proceed.

It has been suggested that if I am offered the job, I should speak to our Chief of Staff and be frank.  I can say I have been offered a position and ask how this would impact future prospects, while making it clear that I am not trying to leave them in the lurch.  I think I can trust him to be honest in the circumstances and being honest and direct about my situation would probably speak well of me.  At any rate, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

I have now met everyone who will be in the new Chez Canuck.  There will be me and three women (jokes about me moving into a lesbian collective have already been made.)  Everyone seems fine and pleasant, and I forsee no drama.  More details will come out after I move.  (Unless I end up moving back to Sydney.)

We lost at trivia by one point.  If only I knew the other two most populous cities of Pakistan!  Damn you Faisalabad and Rawalpindi!


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