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It has been a busy weekend.  I was up early on Saturday when Renaissance Priest came by to pick me up to help him move.

We managed to get a sofa bed into the van, but to do so we had to get it through a gate.  Rather than put it down and fiddle with it, I convinced him that we could do a clean and jerk with it.  From carrying it, using the same motion as in the clean and jerk, we managed to get it higher than the fence and kept it there as we walked through the gate.  That and some other lifting was my improvised workout for the day.

We wound up just outside Sydney picking up a heavy old desk before driving all the way back to Young in our rented van, the largest vehicle I have ever driven.  It didn't have a massive horn to warn everyone to get out of your way, but you can't have everything.  It also had manual transmission and I managed to only stall it once.  I also managed to keep an even temper towards the end of the evening when he and his mother in law were in the van all the way to Young for hours while fatigued after being up since early morning and packed into the cab of a moving van with two people who were talking a lot.

This morning I was up at 5:00am to get the van back to Canberra.  Immediately I got home, picked up my gear, and was off to my fire brigade assessment.  The theory exam wound up with us discussing the answers with the assessors and we marked our own tests, so everyone got 100%.  It's not meant to be an exercise in memorisation they said.

There was going to be a prescribed burn, but it was called off on account of rain.  We did demonstrate our skills in setting up hydrants, rolling and unrolling hoses and working with pumps, and operating the radios including spelling our names using the phonetic alphabet.  (For the record: Lima, Uniform, Charlie, Kilo, Yankee, Charlie, Alpha, November, Uniform, Charlie, Kilo.)

The burn will be done some time soon, and provided I don't run off the fireground in a panic, I will qualify as a bush firefighter.

Now I'm exhausted.
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I've had big workout days yesterday and today.

YW: Run to and from the gym about 12km. 20-1 pullups, half as many clean squat press - 30:31.

TW: Run to and from the gym about 12km. 10 hr pushups, 10 situps, 10 hr pushups, 10 medicine ball slams - 11:34.

The running made things really tough.  I'm quite tired and tonight I will sleep heavily.

I have taken a step.  It's pretty big I guess.

I have enrolled at the Fitness Institute of Australia to do Certificate III and Certificate IV in Fitness, which will qualify me to become a personal trainer.  I'll be studying online which means I can go entirely at my own pace which will mean I will probably finish ahead of schedule.  I can also claim it against my taxes, whether or not I have an ABN set up already.  Action has been taken.

When I get back to Canberra I plan to investigate getting some homemade gym equipment, and I may start spreading the word that I am taking sessions.  Naturally I won't charge as much to start off with as I will when I am qualified, and I don't plan to work for someone else.  I plan to be a freelancer.

Mcat and I had another long Skype session.  We always seem to have a lot to talk about.  I met her a year ago and never would have expected to get as close to someone I met so randomly as I have gotten to her.

In other news, the Convicts are staging a gladiator themed fundraising strip show, and for the first time ever, I will be on stage.  I can't get to the first rehearsals later this week, but I will be able to make it to the rehearsals the day before the show and the day of the show.  I guess I won't be doing anything overly complicated, but the strip shows are usually pretty simple anyway.  For the first time I am able to rehearse and I won't risk being compromised at work, so it should be a go.
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It's just not a break from anything in particular.  And I'm still tired.

I've been up in Collaroy since Tuesday.  It's finally warm here and it will get lighter and lighter.  There is no particular impact on my mood though.  I'm still getting a bit wistful with all this time on my hands. The beach (with very cold water) and the gym have been nice though, and I had my first encounter with Skype with an hour long conversation with MCat yesterday.

I went to another agency on Monday and they are putting me up for three EL1 jobs (public service talk still confuses me.)  I've got an interview for an APS6/EL1 media advisor job in the Department of Health next Monday.  I'm still not feeling great, but I think it's time to get back to work.  Having time on my hands doesn't seem to be improving my outlook.

TuesW: AMRAP 20 minutes - row 20 calories, 10 half clean and press, 20 marine pushups. Finisher - 5 rounds - 20 situps, burpees for remainder of 90 seconds, rest 30 seconds. That was a great finisher.

YW: 30 pushups/minute for 40 minutes = 1,200 pushups.

TW: Run to Dee Why, AMRAP 10 minutes - 8 17.5kg dumbbell hang cleans, 8 db shoulder press. 10 rounds - 10 20kg dumbbell pushups, 10 pullups. 50 heavy dumbbell bicep curls (up to 30kg.)

I was thinking the other day of taking up personal training.  I don't think I would do it as a full time job.  I don't think I would like all that goes along with that, but if I had a separate job and trained freelance, I would be able to only take on people who would take the work seriously.
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I seem to get tired on the weekends.

I sold a third of my stake in KKT on Friday.  It was the first sale I've made in some time.  I intend to hold the rest of it but I wanted to realise the gain (it has doubled in three months) and have some more cash on hand as I expect volatility to continue.  There may be some other sales next week and with the dividend payments that will be coming in over the next few weeks I should have enough cash on hand to remain flexible and to be able to take advantage of any opportunities that crop up over the next little while.  VMG also issued a supplementary prospectus and I will be getting one option for every two shares I hold and will have two years to exercise them.  More opportunity.

I took Friday off gym wise and watched some DVDs that Coffee Snob loaned me.  A British series about being a political advisor, that reminds me of things that I didn't like about being a political advisor.  I spoke to a couple of agencies and will be getting a bit more active in looking for work.  There are quite a few options I will be looking at.  I know that it's a good idea to "recharge" as some of my friends have said, but having time off doesn't seem to be doing that.  I still feel detached, so part of me thinks I might as well feel detached and get paid.  I've not been to therapy for a while and I don't feel like I've missed it.  I like my psychologist, but I'm not sure what the therapy is meant to be doing.

YW: Tiretiretiretiretiretiretiretiretire! I went to town on the big tractor tire.

5 rounds - 6 tire flips across the room, 20 tire pushups, 6 tire flips back, 10 sledgehammers left and right.
5 rounds - flip to one corner, 10 tire jumps, flip to next corner, 10 tire pushups, flip to next corner, 10 tire situps, flip to next corner, 5 sledgehammers left/right
10 rounds - drag tire 10m, 5 burpees.  (Oh man dragging a heavy tire is HARD!)

Then a long sweat in the sauna.

TW: Legs - Squat practice up to 120kg with a towel wrapped around the bar.  I'm getting more used to this.  Max weight leg presses, max weight openers, max weight closers, overhead squats (I succeeded at 40kg this time) calf extensions.  Then another long sweat.

Last night I was at a birthday BBQ where I was a hero for bringing haloumi.  I watched a very disappointing Wallabies outfit lose to Ireland and decided that I have had enough of Channel Nine.  I am boycotting them until the end of the World Cup.  They delayed their broadcast of the game to show the NRL playoffs, refusing to show the Wallabies on another channel.  Then when they did show it, they interrupted the game with ads every ten minutes or so.  (Something you can't do with a live broadcast.)  They padded a two hour broadcast up by half an hour at least.  Channel Nine, you are out.  This evening I went to the pub to watch the close of Wales v Samoa and enjoyed Canada v France.  It was a much better game to watch, and I did ten pushups for every point the Canucks scored, so it was a better workout than the Wallabies game.

We have Roxy's family dog in the backyard, and I just came back in from playing with Smock.  We had a real battle of wits going on.

Also, we have upgraded the internet to get ten times the data for a pittance more.  Much better.
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1) The neighbours are doing some landscaping, and they are using some kind of fertiliser that smells, for some reason, like beef jerky.  You can't go outside without smelling it right away.

2) Channel Nine.  They have the free to air broadcasting rights for the Rugby World Cup.  Right now on their main channel they are showing the Rugby League finals, which is fair enough, but on their other two channels they are showing a rerun of CSI and a movie I've never heard of.  They will show the England-Argentina match, but not for a couple more hours, so I will have to cloister myself from Facebook and stay up late (or go out to a pub with pay tv) if I want to watch the first really key match of the tournament.  DAMN YOU CHANNEL NINE!!!  How many people rally want to watch a CSI rerun RIGHT NOW compared to the number of rugby fans and England supporters and detractors who want to see the freaking game?

I was at a party VERY late last night.  I packed everything up and left for Canberra from the party just before 7am.  I napped twice along the way and made it back fine.  I've dozed for a lot of today and I'm trying to stay up until a normal going to bed time.  It's like having jet lag.  Still, Friday night was good enough to justify this feeling.

Helga moved out yesterday and was gone before I got back.  Not to worry, I will see her tomorrow when she picks up some remaining stuff.  Also Ginger Harpist will arrive fully harped tomorrow morning.  One friend is leaving but I have a good feeling that another may be coming in.
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I've been quite tired this week.  In general I'm in bed at midnight and up at about 8am.  Bacon and eggs have been had periodically (which I've rarely had recently had because it always seems like too big a production for breakfast.)

I've had some pretty good workouts.  Yesterday was leg centric with high bench jumps, heavy farmers walk, leg presses and deadlifts along with running to and from the gym.  Today was running to the gym and rowing and biceps followed by chest contractions and marine pushups and the run home.  There have been daytime trips to the beach too.

But I've still felt quite tired.  And I've got a cold.  And I feel isolated.  Except for minor interactions while shopping, I've had very little human contact since Saturday night.  I'll head back to The Berra on Saturday.  I like Collaroy, but I wonder if staying at the Castle is not good for me in long doses.  I can do being alone but these past few days I feel like nothing has happened and nothing has been accomplished.  I felt exhausted the last time I was here too.

I've been watching the markets closely and I am on the cusp of selling a few stocks, but nothing has changed hands this week.  BOW is still waiting for developments or advice from the board on the proposed takeover or an offer from another suitor, ALK is looking good, and I am wishing I had gotten out of NBS which has frustrated me for a long time.  There will quite likely be a few sales going through soon and I should hopefully have a lot of cash as a result to pounce on bargains if there are more falls.
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Today my neck hasn't given me much grief aside from a little tweaking feeling at the base of my head when I turn my head too far or too fast.

But I have been tired.  Oh man have I been tired.

I've not felt this way in two years.  Two years back I hiked the Kokoda Track.  It was 120-130km of going up and down mountains in the jungles of Papua New Guinea which we did in nine days with up to 20kg of gear on our backs.  Plenty of things were a struggle, but at no time was I tired.

When we arrived in Kokoda, the fatigue kicked in.

I wrote this in my diary (I'll send you the link if you like):

I find myself far more tired than I was at any stop before, even when I'd had a very tough day.  It's as though the need to keep moving keeps you from feeling too run down.  Once your work is done there is no need for your body to maintain itself in a heightened state of readiness, and my body seems to have figured out that it will not be called upon to trek tomorrow.  If I had to go back by foot I'm entirely confident that I could do so, and that I would still have some adrenaline left in my system.  As it is, I need a nap for the first time ever on this trip.

Tomorrow I have no job to go to.  It's not as though I've been working to the point of exhaustion, but for a long time I've had somewhere to go and something to do every Monday morning.  Now that I have no work to keep me ready for anything, I am just exhausted.  I went to the shops today and picked up a few things, but other than that I did nothing but lie around the house and constantly feel tired.

After Kokoda I also got sick.  I wonder if the same thing will happen over the next few days.
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"It used to be cool" night went very well.

I decided on Saturday morning that I would go as Officer John McClane from the Die Hard series.  There are very few characters that I could come as that have very short hair, but this one worked.  One theory that Die Hard was still cool and therefore my outfit was inappropriate was advanced, but I decided that it was still a valid idea because Die Hard was such a huge series that was so full of iconic action movie cliches that it can be mocked for its excesses even as it enjoys a mantle of retro coolness.  Plenty of things fall into similar categories.

I managed to get a workout in on Saturday afternoon.

YW: AMRAP 12 minutes - 5 80kg deadlifts, 15 hand release pushups (12 rounds +5 +3).  Finisher - 2 minutes for max situps (75), 2 minutes max 30kg tricep extentions (81), 2 minutes mac 30kg bicep curls (73).

I was really sore especially from all the pushups, but later on during the party I was called upon by MadAlex to do pushups as her way of explaining my inclination to spontaneously do pushups.  I did 50 in one set as they counted off, and later did some pushups on the sofa over the people who were sitting on it.  I don't know whose idea that was, but I was always going to take up that challenge.
Cut for pics )

People didn't stay as late as our last party, there weren't as many people (last time Roxy invited almost her whole program and this time she only invited about half of them.  By about 2:30am I was in bed.  I made it up the next morning with no hangover at all (Alleluia spent a lot of time over the toilet regretting the amount of alcohol she had consumed the night before.  I was absolutely exhausted though, and have not set foot off of the property all day.  I've also taken a couple of my prescription muscle relaxants and have been quite drowsy.  My neckstill has a stubborn crick and I've got a lot of soreness in the chest and core.

So today was spent mopping floors and loaning my car to Roxy as I was not going to be driving anywhere.  Chez Canuck is clean again.
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I drove up to Sydney on Friday and had two matches with the Convicts arranged for the following day.

The first was against Mosman, and it was a back and forth affair which we led 19-17 until they were awarded a penalty right in front of the posts and kicked it.  We wound up losing by a single point.

I felt fine for the whole match but a few minutes afterwards my neck stiffened up.  I put some ice on it and drove to the second match where I warmed up and was about to be sent in my a coach who didn't realise how stiff my neck was.  That match ended in a 19-19 draw.

I went back to Collaroy exhausted from what felt like 36 hours of activity with very little rest, and a sore neck which I treated with ibuprofen  and later with a gin and toinc.

Around 5am I woke up with the pain in my neck intensified.  It was hard to move at all in any way, but I did manage to get up after an effort that took about fifteen minutes.  Doing anything with my head aside from keeping it perfectly still and upright was a struggle.  I considered my options and thought about heading down to the car and going to hospital but given the effort and discomfort associated with just getting out of be that seemed like a bad idea.  I didn't feel I was in a bad enough way to call for an ambulance so I went back to bed and got back to a shallow level of sleep.

After the sun came up I took the advice of [ profile] bakerypenguin  and went to a local doctor, who suggested I go to hospital where an x-ray might be in order to rule out a broken neck like her brother sustained playing rugby.  After a bit of a wait during which they put a neck brace on me as a standard precaution, they concluded without an x-ray that there was "no clinically significant fracture' and therefore no reason to subject me to a dose of radiation.  They did send me away with a medical certificate to get me out of work (which I didn't need) and a prescription for codeine and diazapam (which I did need, and which made me real tired.)

I am the fifth member of the Luckycanuck family to have been a patient of Mona Vale Hospital.  My dad left with a broken hip, my mum left with a broken nose and eye socket, and both my Australian grandparents died there.  So I left in better health than anyone in the history of the Luckycanuck family.

The plan of driving back to Canberra on Sunday afternoon was not on the cards, and I wound up sleeping until after noon on Monday.  I read a bit, researched a stock, and didn't set foot outside of the Collaroy Castle once.

By Tuesday I had recovered enough to be able to go off the drugs which enabled me to make the drive to Canberra while giving [ profile] savesomesilence  a lift and playing with the dogs for a bit.  Dora was latching onto me for protection from a geriatric three legged cat.

Today was a quiet day at work.  There will be a lot of these coming up.  I rescheduled my appointment with the agency that I had to cancel on Monday, and came home to the weekly dinner.  There will be another dinner elsewhere tomorrow.  I hope to make it into the gym in the morning if I can find something that puts no strain on my neck.

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A lot of my general sightseeing and pushups were done last November when I was around, so my visit was less centreed around sightseeing and more oriented towards socialising with people I already knew.

On the Wednesday I came down from Boston on a Megabus which had free wi-fi on board.  Wonderful.  Every place I have stayed on this trip came with free wi-fi and now buses were providing it.  It's as if in five years wireless internet will be literally everywhere.

Upon arrival I checked into The Jane and after putting together a short list of things I wanted to do, decided to try to cross one of them off immediately, and ventured out in search of Yankees tickets.  There was a place on 42nd street inside a sports store that apparently sells discounted tickets on game day and I went to find nobody was there.  A guy in the shop who didn't work there asked if I was looking for tickets and offered me his.  It sounds like a scalper, but this was a guy in a suit and he didn't look the type.  Still, I was a little bit uneasy taking one of his two tickets but was adequately satisfied that this was sufficiently legit.  I was a little worried that I would get all the way up to the stadium only to be turned away or arrested for breaching Yankee laws, but aside from a pat down and being asked to lift up my shirt (to show I had no weapons I guess) I was let in and watched the game next to the catcher and left fielder from the Yeshiva University baseball team.  The Yankees won 7-4 against the Orioles in a game that was rained on but not rained out.  Luckily, in my terrible seats four rows from the very back behind the first base line, I didn't get rained on at all.  Hooray for the cheap seats.

Also, apparently if you catch a home run ball hit by the opposing team, the Yankee fans will boo you until you throw the ball back on to the field.  Odd.

Wednesday night after the game led me to McKenna's which is my local in New York in as much as I can be said to have a local.  During Happy Hour they give out poker chips with your drinks which can be redeemed whenever you like for a free drink.  That's how they do 2 for 1 deals.  I also dropped into possibly the darkest bar I've ever seen.  Dracula would have been happy to drink there.  They had no liquor there.  If you want something other than beer or wine, go elsewhere.

Thursday meant sleeping in a bit after getting home arond 4:00am and some wandering around seeing a convoy of about 30 caravans driving up 6th avenue as part of a hasidic preparation for Passover.

There were a number of people that I met the last time I was in NYC whom I saw again.  Minou's friend (and now my friend) K, and a group of others who were attending a party until late Thursday (again, I got home after 4:00am) and set up another party for me to attend the following night.

On Friday I caught up with MYC whom I have not seen since high school.  Almost half of my life has passed since we last met.  I gave her a beyondblue wristband in recognition of her support of my 12 hour run, and our chat went on for about three hours, far longer than we had planned.  I guess we had a lot to say.  We were both full of surprises.

I also made a minor pilgrimage to JAQ's old neighbourhood and took some photos to feed her sense of nostalgia for her old hood.  Then it was off to the Upper West Side where for the second time ever I set foot inside a New Yorker's home.  They are cramped to say the least, but they did plenty with the space.  We drove out to Brooklyn for a party held in a basement and again I got home after 4:00am.

Also, an Israeli woman on the subway who asked me for directions also said that I was a dead ringer for a friend of hers who is an Israeli Paratrooper.  That is about the coolest doppleganger I have ever been presented with.

Saturday was largely a rest day as my nights out were catching up with me, but I did wind up attending a friend's birthday in a surf themed bar where I opted against my usual selection of beers and chose surfesque cocktails instead.

And on Sunday I left.

It was an exhausting time and I think it may have left me with a cold, but I loved it and I am sure I will be back.  I am now acquiring a circle of New York friends with whom I get along very well.  I wonder at times how my life would have been different if I had moved to New York instead of London in my mid 20s.  God only knows who I would have met and where I would have gone.

Coming down from the high was tough though as it was last time.  I know I live a long way from this environment and I never know when the next time I will come by will be.  Here's hoping it's not too long.  Will I ever become tired of visiting New York?  Maybe.  Or other destinations may become more appealing, but at the moment it always seems to be the place I want to get back to.
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It was a physically intensive weekend.

YW: AMRAP 20 minutes: 10 pullups, 20 28kg kettlebell swings, 30 pushups, run 400m.  4 full rounds and pullups and kettlebell swings.  Then core work wit my medicine ball crunch throws which were possible because I was at my older Deakin rather than the closer one in Civic.  Then a fairly unsatisfying sauna as it was just warming up and I couldn't stay long enough to get the full and proper effect.

A friend of mine invited me to her roller derby debut on Saturday evening.  It was really quite good.  It was kind of theatrical in the kind of names they came up with.  Competitors included "Freudian Slit", "Intensive Claire", "Emmazon", "Flyin' Foxy", "FeMaelstrom", and my friend, "Essin' Em".  Very clever I thought.

There were a lot of fishnets being worn, and a lot of violence (not stylised, but plenty of falls and bruises.)  There were plenty of theatrics involved but there was also actual athleticism.  It was quite easy to get swept up in the drama of the game.  The objective of the game was easy enough to understand, but I still don't understand the penalties.  (Then again, I've been playing rugby since 2002 and I still can't tell who collapsed a given scrum.)


Cut for pics )


I had a drink with the teams afterwards, but decided against staying out all night.  Some of them were out until about 4am, which would have been a bad idea for me.

TW: Walk to the gym.  10,9...1 of reverse bicep curls into shoulder press and pushups. 10,9...1 of pullups with 10 situps between every set. Row 100 calories.  50 chest contractions (I couldn't do incline press today or seated shoulder press.) 2 core centuries.  Walk home.

This evening I am really quite tired.  More than I should be.  My legs are especially tired, though not sore at all, which I can only attribute to residual fatigue from my 12 hour race.  I don't know how long it will be until I am fighting fit again.  I can go to the gym and do the work, but in general my legs are just knackered.

I tried to get passport photos taken, only to find out that the photo place couldn't take photos for Canadian passports. ?????????  They suggested contacting the High Commission to get a recommendation for a suitable photographer.  You have got to be joking.


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