Oct. 10th, 2011 11:42 pm
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Another review post.

Investing: There seems to be more confidence in the market now, and some of the stocks that people were shorting are now on their way back up.  I like to imagine that the people who were pushing the price of my shares down are now scrambling to close their positions and losing money.  Aurora, Billabong and ERA are gaining momentum, and I've got orders out to pick up more as I think they seem to have turned a corner with plenty of buyers waiting in the wings.  Service Stream looks like it has been oversold and I picked up more today now that there is finally support, and I got more Eureka last week.  It seems drastically undervalued.

Gym: I managed a workout on Friday that involved 25 calories of rowing, 25 marine pushups, 25 pullups, and 25 burpees repeated 6 times.  It took me 52 minutes and I had a real thousand yard stare going from the burpees.

Pushups/Gloom: I've also been doing large numbers of pushups on a regular basis so I can get freakishly good at them.  The idea of taking some time next year and doing Pushups Across America to raise money for charity is gaining steam.  I think I may have found a charity that might be suitable for this project of mine.  It's called To Write Love On Her Arms and it is a group that tries to fight depression by setting up intervention programs and funding crisis hotlines.  Apparently they are quite switched on, and they have contacts and chapters all over who may be able to help me out too.  It's early on and I would have to do a lot of investigating, but it might be especially appropriate for me.  Pushups, and working out generally is a great help for me when I get the gloom.

Church: To Write Love On Her Arms is a vaguely Christian charity.  It chooses not to identify itself that way because a lot of people find the term alienating (I can well understand that) and they have discontinued links with some questionable Christian groups some time ago, but the founder is personally religious as I am.  It has been a long time since I felt particularly religious (or even spiritual) and in the year to date I've only been to church for services twice, and even that is contingent on counting my attendance on Easter Sunday at an airport chapel for fifteen minutes before my flight in Orlando.  I really haven't felt like it.

On Sunday I got up early and drove up to Young because Renaissance Priest's daughter was being baptised.  It all went very well, the sermon given by a priest I know in Canberra was excellent and was all about a very difficult passage (those are so often the best), and given the circumstances and the atmosphere, I was glad to be there.  It was the first Eucharist I've had since Ash Wednesday.  I'm not going to be a regular at church all of a sudden, but it was good to be back.

Rugby: On Saturday I donned a Wales jersey and watched the Wales/Ireland match in an Irish pub.  There was me and one other red shirt in a sea of green, but luckily rugby is the kind of game where you can do that without getting glassed.  In fact, if I could have faked a Welsh accent I could have had half a dozen drinks bought for me after Wales won.  If I had been wearing England gear I doubt I would have been as well received.  People really don't like England.  I think it's excessive.

Friends: I wound up meeting a couple of guys at the pub, one of whom is an old friend of Helga (small world) and had a couple of drinks with them.  I've not been much for going out for drinks for quite a while, but I felt up to it this weekend.  It was as though I had a lot of mental energy and could stand going out after the Wallabies/Springboks match (or maybe I was just in a very good mood given the result.)  I've not been out for drinks with the guys for a long time.  I've not even had "the guys" for a long time.  That's not to say these guys are the guys, but for part of the weekend they were.  We wound up out at a bar in the city that had an overabundance of fake tan and ridiculous hair on excessively muscular wankers, and the "I want to be a reality tv contestant" women to match.  Normally that atmosphere would have sent me into an aspie tailspin, but for some reason I had a good time.  I really can't account for it.

Odd Dreams

Sep. 26th, 2011 11:35 am
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I've had three of them in the space of a week, and all of them seemed quite telling.  I made a special effort to remember them.

On Wednesday morning I woke up from a dream based on Inglourious Basterds.  I was the Bear Jew and another basterd and I had just taken out the guards outside Hitler's cinema box.  Before we could charge in and do some Fuhrer shooting, a friend of mine came around the corner with nothing on.  She wasn't a Nazi, but she was going to interrupt our plans and I couldn't have that, so I tied her up with some twine that happened to be nearby.  She didn't fight back or struggle and I managed to tie her up pretty well but I woke up before we could go in to kill Hitler.  Throughout, I had an vengeful attitude, just like the Bear Jew in the movie.  I was angry and quite determined to finish my job, killing Hitler and as many Nazis as I could, and bringing down the Third Reich.

On Saturday morning I woke up from a dream that was set in New York.  I was visiting a friend of mine where she worked, and afterwards we went to a park where there was some gym equipment.  This friend of mine has recently been working out more, and we decided that I would do some personal training and we would work out together.  I put together a Crossfit workout that involved pushups, kettlebell swings, and sprints across the park and back.  We were about to begin when a tall, drunk guy came by and started harassing her, making suggestive comments and getting quite grabby.  She got angry, and so did I.  I wound up applying my rugby skills and tackled the guy to the groud before pounding on him Ultimate Fighting style.  Again, it was a dream where I was angry and violent.

Last night I had another dream, this time that involved me visiting a new church for the first time.  I was in a wistful state and didn't want to talk to anyone.  One of the regulars asked me if I was ok, and I said I didn't want to talk about it.  Someone next to him asked the same thing and said I was welcome to chat with them, but I pointed out that this would mean talking about it, and that I had already gone on the record as not wanting to do that.  Immediately, someone else made a joke about getting me to talk, and I snapped, asked "are you deaf? I said I didn't want to talk about it."  Then I got up to leave, aspie stressed beyond my tolerance level.  As I was walking out, I started having trouble breathing (much like I did once back at work on a bad day.)  I had a panic attack and collapsed on the steps outside.  I don't know what I was so wistful about in the first place, but I had noticed that it's been a long time since I went to church.  It used to be rare that I would miss a Sunday, but now I rarely attend.  I have noticed that my increasing gloom has come at a time when I have been going to church less and less, but I also remember that I stopped going because I so often found myself annoyed and/or frustrated at services.

So there you have it.  Three dreams, all of them quite vivid, and all of them unpleasant, or negative, or full of anger and violence.
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I'm still waking up early and having a hard time getting back to sleep.  I hope I've got it sorted now because being back on Australian time would be a plus.  The cold is leaving me too, but it's not gone yet.

I left work mid afternoon yesterday to fly to Dubbo.  It's not quite as cosmopolitan as most of the places I've been recently, but it's where I am now.  I did pushups in front of the Old Dubbo Gaol and in front of the Village Bakery Cafe, the first bakery ever to win the Great Australian Meat Pie competition twice.  My cheese and bacon pie for breakfast was very satisfying.

Today I gave a presentation on my demographic work which everyone loved and the whole thing went very well.  I think I may send it to my American contact so he knows the kind of work I do.

I ran into a former Deputy Prime Minister in Sydney Airport yesterday.  I knew him from when I first came down to Canberra and he asked what I was doing now, we chatted about how Julia Gillard and her party are really struggling, and he also asked where I was worshipping now in Canberra.

This guy was know for be quite openly religious and I had discussed the prospect of the priesthood with him.  He is a lot more conservative and a lot more happy clappy than I am.  I never told him about the rugby team I play on or about being in the Mardi Gras parade because I feel it would be an odd conversation.

And I realised that through Lent I scarcely set foot in a church.  That's a record for me.  But I think I am needing some space away at the moment.

In the airport I also spoke to a high ranking officer in the NSW Fire Brigade.  He's been at it for 28 years and loves it, and says apparently there are firefighter exchanges to overseas countries which would be nice.  I'll be doing more looking into things next week.

Off to Sydney now!  Tomorrow I may be modelling for a Convicts poster.  We will see how it goes.
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Monday: At the old gym which is older and less showy (and has more kettlebells): 5 farmer's walk flights of stairs with 24kg in each hand, 50 kettlebell swings, 50 situps, 4 flights, 40, 40, 3, 30, 30, 2, 20, 20, 1, 10, 10.  Then 100 chest contractions.

YW: 1,000 pushups.  Yes, 1,000.  I thought it was a nice round number and I had seen a few workouts that dealt with large numbers of pushups to be broken up into whatever sets are most convenient.  The format was maximum pushups in 1 minute, then 1 minute of rest, continued until 1,000 pushups had been done.  My total time was 36:20.  That's an average of 54 pushups per minute during the working minutes.

I am quite sore in the chest and shoulders and triceps today.

Today: I haven't decided yet.  Maybe burpees or sit ups (or both.)  It will probably be done at home as I am planning to go to church for Ash Wednesday.
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I went to my old church that I came close to getting married in in 2002 this morning.  It's changed a little bit, and has gotten a bit "hippyish" which I wasn't thrilled about.

Some pushup pics in Calgary.  Not quite as iconic as my American locations.

Cut for pics... )

In other news, my camera seems to have died.  It was doing odd things and it seems to have packed it in, so I will probably get a new one here before getting back to Australia.  My brother in law took mobile phone photos of our experience at the (ice) hockey this evening so they will make an appearance once they are sent to me.
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Yesterday I went in the rain to Butter, a dive bar where I wasn't quite sure if it was a real dive or an ironic dive.  At any rate, it was fun, and not nearly as hipstery as I thought it might be.  They had a popcorn machine in the bar and had a menu that featured all sorts of comfort food, including deep fried twinkies.  (Note: Under no circumstances should anyone eat a deep fried twinkie.  Two wrongs don't make a right.  They just make a particularly horrific wrong.)

It has rained all day, which would have been fine except that the intense wind made umbrellas useless.  It meant that my desire to head to Fisherman's Wharf for pushup photos after a eucharist at Grace Cathedral had to be delayed.  I just didn't fancy getting more soaked than I had to, especially when I can do a run there first thing in the morning.  I did, however, make it to the Cable Car Museum, on account of having an aspie style interest in trains.

We have a schedule for our time in the bay area.  I've also met more of the others on our trip, and we were given pre paid visa cards with our per diem allowances loaded on to them.  Tomorrow we visit the organisers of our program and later go out to Oakland to meet the local electoral commission to talk about voting procedures and technologies (I don't know what's so hard about paper) and then to talk to the local paper about blogs and their impact on the election, then to visit a Senator (but not the one in a tight race at the moment.)  We should be all done in time to have the evening off.

That means I can get a workout in.

TW: 10 rounds - 10 incline press, 10 clean and press.  10 rounds - 10 dips, 10 bicep curls.  There is heaps of cardio equipment in the hotel gym but not much in the way of weights.

Also, I am getting a bit better at tipping.  Tipping at the bar was easy.  The price of drinks seems to be designed to make it easy.  No confusing amounts of change.  If I get two dollars back I can just leave one on the bar.  I also managed to tip the porter who brought my bags up after I dropped them off in storage.  I wasn't sure how much to tip for two bags, so I gave him $3 all folded up.  Later on I found out $2 per bag is the norm, but I reckon not tipping at all or tipping a huge amount would be noticed and remembered.  Under tipping by a small amount will probably slip under the radar.  I did, however, managed to slip him the folded up bills in a handshake after thinking through how to do it.  It is a bit of a pain having to have lots of small bills around (and feeling like I need to buy something I don't need just to break a $20.)  This is what I don't like about it.  It's not the money (I actually felt kind of like Mr Smooth when I successfully pulled of the handshake tip move this afternoon) but it does complicate transactions, especially if you're not accustomed to thinking in these terms.  And you have to be prepared for tipping and have singles at the ready rather than getting caught having to rifle through your wallet.

Tonight [livejournal.com profile] bakerypenguin and I had crepes for dinner at Ti Couz, also a recommendation of [livejournal.com profile] minxyminou.  Man they were good.  I've never had much in the way of savoury crepes but ham and tomato goes very well, and the coffee ice cream, chocolate, and whipped cream dessert which I had to drink the dregs of because I hate to waste things was wonderfully good, though I may not sleep any time soon.

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... of why I'm neither a politician nor a priest.

I was at church this morning having been invited by Renaissance Priest, and was reminded of being back in Mackay on the campaign.  I was surrounded by people that I would not choose to associate myself with for fun and whom I had little in common with.  Many of the people at church could have been interchangeable with the geriatric hens from campaign HQ.  I had no interest in making small talk or in socialising with any of them.

(Ironically, the reading today was about extending kindness not just to people who can do things for you in return, but in being there for the sick, the destitute, the oppressed, and the lonely.  I have no qualms with that.  But the Bible is strangely silent on extending kindness to the annoying, the petty, the busybodies, and the passive agressive.)

I do like church, and I do like politics, but the socialising that is expected in both can very easily get on my nerves.  If I am at church alone or with people I know and trust and like, or if I am working on something political under the same circumstances, I am fine.  But I haven't got the wherewithal to do it on a regular basis and on demand the way a priest or a politician is expected to.

So it's probably best that I didn't become either.

I did enjoy having lunch with RP and his wife and the rector from this morning though.

And I enjoyed a long sweat in the sauna that seems to have helped the crick in my back.  Perhaps tomorrow I will be back to running up mountains.
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I was up early this morning and went to church.  I've been to the Anglican churches in Gladstone and didn't much care for their style.  I can recall in 2007 wanting to have some spiritual connection whilst on the campaign and having nowhere to go to satisfy it.  As I said to Choirbikie over the phone, "I'm hungry but there's nothing to eat."

I managed to avoid any stabby feelings, the crowd was small, and the sermon was pretty good.  It was all about Mary (who sat and listened) and Martha (who was a flurry of activity) and the lesson was that  when showing someone kindness, make sure you are showing them the kindness they need.  If someone needs a respite from crowds and chaos in the days before he is crucified for the sins of the world, it's probably best to give him some space and silence rather than buzzing around insisting that everything be just so.  Also, in as much as doing "the Lord's work" is involving, it's important that there is opportunities for calm.

Cupcake Goddess came over and we had tea and a long chat about her new place and my new place and about the timing surrounding when to tell people about Asperger's and the priesthood and other personal details.  I think the new people I live with will be fine with all of it, and I'll let things out at appropriate times after the election.

Speaking of which, I'm still not sure where I'm going, and I did virtually no work today.  (I didn't even go to the gym.)  Tomorrow I'll go to work and I hope they will have decided something.  Tomorrow night I could be sleeping in Queensland.

So far polls look mixed.  One 52-48 and one 50-50.  Hard to tell, but apparently people are uneasy with the way in which Rudd was rolled.

I've been eating up perishables before I go, and Helga was kind enough to make me a bowl of chicken stew.  We both seem to subscribe to the bachelor school of cooking (that is, cook with as little effort and as little washing upp as possible.  No Masterchef for me.)


Jun. 29th, 2010 11:19 pm
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I took the money I got from the old Chez Canuck yesterday and gave some of it to the music foundation at St Paul's Manuka.  It's the church where I was confirmed and it has been supportive at times when I needed it.  I've not been there recently (I seem to get a bit stabby when I do on account of some rather petty reasons) but even though I don't go as often, I want the community to be there for when I or others need it.  The importance they give to music (Renaissance Priest is married to the musical director) is also something I think it worth supporting.  It is important to me that there is a church that takes my kind of music seriously.

I made another donation towards an appeal for the upkeep of St James King Street in Sydney, another church that has always had it's doors open to me and has been supportive at times when I was considering the clergy and at times of both joy and grief.  I reckon that if I want it to be open to people like me or to others who want a place to stop into from time to time, I really should support it.

The reason that I made these donations today rather than next week, is because tomorrow is the last day of the financial year, and I can claim these donations as a tax deduction.  It's not entirely selfless I guess.  Did I have to see an upside for me before making a contribution?  Well, that's probably part of it.

The market was a bit mixed for me today.  Nexbis jumped nicely (and apparently the directors have been buying up shares on their own) but other stocks like Po Valley Energy, ARC, Runge, and Chemgenex fell, probably in part due to people unloading losing stocks to offset gains elsewhere before the tax year ends.  Perhaps later this week or next they will turn around.

TW: Legs - 200 leg presses, 200 openers, 200 closers (the weight is pretty low on these), 100 lateral jumps, 200 calf extensions.  I may have tired legs again.  My arms certainly remember yesterday's workout.

We came a disappointing third in trivia tonight.  But I did manage to get a maths question at a speed that surprised the others.  The number is under 1000, the digits in the number add up to 12, and it is divisible by 5, 6, and 7.  One of my trivia friends (and a former housemate from a while back) has just bought a house near my current abode with his girlfriend.  Still no interest in property myself.
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Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by? Behold, and see if there be any sorrow like unto my sorrow. - Lamentations

Work and Theology behind cut... )

I am pretty lucky.
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I managed to get up early this morning and went to church in Reid for a sermon being extravagant rather than calculating when it comes to matters of faith.  That's a tricky proposition.

I dozed off upon returning home whilst watching Insiders.  The new neighbours had a house party last night (without informing or inviting us) and were carrying on until about 2am.  Lucky I can sleep through about anything and I'm on the far side of the house from them.

I made it to the gym at long last, and des;ite feeling a bit of a crick in my back when leaning forward, I finished.

TW: 150 shoulder presses, 50 bench presses, 100 chest contractions reaching a new highest weight.

I got home after a moderate sweat in the sauna and went out for a training run.  I initially intended to do Mt Ainslie but turned off and did a lap of the lake and then a lap of Parliament.  All in all I ran for 1:22:15 straight and felt pretty good excepting some tightness in my left hamstring.

My cooking repetoire is generally a bit limited.  I subscribe to the bachelor school of cooking which means I cook such that there is as little effort and as little washing up as possible.  Tonight, though, I tried something new and made a stir fry with oil, onion, carrot, pumpkin, peanuts, rice, and soy sauce.  It went quite well and I still have leftovers for tomorrow night.  Still, I don't think I'll be on Masterchef any time soon.

The Weary

Mar. 19th, 2010 08:40 pm
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Getting up at 5:00am to fly to Melbourne for the day after a week at work means weariness will happen.  I was planning on going to the gym but even tually decided I wasn't fooling anyone, and needed some rest.  Tomorrow I'll have a big session.

It was a very good meeting I went in for.  If I feel expert in something the work frustration goes away.  It makes me feel as though I really "do" something.  I've felt a lot more of that recently, and I really think it's key to work satisfaction.

Everyone I knew in Melbourne was either out of town, in the suburbs, or otherwise occupied, so plans to meet people for lunch came to nothing, but I did stumble across St Paul's Cathedral just across from Flinders Street Station.  They had a 12:15 eucharist which I joined.  I enjoyed it quietly, and certainly much more than I have enjoyed any other recent service.  The festering annoyance I seem to get with other churchgoing types didn't seem to exist.  Not even when sitting behind a teary woman in running gear carrying a dog.  Nothing fazed me.

I wonder if I'm emerging from a bout of chronic stabulence.  I've felt quite calm over the past week or two.

I looked at another flat today, just to get an idea of what is out there.  I was pretty sure I wasn't going to be interested in living there, and the visit clinched it.  For the same money, I can live in a house near work with interesting people I like, or I can live in a cramped flat that smells like urine and defeat.
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It's a long story... )
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No caffeine was consumed today.  And somehow I didn't feel any ill effects.  Last year Ash Wednesday was on a sitting day which meant a busy work day for me and by lunch I was rather bleary eyed.  Today I felt fine.

I was about to lead the running group when I noticed it was nearly 6pm and time for me to get ash smeared on my forehead.  It was a more crowded service than I would have liked and at one point when the annoying guy three rows ahead insisted on shaking my hand during the peace.  I mumbled something back but inside was saying "go away."  Afterwards one of the old ladies of the parish was telling me her life story and wanted to know mine and I scarcely looked at her once as she droned on and on.  These days, if there are a lot of people there, church is a drag.

Part of the Ash Wednesday liturgy talks about mortality.  That's a subject I don't associate with death.  I do associate it with frailty and flaws.  And I am plenty mortal.  I have flaws, and I am frail.  I could be more patient, I could be more generous, and I'm not as bulletproof as I've felt (physically) in recent times.  It's not bad to be reminded of that, even if it comes with an ash cross on my forehead.

TW: A full course meal of working out.

Appetiser: Medicine ball salad
Main course: Filet of deadlifts with SDHP sauce
Dessert: Push up tart with skull crusher custard

Mmmmm.  That's tasty.  It shoud be a good week at the gym, which is important as I've got a tug of war to compete in on Sunday.
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The wedding was long.  Both couples take their liturgy seriously and both are very much into church music so anything that could be included was included.  There was a sung eucharist (so the Sanctus went on for ten minutes) and very long hymns (up to eight verses I think.)  The whole show went on for nearly two hours.  It was the most avowedly religious wedding I have ever been to, which was perfectly appropriate given the religious inclinations of Renaissance Priest and Mrs Renaissance Priest.  I've always been a bit baffled by secular couples who want to be married in a traditional looking church but ask "can you, like, not mention God, at all?"

I enjoyed it though it left me rather hungry.  Luckily, cake (quite good and made by the father of the bride) and champagne was had right after the service rather than at the reception.

The duty I had volunteered for involved driving the bridesmaids from the hotel to the church to the photos to the reception to the hotel again and back to the reception.  For this I was assigned to a 1979 Mercedes 230.  It takes a while to get used to driving any new car, and the fact that the accelerator was in a bit of an awkward spot and the fact that I was driving a car with ribbons coming from the top of the doors to the hood ornament on suburban streets meant I didn't set any land speed records.  Still, I do get looked at funny when driving a car that is nearly as old as I am.  It was cool, but now I'm back to my not at all flashy Magna.

After dropping the bridesmaids off at the hotel for them to fix themselves up for the reception, I parked around the corner when the heavens broke and curtains of rain began to fall.  I ran to get into the hotel, but the front of my suit was pretty heavily soaked.  The bridesmaids invited me in and one of them proceeded to dry off my trousers off with a hairdryer and a towel.  Errr... hello stranger.

The reception went very well.  There was a pretty young crowd and no embarassing drunk uncles or racist aunts were in attendance.  The mother of the bride sang excerpts from Fiddler on the Roof and Edith Piaf, and I had a chat with a female priest during which I tried not to vent too much about my frustrations with the selection process for priests.  (Abridged version: How can I have any confidence in a process or an organisation that apparently takes no interest in whether or not I actually become a priest?)

I wasn't up late.  Some of the revellers were talking about going out afterwards (including a Tongan bouncer who knew Renaissance Priest and I whilst he was also doing theological studies towards ordination.  He looks like any heavily built polynesian bouncer, but is in fact about he most soft spoken and gentle guy you could ever meet.)  I was home just after midnight, and managed to doze a bit in the morning before Cinnabunny came by for tea and pictures of Kokoda.

A couple of afternoon drinks and a long chat about a variety of subjects and eventually dinner was had with Gundachick.  Tonight will be a pretty early night I think.  Perhaps I will make every night this week an early night (i.e. in bed by midnight.)

I've spent a great deal of the last 36 hours surrounded by women.  Well, I do seem to have a lot more female friends than male friends.
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I wasn't a Christmas orphan this year.  It's not much of a problem for me, but it was nice to have the day with people all the same.
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I'm going to Sydney shortly.  Tonight  I'll be at midnight mass (though technically it's not called that) at St James King Street in the city, and then up to Collaroy.

My parents arrive on Monday, but they will be in Canada for Christmas Day with my sister and her family.  So on Christmas Day I won't have any family around.  Growing up Christmas was always a family affair for us, as it is for most people (even if they're not at all religious.)  But now, it doesn't seem odd to be without my family on Christmas Day.  It's no stranger than being apart from them at Easter, a religious festival of comparable importance, and for me, this is still a religious occasion.  I've made it to church every Sunday in Advent.  I wouldn't say my being tired of church has passed, but I really felt drawn to it this season.

A lot of people seem to be surprised at how little it bothers me to be a Christmas orphan, but it doesn't really.  It's not the first time I've been alone.  Christmas 2004 I spent alone in my house in London before flying out late that night.  Christmas 2005 I spent most of the day alone until going to visit my ex and her family for a late Christmas lunch.  Since then I've been with family all day in one way or another.  I can do alone.  I can even do it on Christmas.

I won't be entirely alone though.  I will be visiting Cupcake Goddess (or she will be visiting me but I'll most likely go to her) tomorrow.
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I was shopping for Christmas gifts yesterday. I find it hard to buy gifts at times. I don't want to buy something generic and meaningless, but I think I managed to find something good for my nieces. I wanted to get them something they couldn't get in Canada and something that was undeniably from me.

And so...

The two on the bottom are for my nieces. Aged 4 and 6, they will fit into these for a while as they are size 8. I am pretty sure they will be the only ones they know with Brumbies gear, and the rugby angle means they will know it came from me. Now I wonder if I should put numbers on them. I did that when Julie, my eldest niece, was about a month old. I put the number zero on the back of a very small England football top.

Oh yes, the other two are for [livejournal.com profile] bakerypenguin to give to burgeoning Canberra rugby fans. It's never too early to get them following the right sport.

The set top box has been returned and the money refunded. There may have been a simple explanation but I couldn't be bothered working it out to be frank. I told dad when he rang that a new TV would eventually be needed and he agreed.

Cupcake Goddess plied me with baked goods to fortify me for my drive back to Canberra. She bakes very well. She said she would do some baking for the people I've invited to the Collaroy Castle next weekend. She also invited me to spend Christmas with her family so I won't be a Christmas orphan. We will likely be volunteering at the Wayside Chapel in King's Cross though, which will be good. I had been thinking about that.

I went into church for the evening Eucharist at St John's Reid. There were about seven or eight there. Nothing superfluous. I seem to be doing much better with services when they are small and stripped down of anything I tend to find annoying. Message from the sermon, if you are a tax collector, be a tax collector. But be an ethical tax collector. It's not about chaning what you do, as much as doing what you do better.
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Up early for church again at St John's Dee Why, and found myself sitting next to "sings off key and recites the creed out of time in a very loud voice man". There was a woman there who was celebrating her 90th birthday next week. If my mum were a regular in this parish, she would probably arrange the whole celebration. Mum is like that. I'm not. I'm not sure that I'm willing to make sacrifices to take care of people I don't find interesting. And that's another reason I probably shouldn't become a priest.

More helping MCZ move. This time I was clearing stuff out of her mum's garage before the removalists came, which reminded me of clearing stuff out of the garage in Collaroy. They even had a kayak. A coffee from the cafe down the street and I'm good. Yes I work cheap.

No gym today or at all on the weekend. Moving work was the only workout I got. Tomorrow.


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