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"It used to be cool" night went very well.

I decided on Saturday morning that I would go as Officer John McClane from the Die Hard series.  There are very few characters that I could come as that have very short hair, but this one worked.  One theory that Die Hard was still cool and therefore my outfit was inappropriate was advanced, but I decided that it was still a valid idea because Die Hard was such a huge series that was so full of iconic action movie cliches that it can be mocked for its excesses even as it enjoys a mantle of retro coolness.  Plenty of things fall into similar categories.

I managed to get a workout in on Saturday afternoon.

YW: AMRAP 12 minutes - 5 80kg deadlifts, 15 hand release pushups (12 rounds +5 +3).  Finisher - 2 minutes for max situps (75), 2 minutes max 30kg tricep extentions (81), 2 minutes mac 30kg bicep curls (73).

I was really sore especially from all the pushups, but later on during the party I was called upon by MadAlex to do pushups as her way of explaining my inclination to spontaneously do pushups.  I did 50 in one set as they counted off, and later did some pushups on the sofa over the people who were sitting on it.  I don't know whose idea that was, but I was always going to take up that challenge.
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People didn't stay as late as our last party, there weren't as many people (last time Roxy invited almost her whole program and this time she only invited about half of them.  By about 2:30am I was in bed.  I made it up the next morning with no hangover at all (Alleluia spent a lot of time over the toilet regretting the amount of alcohol she had consumed the night before.  I was absolutely exhausted though, and have not set foot off of the property all day.  I've also taken a couple of my prescription muscle relaxants and have been quite drowsy.  My neckstill has a stubborn crick and I've got a lot of soreness in the chest and core.

So today was spent mopping floors and loaning my car to Roxy as I was not going to be driving anywhere.  Chez Canuck is clean again.
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I applied through another agency for a job with the Australian Airports Association today, and Cupcake Goddess put me in touch with yet another agency, so there are a lot of wheels being put in motion.

I'll go into work over the weekend when it is quiet and I can be undisturbed.  I want next week to go well.  I've even made a list of things I want to get done before work on Monday.

I also want to get a lot of working out done.  I'm feeling strong.

YW: Heavy deadlifts. 3-3-3-3-3, 100kg-120kg-130kg-140kg-150kg.  150kg is the most I've ever lifted, and I had a hard time keeping the bar from slipping out of my hands before I changed to an alternate grip.  Then it was tabata with kettlebell swings (91), rowing (70 calories), hand release pushups (103).  I felt like my chest was going to fall off after the pushups.

TW: 10 situps then 15kg dumbbell half clean and press for the rest of the minute, for ten minutes.  100 situps, 95 clean and press.  Then 10-1, 1-10 pullups and hand release pushups.  At one point when jumping for the bar I misjudged where the bar was and fell right back down. A couple of people asked if I was alright, and I was up quickly again.

I'm pretty sure I was being checked out on the way home.  There was some nice eye candy walking past the pubs on a wintery Friday night.

I've discovered a stock forum called Hot Copper which is actually quite good.  A lot of smart commentary and they have a ban on profanity and rudeness.  Impressive for an internet forum.  It's a new tax year and I might take more regular assessments of my investments.
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I was having a bit of a work rant just now and wound up letting slip to our media guy that I am planning to leave.  Then I told the diary secretary.  I also mentioned to both that depression was part of the reason why.

So now more people know, and I think I will tell more tomorrow.  Next week is likely to be my last sitting week in this job, and I will have to tell a lot of people as I won't be around they next time they come back.

I still haven't told CoS in part because he's not here and in part because that would feel so final.  I will have to get used to the idea though.

Last night dinner went very well.  I made teriyaki kangaroo stirfry and everyone was duly impressed by my culinary talents (or my culinary ability to make a simple dish that's not easy to screw up.)  Tonight I will be having dinner with Cupcake Goddess.

Today is the last day of the tax year, and I sold some shares in Nexbis that I bought at 38.5 cents for 8.5 cents, a loss of nearly 80%.  I made some capital gains during the year and I wanted to have something to offset them.  I've still got some shares that I paid less than 8 cents for in the event that they rebound, but the tax benefits of the loss will be available to me.

I also managed to get deeper into Konekt as someone else was willing to sell at my buying price (perhaps to realise a loss just as I did.)  The stock is currently trading below its book value and I think it is unrealistically low.

I realised this morning that when it comes to the VDM fiasco, I was less concerned about the money I stand to lose than I expected.  I know that sometimes you lose money, and I was prepared for that.  The question that concerned me more was whether or not I had made a mistake.  I had thought about getting out earlier this year, and I could have made a profit rather than ending up worse off.  Being a failure (for lack of a better term) was of greater concern to me than the financial loss (though I'm not wild about that either.)

Off to the gym.  Deadlifts today I think.  Heavy ones.  Then tabata kettlebell swings, hand release pushups, sit ups, and pullups.
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Today's workout was adapted from a Crossfit workout named after an American Paratrooper who was killed in Afghanistan in 2009.

TW: 3 rounds - row 1km, 50 burpees, 40 situps, 30 hand release pushups, 20 kettlebell swings, 10 ring pushups, run 800m. My time: 51:37. I tried to do the 50 burpees in one set without rest, and in the first round I made it.

I was having tea with Cupcake Goddess and she had some advice.

She advised me to quit my job and travel around the world. A month here. A month there. I could live in Canada for a while, I could live in America for a while, I could pop back to the UK, I could travel to some places that I've still not been and go back to work when I'm ready.

I can't say the thought hasn't crossed my mind. I've saved up plenty over the years and I've got plenty of investments that could potentially provide some income. She even suggested I should use trading as a source of income using the rationale that once your investment income equals your living expenses, working becomes an option.

To be honest, I don't think I could not work. I would need to do something. I could do temporary or voluntary work here and there and develop some of the contacts I currently have. On my last trip I was pretty much always doing something. Becoming that awful self centred woman from Eat Pray Love would be a terrible fate for me. I'm not interested in laying about and "relaxing". The idea of roaming around the world "finding myself" sounds, on some levels, to be hideously indulgent and wasteful.

I can afford to do this, and as I pointed out, I can make more money but I can't make more time. As CG pointed out, I'll only be young once and in a few years I will be 40 which is "less hot that 30."

This is an idea that I am not just going to leap into. It has some definite benefits though, and I am going to give it serious consideration.
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But mostly in a good way.

I had solid workouts on Saturday and Sunday.

SatW: Farmer's walk stairs 20kg each hand, pullups, 24kg kettlebell swings, 32kg SDHP, burpees, situps, leg raises. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1.  The farmer's walk was really tough and I can still feel the soreness now.

SunW: Run total 9km to and from the gym.  Bench jumps, pushups, situps - 20,19,18...1

My legs are still sore.  I've done harder workouts but this was the most consistent effort I'd come up with since coming back from overseas.  I had three tough workouts in as many days, which was good as I kind of wanted to smack myself around.  Virtually nobody spoke ot me the whole time, which was also good.

I also went into work on both days of the weekend.  I did some work preparing and printing off letters for W to sign and giving him the impression that I'm on top of things, but it was also a relief to be able to shut myself into a place with no people.  Dealing with people has been taxing since Friday.  Earlier today someone came into my office to introduce herself and I could barely look her in the eye.  Aspie stress has been close to the surface at all times.

But it hasn't been all bad.  As much as dealing with anyone new was likely to be tough, I finally got to visit Cupcake Goddess at her new pad and meet her new guy.  The following day I was there to take a photo of her at the beginning of a 5k run and another one of her powering through the finish line with her shoulders ahead of her hips.  Well done CG!

I had some happy drinks with Helga and Alleluia before they went off to girly drinks (which I was mercifully spared) and settled in for a quiet night.  I did hear Roxy come home and she settled into her room before I could get up.  It turned out that she had just arrived home in a taxi after spending six hours in hospital after being hit by a car and knocked off her bike.  She is ok with a black eye, one stitch in her chin, and some scrapes on her cheek, but nothing that won't heal.

Apparently she had been trying to contact one of us for a lift, and while I was home and would have been more than happy to pick her up, somehow she didn't have my number.  I really felt bad about that.  I hadn't done anything wrong, but the idea that one of the girls I live with spent six hours alone in hospital before having to take a taxi home bothered me.

That meant that a few minutes after midnight when Alleluia rang asking if my earlier offer to pick her up if excessive drinking had been done was still valid, my answer was a firm yes.  I drove a friend of hers home and swung through Macca's for so she could get some late night sustenance before getting her home without her having to resort to taking a taxi driven by a stranger.  She was very pleased.

So I found myself getting all stressed about having to deal with other people.  (I also went shopping for shoes to a discount warehouse that was closing forever and lasted about ten increasingly stressed minutes surrounded by legions of people scavenging for deals that frankly weren't all that good before leaving with a shellshocked look on my face.)  Dealing with my friends, however, was easy.
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I managed to sleep five hours straight aided by nighttime cold medication and then a couple more hours after watching Black Swan (which was awesome) so I arrived back in Australia more rested than I normally would be after a flight across the Pacific.

Cupcake Goddess picked me up from Canberra Airport and we had plans to meet up for afternoon tea, but I dozed off on the sofa just after noon and missed it.  We will have to reschedule.  I was delighted to see that someone had left a chocolate bunny on my bed and a number of chocolate eggs hidden around Chez Canuck.  Nobody was home when I got back and I had to take care not to eat all that I found.

I managed to stay up until 11, a reasonable going to bed time, but couldn't sleep past 4am.  So I figured the best thing I could do would be to get back to the gym with a vengence.

TW: 15-14...1, half clean and press, kettlebell swings, pullups.  My time was about 35 minutes which was longer than I would have liked.  There were more pauses than I wanted to have, I guess on account of not having been to the gym for a while, still being fatigued (though unable to sleep) and being a bit hungry.  Still, it was good to get back to serious crossfitty workouts again.

The day at work was not bad.  There are plenty of letters to write and I will get through that, and it looks like I will be flying to Dubbo tomorrow (exotic after I've been to New York perhaps?) and spending the weekend in Sydney.  I've been devoid of work stabulence today, though perhaps the leftover happy from holidays is keeping my spirits up.  There may yet be time for me to get back to being my bitter and jaded self soon.

Overall, I'm feeling better than I did after my last trip last year.  Maybe I feel like I have more on the horizon now.
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That's how many steps I reckon I took in my 12 hour race, provided that I averaged 1 metre per step.

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The donations to beyondblue have picked up a lot recently.  So far they total $860 with more still pledged to come in.  I even managed to collect a few donations on the night from passers by or people on my support crew.

Now I just have to hope I recover from this in time to make a showing at the Warrior Dash on Saturday.  Why oh why do they have to be so close together?
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I've moved house.

The new place is really taking shape.  We finished up yesterday around 5pm after moving nearly everything from the old house and I discovered that the restaurants and shops of Dickson are just a ten miinute walk.  We went to bed in the unseasonable cold last night with boxes still strewn around the house and virtually nothing set up.  This morning we set up almost everything before noon, and planned on making a run to the old place to pick up the rest and to haul some things to the tip, but rain intervened and we decided it would be better to wait.  It rained on us periodically on moving day but we managed to avoid getting anything that was in the trailer that was attached to my car wet.

Overall, the move went pretty well.  I and everyone else were in a pretty good mood, even though with all the stress I had too little bandwidth to be nice and sociable with the guys that Helga and Alleluia have been dating.  The apsie stress dropped considerably once we had finished for the day and I was able to be friendly with the one who had stayed on for dinner.

I think the new place will work out fine.  Alleluia is taking a day off tomorrow to settle some moving things around the house and we still have some more things to move.

The three of us who stayed last night (Roxy has flown off on holiday) spent pretty much the whole day together, finding breakfast in Dickson, setting up the house, doing some Christmas shopping (though I stole away to do about 8km of rowing) and later watching a dvd of "The L Word".  And my work colleagues joke about me living in a lesbian collective.  HA!

My first guest was Cupcake Goddess this evening.  She came over in a subdued mood, but agreed that the new place is looking positive.

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It was never going to be a good time for us to have to pick up and leave.  I guess things could be a lot worse.  We are four people all of whom are employed and responsible and we have pretty good references from our current agent.  We have applied for one place and inspected another today, and there are further inspections on the weekend and next week.  There  is still plenty of time and plenty of opportunity for things to go right.


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I did get to the gym today, running there in the rain, doing some kettlebell swings and some toes to bar, and a whole bunch of rowing (over 8km and 500 calories) before running home in a driving rain.  As I ran up our street the rain was at it's most intense, and I stopped, soaked through to the skin, to do pushups.  I did more on our front lawn when I found out I was locked out of the house after leaving my keys inside.  I did get back in but for a few moments, standing on my front lawn in short and singlet in a driving rain, completely soaked and completely alone, I felt just fine.

I deal with stress and unhappiness in odd ways.

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I had half day at work yesterday and then took care of the last minute details before meeting Cupcake Goddess at a pub that has my favourite beer in all the world.  Hooray for Old Speckled Hen!

While we were talking, and idea for a photo theme was suggested to me.  I find that rather than just posing in front of landmarks with a blank expression or a wave, it's nice for holiday photos to have a theme.  When I was in Paris with the Wombats Parliamentary Rugby team, I spent a day taking our mascot around Paris taking photos with Wazza the Wombat and various Parisians.

(This 93 year old Frenchwoman was both confused and amused by my request.)

Given my interest in doing physical things, it was suggested that I should do pushups on the White House lawn.  I'm not sure if that was feasible given security requirements, but I said I would do pushups within view of the White House.  My friends insisted that I provide photographic evidence, and I just ran with the idea from there.

So I will be doing pushups across America.  Golden Gate Bridge?  Pushups.  Washington Monument?  Pushups.  Times Square?  Pushups.  I am sure I will get plenty of funny looks from people but I don't mind funny looks, and if nothing else, I reckon the people taking the photos will be unlikely to try to steal my camera.

After a lift to the airport, I'm all checked in and ready to go via Melbourne and Los Angeles to San Francisco.
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Oktoberfest went very well.


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For any of you who missed it, I just want to say I'm very disappointed in you.

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It's old news now, but the result of the election is finally known after two and half weeks.

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I felt pretty good, so I had a celebratory workout.

TW: Row 400m, 10 dumbbell swings, 10 marine pushups, 10 situps, 10 pullups - 5 rounds.  And a conversation with a crossfit trainer who was taking a guy through a similar workout and who probably wasn't flirting with me, but I'm not great at assessing these things.)

Once I got home, Cupcake Goddess came over to visit.

It's been a good day, and some kind of normalcy will now return.
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I was up early this morning and went to church.  I've been to the Anglican churches in Gladstone and didn't much care for their style.  I can recall in 2007 wanting to have some spiritual connection whilst on the campaign and having nowhere to go to satisfy it.  As I said to Choirbikie over the phone, "I'm hungry but there's nothing to eat."

I managed to avoid any stabby feelings, the crowd was small, and the sermon was pretty good.  It was all about Mary (who sat and listened) and Martha (who was a flurry of activity) and the lesson was that  when showing someone kindness, make sure you are showing them the kindness they need.  If someone needs a respite from crowds and chaos in the days before he is crucified for the sins of the world, it's probably best to give him some space and silence rather than buzzing around insisting that everything be just so.  Also, in as much as doing "the Lord's work" is involving, it's important that there is opportunities for calm.

Cupcake Goddess came over and we had tea and a long chat about her new place and my new place and about the timing surrounding when to tell people about Asperger's and the priesthood and other personal details.  I think the new people I live with will be fine with all of it, and I'll let things out at appropriate times after the election.

Speaking of which, I'm still not sure where I'm going, and I did virtually no work today.  (I didn't even go to the gym.)  Tomorrow I'll go to work and I hope they will have decided something.  Tomorrow night I could be sleeping in Queensland.

So far polls look mixed.  One 52-48 and one 50-50.  Hard to tell, but apparently people are uneasy with the way in which Rudd was rolled.

I've been eating up perishables before I go, and Helga was kind enough to make me a bowl of chicken stew.  We both seem to subscribe to the bachelor school of cooking (that is, cook with as little effort and as little washing upp as possible.  No Masterchef for me.)
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It's been a physically intensive weekend, with two big workouts.

YW: 100 bench press, 100 dumbbell swings with 10 pullups every time the dumbbell touched the floor, 100 leg openers and 100 closers at maximum weight, row 400 metres then 20 pushups then 20 SDHP - 5 rounds.

Then I met up[ with Cupcake Goddess who had kindly saved me her last piece of pizza (very welcome given my post workout hunger.)  We talked about work and her househunting escapades and things are going quite well for both of us it seems.  I also shopped for Terminator stuff for my fancy dress night.  I had most things I needed, but picked up some cheap sunnies (I never buy expensive ones as I know I'm just going to end up sitting on them or losing them somewhere) and a gun that looked suitable.  The $2 dollar store had quite a few fancy dress people in it.

And I think I wound up putting together something quite passable.

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Today there was no silly dressing up, but some sore muscles and another trip to the gym.

TW: 50 standing shoulder press, HIIT (total of 140 lateral jumps and 100 dynamic pushups), Core - 20 situps, 20 leg raises, 1 minute of plank - 5 rounds, then 100 side dips with 20kg.

Then a long sweat in the sauna.  Tonight I will recover in the hopes of another big week of physical fun.
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It was a good weekend with a positively enormous amount of good food, mostly Italian, including the first cannoli I have ever had and plenty of pizza and a really good carbonara.  I could have had plenty more.

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A Minister in the NSW State Government resigned yesterday, after it was revealed that he had visited a gay sex club, driving there in his ministerial car.

Now I think the NSW Labor Government is appalling in pretty much every respect.  I also think that David Campbell is an awful Minister and he should have gone long ago.  I further think there is something duplicitous and unsettling about presenting yourself to the voters as a family man when you are carrying on a double life.

All the same, I felt bad for the guy, and it seems a lot of other people do too.

I wonder if people could make spurious allegations about me on account of me playing for the Convicts.  Would it be news if the advisor to the leader of a conservative political party played on a gay rugby team and was spotted in a gay strip club?

In a little while Cupcake Goddess will pick me up from work and we will drive out to Griffith for a weekend visit with Mitzi.  I think I'll be happier there than I would have been spending today in Sydney at an interview.

The market is awash with red ink today, but the fact that I have lost a lot doesn't faze me because I managed to sell off one of my stocks earlier and have cash on hand to swoop in and hopefully pick up some bargains when the dust settles.
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Our CoS called me into the conference room this morning for a talk.  Apparently there have been complaints about my phone manner which have given people the impression that I am rude.

This doesn't surprise me at all and I suspect it doesn't surprise some of my colleagues who have heard me on the phone with timewasters.  I can think of a number of occasions where I have been in the midst of something and had to answer the phone.  More than once when confronted with banter I have said things along the lines of "Look, I'm busy so what is it?"  I'm aware that this can be a problem, and it is a legitimate concern, especially when you work in politics.

I'm not a rude person.  Earlier today I had two school groups visit and was happy to talk to them, but that was at a time when I had planned on talking to them.  If something interrupts my plans I will find it frustrating.  So perhaps before answering the phone I have to prepare my pleasant phone voice.

There was no hostility in that chat between CoS and I, and in fact he found it rather amusing.  He's been mistaken for being flippant under similar circumstances.  Apparently if my phone manner improves, there is likely to be a further pay rise in addition to the one from last week.  I've been in the job for two years, so maybe this is me moving up in my role.

TW: Chest and shoulders.  100 shoulder press, 100 incline press, 100 weighted dips, 100 chest contractions.  Focus was on heavy weights.

Steak was had with cupcake goddess.  I've barely cooked this week, and my eating out ways will continue tomorrow when I visit Griffith for the weekend.

There are some frustrating people on The Amazing Race who don't seem to understand that dressing up in WWI uniforms and crawling through mud and explosions under barbed wire whilst French soldiers are firing at low flying aircraft isn't scary or gross.  It's awesome!  I want to do that!
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Today I celebrated going back to the gym.

TW: 5 minutes - AMRAP 20 shoulder press, 20 pushups.  10 minutes - 10 handstand pushups each minute then wall ball for the rest of the minute.  10 minutes - 10 dips each minute then skull crushers for the rest of the minute.
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Yesterday I had a visitor at work in the person of Mitzi who had come to Canberra on her way back to the country town where she is teaching.  This gave her the opportunity to meet some of the other people in my life.  She met Coffee Snob in the afternoon and [ profile] bakerypenguin  in the evening where dinner was had (which included a surprisingly effective teriyaki stirfry and some sliced up brisket, picked up as the only kosher meat available in the Coles outlet in Manuka.)  I make no claims at being a good cook, but things often don't go too far wrong for me in the kitchen.

This morning I woke early and was joined by Mitzi on a run to Mt Ainslie.  This was not my traditional Currahee run though.  This run was marked by ten pushups every minute in a style that I have not yet named.  (Is it too ego-centric to call it a Luckycanuck style run?)  I kept it up the whole way and met Mitzi again on the way down, running ahead and then being passed whilst doing pushups in the gutter.  In the end I did 620 pushups, which is the most I have ever done in a day.

Later this afternoon Cupcake Goddess and I will be making a longish drive out to Deniliquin to spend the weekend in the country and to drop off Mitzi.  This weekend's running should be decidedly flatter than this morning's.

Oh yes, and investments were made today.  I moved the proceeds from the sales of some shares in an education provider and a gold miner into a gold exploration company with promising interests in Java and in an Australian outfit that is pumping out natural gas in Italy that inexplicably dropped in price by 40% this morning.  Bring on the dead cat bounce.
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It looks like four people from work are now training to run the half marathon and are looking to me for advice.  My training schedule is being picked up with enthusiasm which makes me feel useful and in control.

One of the stocks I have been watching is a pharmaceutical company that is currently trying to get a drug for treating patients with leukemia approved for use in America.  The drug authorities are going to require more tests, and when news of this reached the market, shares in Chemgenex promptly lost over half their value, going from 70 cents down to the high 20s.  I noticed the drop this morning, and after quickly looking up a few things, decided that the market may have overreacted.  So I bought in hoping to catch it as it was rebounding.  It's still well down compared to yesterday, but it's up solidly from when I bought it.  Now the question becomes when to sell.  I've bought like this before, but never sold quickly (i.e. within days).

Ok.  Enough financial boringness.  I also won $5 in bar money at trivia tonight by winning the heads/tails contest.  I picked heads at the start, and stuck with it for about five or six straight coin tosses.  Why people think tails is due after four straigh heads is beyond me.  Every toss is a 50/50 chance.  Past tosses don't change that at all.  I reckon, however, that I was due to win something having gotten the right answer on previous bar money questions on South American countries that don't border Brazil (Ecuador and Chile) and the fourth largest island in the world (Madagascar) but presenting the answer a split second later than someone else.  Damn chair lounging people blocking my way!

Cupcake Goddess came with me and was very useful in figuring out the number of black keys on a piano (36) and the first ever credit card (Diners Club).  She was a valued team member on "The Prefectionists" even if she doesn't know much about Star Wars.

TW: AMRAP 20 minutes - 10 20kg dumbell swings, 20 pushups with dumbell grip, 30 bosu situps.  10 rounds, 8 dumbell swings.  It raised a sweat but no big strain, no shakes, and no big endorphin hit.


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