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I was up very early this morning and mum and dad took me to the airport.  It will be a while before I see them again.

My flight to Ottawa stopped in Winnipeg, a city that I changed planes in once in 1994 and the airport doesn't seem to have changed a bit in that time.  Naturally I did pushups there but they weren't really worth showing here.  On Facebook maybe.

Upon arriving in Ottawa I took a taxi straight to campaign HQ and in short order I found myself out doorknocking with the candidate.  It was good to get out and do something.  This is a guy I went to university with.  At the time I also wanted to go into politics myself but decided against it.  PP is really cut out for it though and was very diligent in his campaigning.  Much more so than most candidates I've worked with.  There was very little time wasting on his part.  The campaign was very focussed and disciplined and had plenty of volunteers.  It struck me as being a model campaign in a lot of ways.  No backbiting or pettiness (or at least none that I could see and none that got in the way of the whole point of the campaign.)

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So between knocking on doors and putting up signs, it was a productive afternoon.  Dinner meant a brief break in the campaign and was follwed by more evening doorknocking until the sun went down.  Then PP gave me a lift to my night's accommodation.  I'm in a backpackers tonight and it looks perfectly nice.

Also, a potential visit to the national campaign HQ may be in the works while I'm here.  PP is going to contact them and see what can be done.

it's a good thing that I had a lot to do today to keep me occupied.  I was starting to get a bit stir crazy.  There is often a bit of a let down after a very good time filled with new experiences, and spending a few days playing it very safe with the family after my adventures with JAQ last weekend was very much a shock to the system.  Being with the family felt a bit like playing it safe mixed with being far from home.  Corresponding with friends like JAQ and others has kept the happiness levels up these past few days, and I think I will be up for some new adventures over the next few days.

Also, I am looking at getting involved in Skype to be able to keep in touch with far away friends better, but I'm not tech savvy enough to know my way around it.
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FW: Improvised.  Run 1km, 30 pushups, 25 kettlebell swings, 20 situps, 15 pullups - 10 rounds.  Reduce run by 100m every round.  It took me just over an hour of consistan physical effort.  300 pushups, 250 kettlebell swings, 200 situps, 150 pullups, and running 5.5km at an average pace of over 15km/h.  I was quite pleased with my improvised workout, and had a really solid endorphin high.

I was up early on Saturday to do some electioneering with Coffee Snob and boyfriend of Coffee Snob.  We hit Bungendore in the morning then Coogee and Maroubra in the afternoon after driving up to Sydney.  The results were fairly unsurprising.  It was a resounding Liberal/Nationals victory.  The degree to which Labor was smashed is hard to overstate, and it will not be easy to come back from such a drubbing.  I will have the chance to send in my CV to the new state Government and see what comes of it.

I was trying to decide what the best story of the night was.  The change in government overall is, of course, a pretty big story, but it was so expected that it was anti-climactic.  A couple of Independent federal MPs who put Labor back in last year saw their allies on the state level smashed in favour of people on my team.  That could be a warning of rough seas ahead for Windsor and Oakeshott at the next federal election.

Of course, I still am fairly disengaged from politics (or more accurately a lot of the people who get up in arms about politics.)  This article reminded me of a quote from Winston Churchill.  "The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter."  Is it odd that I am cynical about people who are cynical?

We stayed at the Collaroy Castle.  My uncle was reluctant to have people over, but he didn't show it.  CS and BoCS were quite impressed by the place and the neighbourhood.  I though it was going to be tough to get CS back to Canberra.

I drove most of the way back to Canberra and it looks like I may have converted BoCS to thinking along the lines of Crossfit.  I'm always happy to see people willing to take working out seriously.

Oh yes, and on election night I ran into a girl I dated in my first year in Australia.  At the time I was really smitten with her as she seemed to tick all the boxes, but five years later (has it been that long) I came to the conclusion that being involved with her would probably have been exhausting.  Also the new MP for Coogee is openly gay and there was a pretty high proportion of gays in the crowd including a few surrounding my former crush (who seems to have taken on the role of a fag hag) and one creepy guy who groped me a bit.
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It's election day tomorrow for New South Wales.  I've not voted yet but I will do either today or tomorrow.  I am enrolled at Collaroy in what will be a pretty onesided race, but a friend of mine is in line for an upper house seat (basically the state senate for my American friends) and I intend to vote in such a way as will maximise the vote she gets.

Then we will see what happens with the almost certain change in government and the turnover in new jobs that will result.

DBYW: AMRAP 7 Minutes - Run 400m, then in remaining time 7 SDHP, 7 shoulder press both at 30kg.  9 rounds, 7 SDHP and 1 shoulder press.  AMRAP 7 Minutes - 7 toes to bar, 15 sit ups.  4 rounds, 7 toes to bar, 1 sit up (man those toes to bar are TOUGH!)  AMRAP 7 minutes - Lunge walk 20 steps, 10 burpees.  4 rounds, 1 lunge step.

YW: 5 rounds - 20 clean and press, 20 pushups, 20 bicep curls 35kg, row 20 calories.  Then 20 consecutive heavy bag get ups.  They now have a 30kg heavy bag which is more than twice as tough as the 15kg bag.

Alleluia has been sick this past week and has surrounded herself with DVDs and days off.  She is now strangely fixated on The West Wing, a program that I never got into as much as many political people I know who obsessed about it, but which I am enjoying.

Australia is out of the Cricket World Cup, and I've not seen a single match.  A decade ago I would have watched every match I could, but now I can't be bothered, at least not with this tournament.

And finally, the song that has been stuck in my head today is...
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Today I got a call from a local campaign HQ with information about where they need me.  I'll be spending Saturday morning at Bungendore with Coffee Snob and her boyfriend before we head up to Sydney and close out the campaigning day possibly in Parramatta, Drummoyne, or Coogee.

And just this afternoon I found out that an election is imminent in Canada.  The campaign is likely to be in full swing when I visit next month, and this means possibly popping into the campaign HQ or a local campaign and helping out a bit for the first time on a Canadian campaign since 1997.  I've sometimes benefitted from being the guy from overseas both in Australia and in Britain, and now it looks like I might get the chance to build a list of contacts in Canada again.  I get the feeling that I will enjoy my time on the Canadian campaign much more than the last Australian campaign.  I'm choosing to be there rather than being "sentenced" to it, it won't last as long, and I won't be isolated amongst the geriatric hens like I was last year.  I may even get through the whole show without punching a hole in the wall!
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A few months ago on the morning after the last election, I hit the wall with frustration when asked to stay in the field for another week and wound up putting a hole in the wall.

Today I received a letter sent to my work address from the local campaign saying they hold me responsible for the damage and the cost of repairing it.

I'm not paying.

Whether or not I am morally or legally liable, I am not paying $214.50 to the campaign that I worked on every day for a month in a town far from home where I didn't know anyone outside of work.  I am not paying a campaign that got a month of days and nights out of my life at no cost whatsoever to them.

I'm not paying.
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My friend Lectio commented on my recent sense of detachment by mentioning the possibility that I am depressed.  I hadn't considered it at all, but I wonder if there might be something to it.

I've been feeling irritable and unmotivated for around a month and a half, not all the time but in more environments than I normally do.  In that time I have accomplished very little at work (without anyone noticing) and have loathed anyone coming into my space there, I have been disinterested in contact with anyone who doesn't already know and understand me, I haven't been out much, and I've frequently felt like everyday is just another day of nothing happening.  None of this necessarily translates into actual depression, but it's not going away and I can't think of any way to make it go away.  I'm not having problems sleeping, I've not been using drugs or alcohol to get through the days, I'm getting exercise like I normally do, I'm certainly not on the brink of self harm, and I haven't spent a whole day in bed during this period.  Still, there is this nagging sense that I may as well not be here.

On top of that, every option for my future seems to be cloaked in negatives.  Staying at my current job means more of the same.  Getting a new job means a whole slate of new people to piss me off.  Cutting myself off from new people means I can't expand my circle of friends, but being socially active means potentially exhausting mental work.  The sort of things that people my age generally get into, marriages, families, mortgages, are huge obligations that I feel as though I can't handle, especially when I am getting frustrated by a life that is objectively pretty soft.

And that leads to feelings of guilt.  Who am I to be depressed.  I've got a job that pays me more than I need, I have got friends who care about me, I'm healthy, I've really got very little to complain about and I can't rationalise why I am in such a bad mood all the time.  I haven't told my parents, mostly because I can't explain it.  (On another note, I feel more and more detached from my family.  I'll be happy to have them on my support crew for my run, but overall I have very little interest in them being here.  Again, there is a reason I have chosen to live on a different continent from them.)

I've got some friends who have experience with actual long term depression, and I don't think that is what is happening to me.  At the same time, I can't just say it's a passing phase, because it's not passing.

My parents flew in on Friday and I spent the weekend in Collaroy but to be honest, I think I would rather have been in Canberra on my own.  They are travelling this time with a guy who grew up with my mum.  He's 50, but has the mind of an 8 year old on accout of being deprived of oxygen at birth.  He's not doing anything bad, but I find him annoying to the point where all of my answers are monosyllabic and I can't make eye contact.  I suspect that my current state of mind might be making this worse.  I wonder if they will ever travel to Australia on their own without bringing someone who makes me want to avoid them.

There is a state election coming up in March, and I hope I will be staying in Canberra and periodically working on the campaign across the border in Queanbeyan.  If I get sent off to Tamworth or Dubbo or Port Macquarie I think I will be dangerously close to snapping and doing something stupid.

I am now resting in preparation of my run.  My support crew is taking shape but some people who have expressed interest in helping are not committing.  I know I can be alone for parts of the run, but it would be nice to have people for the tough hours.  Also, I'm hoping to get photos of every hour and someone will have to be on hand to take them.

Off to trivia now.  I'm not sure how this will turn out.


Nov. 29th, 2010 10:39 pm
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The result of the Victorian election in which the Labor party has been turned out and a conservative Coalition elected will have ramifications in my workplace.  Basically, there will probably be a lot of turnover in the next six months.

The new Government will need people to come on as staff, and I expect that a number of jobs will be filled by people currently working in the Federal Parliament.  So a number of people who would be happy to live in Melbourne will get their wish.  My office mate is likely to be one of them.

This also means that a lot of new jobs will open up as people leave their current positions.  The fact that NSW is almost certainly going to see my side of politics elected in March will also add to the exodus and the level of turnover.  It is possible that a new or higher paying or more responsible and concrete job with clearer responsibilities will come my way over the next six months.

Two physical challenges came my way today.

1) The Holiday Rowing Challenge. This entails rowing 200km between American Thanksgiving last Thursday and Christmas Eve.  A personal trainer whom I met on my first night in San Francisco suggested this to me, and naturally I took it up.  It would mean an average of between 6 and 7km per day, but since I missed a few days I will have to step it up if I want to make it to 200km.

2) The Canberra Fat Ass.  This is set for the first weekend in February.  It starts at 7pm Friday and finishes at 7am Saturday.  12 consecutive hours of running.  I had considered running a similar race in Sydney in January, but I think it would be easier to pull together a support team in Canberra.  I still haven't decided if I will do this, and if I do I will need to find the best way to train.  I wouldn't run for 12 hours straight.  A good portion of it would be walked.  I do need to decide soon if I will do this or not, because I will need to start preparing, and I will need to gather a support crew together.  So anyone who is near Canberra might be getting a call!

YW: Pullups, 24kg KB swings, sit ups, lateral jump burpees - 2 per round then 4, 6, 8 and so on for 12 minutes - into round of 14, all but last ten burpees.  100 leg presses.  Then a long sauna.

TW: Rowing challenge.  Today was my first long distance row.  I wanted to just row for a prolonger period of time without breaking up the work.  I managed my goal of 10km in just under 42 minutes.  Drinking water was tough as I rowed with one had while drinking with the other, and my left hand got a bit sore and I had a tough time opening and closing it for about half an hour.  We will see how I feel tomorrow.  Also, I burned 636 calories in the process.
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The election is over, and it looks as though Candidate won.  It is not yet clear who has won nationally though.  Some electorates are still too close to call, but at any rate, neither major party has a majority.  A group of what will probably be four independents and one Green will have to decide who to support.  There may also be another election before too long.

I am back in Canberra, having averted being stuck in Mackay.  They need someone experienced to observe the counting of votes and apparently I was the first name they thought of and I was informed that I would probably need to stay for another week.

That made me sad.  Then it made me angry.  I was tired, I had been far from home for a long time, I had been in an angry environment and had been feeling aspie stress, I was down to my last pair of clean underpants, I was about to get on a plane in three hours, and then I was told I was expected to stay for several more days.

There was a stress cry, and then a distinct snapping over the assumption that I have no life and can be expected to go anywhere at anytime to do anything.  I stomped on some cans, picked up a chair and slammed it into the ground, and finally picked up the nearest object (which was a long tube of stiff and thick cardboard) and used it to hit the wall.  It made a pretty big hole.

Click here for a photo of the result Luckycanuck's wrath. )

It's good to be home at Chez Canuck again (where soome household improvements had been made), and it's good to be going to (normal) work again (even though a huge pile of corro has appeared.)  How the results of the election will play out will be a subject of note over the next couple of weeks.

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We're in a pretty good mood this evening.  Candidate is the favourite according to the bookies.  A bet on him to win is paying out at $1.56, compared to $2.33 for Thuggy McThuggington.

Candidate and I got back from doorknocking an area where we were smashed in 2007 and we got an excellent reception from people who were quite happy to see us.  Afterwards we waved at traffic and got a few isolated middle fingers but heaps of thumbs up and horn honking.  One guy almost sounded like he was honking "I'm voting for Candidate" in morse code over several seconds.  Towards the end a neighbourhood boy came out and offered us a drink.

I am looking forward to leaving this place.  Being around all this acrimony probably isn't this good for me.  I've scared myself a little bit with how stirred up I am about wanting to see Thuggy McThuggington turned into a walking political corpse.  I don't want to do anything immoral, but I can honestly say that throughout this campaign, I have not been ashamed of anything I have done.  Having our people stand quietly nearby a press conference featuring Thuggy and the deputy PM didn't faze me, especially when they called it off before the media could get enough footage.  Sending in text messages and writing them for others doesn't faze me.  Some things would faze me, but I can honestly say that I can leave this campaign with my head held high.

If we win, great.  If not, then it probably couldn't have been won.

I'll be up at about 4:00 to prepare election day things and I'll be spending the whole day with Candidate.  I'm the security guy I suppose.

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The election will be over in less than 48 hours.

I've been better with the office stabulence.  The geriatric hens haven't been on my nerves as much, and they seem to be in a better mood.

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This campaign has just become even stranger.

The Labor candidate apparently punched someone in the face a few hours ago.

He was at the Bowen races and had some election signs up, and the president of the race club who is a Labor voter but one who doesn't like this particular Labor candidate asked him to take them down.  He refused, and was told that if they didn't take them down  they would be taken down and he would be asked to leave.

The word is that he snapped and started swearing and punched the president of the race club in the face.  The police were called and whether or not charges will be pressed is not yet clear.

As soon as we heard candidate started contacting the local media and I contacted the central campaign HQ.  The latest I've heard is that it has already hit Sky News, it will hit the statewide Sunday paper tomorrow and possibly national media (the Prime Minister is doing a national interview tomorrow and may have to account for the fact that one of her candidates has been charged with assault.)

If this is in any way substantiated, Labor will cut this hotheaded thug loose.  He really is an unpleasant person.  What the hell is going on in his head to attack someone one week out from an election?

I may have more on this as things develop.

I was joking with candidate earlier that this will push aside the controversy over the newsletter he edited years ago.  I also pointed out that it was probably a good idea I talked him out of doing an ad showing him lacing up a pair of boxing gloves to, as our slogan says "fight for our fair share."
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The campaign continues.

Cut for misogynist, homophobic, and anti-semitic commentary. )

Is there anything in your life that you regret?  Who would want every aspect of their life run over with a fine toothed comb?  If we insist that every aspect of the lives of politicians is our business (whether it is their religion or their family status or their wardrobe) we will get the politicians we deserve.

Oh yes, and for the rest of the campaign I am staying in a self contained cabin in a local caravan park.  I'm now close enough to walk to work.
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Ok. Three campaign things today.

1) We have a visit going ahead tomorrow with two announcements, and at one point today I was hearing from one person that the announcements were approved, and from another I was hearing that they were not. Also, the procedures for getting things approved seem to change day by day. It may all be very simple and I am the one getting confused. After a chat with CoS I am satisfied that things are ok, but a part of me is still waiting to catch hell over something.

2) Some of the people in the office frustrate me. In my half of the office we have the campaign manager and the candidate. In the other half are a group of local party members, whom today I dubbed "The Geriatric Hens." There is a lot of gossip going on over there and a fair amount of battling over the pecking order.

"buck buck buck buck buck buck"

Sometimes they come over to our side of the office to involve us in their complaints or their schemes. Sometimes when you walk through their turf on the way to the door you feel like you should have a bucket of chicken feed to scatter amongst them.

Earlier today our campaign manager was going out to get some lunch when he was accosted by one of the hens who complained to him about something the other side was doing (which was neither illegal nor something he could do anything about.) I called out "let him get some lunch!"

Exposure to this does lead to aspie stress and rocking at times.

3) I am going back to Canberra. Apparently if I am in Mackay for too long it has implications, so I have to go back for one night. I think I will arrange to leave here on Sunday and return on Monday.
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I've been occupied for a bit, so here is a list of things that have been keeping me away from lj.

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That is all.
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During my time at the backpackers, I befriended an American girl staying there, and she came by the office (which is in the same building as the backpackers) on Friday evening when we were planning what we had to do next week to ask if I wanted to get dinner.  After she left the guys gave me a knowing look, not aware that Mandy was married.  I had probably the best chicken parmagiana (a staple of Australian pubs) I had ever had.  Man it was good.

Saturday was spent doorknocking and preparing announcements for the coming week, including making some calculations which may turn out to be very useful in cutting through to explain why one particular government policy is a bad idea.

Back at the hotel, my workout for the day was to do 10 pushups for every point the Wallabies scored.  They started well, then played very badly, allowing a try when NZ were a man down, and they generall lacked any intensity or even interest.  It wasn't until they had a man sent off (an entirely justified call by the ref given that he had explicitly warned both teams when the Wallabies had complained about delaying the game by throwing the ball away at penalties, and then one of the Wallabies did just that to get his second yellow card.)  It's odd, but they played better with 14 than they did with 15.  They even gave me cause to do more celebratory pushups, and brought my total to 280.

This morning I slept in (in relative terms) and had a bit of a run and a workout before going into the office.  I also had my August swim, meaning that I have been for a swim in the open ocean every month since August 2005.  Five years straight.

TW: Run to Lambert's Lookout, up and down twice, then 10 pushups in the surf, sprint up to the playground, 10 pullups - 10 rounds.  And I got a lot of funny looks from locals and a boy who asked me "Excuse me, what are you doing?"  A seven year old girl even started doing pullups of her own, assisted by her mum.

Today some admin details were taken care of, then candidate and I went off to the local rugby league fixture.  Plenty of people were there, and after the home team had lost the announcer informed the crowd that the karaoke sing off and pole dancing competition between Candidate and his Labor counterpart (who apparently is nicknamed "Moscow" on account of his leftist orientation) had been cancelled.  We had a good laugh.

This morning I read an article about Kevin Rudd in which someone speculated that he might have asperger's syndrome.  The article wasn't about that, but about his habits, his focus, his lack of social awareness, and his self-centredness, much of which contributed to his downfall.  Reading that, I realised that I share some habits with the former PM.  Struggling at times with perfectly normal social situations, acting in ways that people see as awkward, a tendency "to read aloud interesting titbits that he found on Wikipedia" and others.  I don't share his incandescent rage or his lust for power, but I wonder if he was Australia's first aspie PM.  (Of course, being an aspie doesn't make you a good person.  I find plenty of aspies to be rather unpleasant company.)
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I had my phone switched off last night as I didn't want to wake anyone else in the room. A potential crisis erupted as I slept. We got word that the sports minister (who, by the way, is a bit of alright) was coming to town and was likely to announce funding for a project that we planned to announce in the near future.  Crisis.

I found out when I woke up and switched my phone on, and within a few minutes I was in the office and soon had a draft media release that had been cleared by HQ.  I tidied up a couple of things, sent it to the relevant shadow to get their ok on the wording, and when that was recieved, I sent it.  No Crisis.

It turns out the minister wasn't announcing anything, and she was forced to say to the local media "I'm not here to pull out my chequebook".  The story wound up being that she wasn't announcing funding and we were.  Tomorrow's paper should be interesting.

Everything was fine and we were getting on with other things until late afternoon when I got a call from the higher ups asking who approved this announcement.  I responded with what I knew, but part of me was thinking "did we miss something in the rush to get this out?"  Had it not been approved after all?  Had there been some major embarrasment on account of a minister not being informed?  Was I going to be recalled as the bozo who singlehandedly ruined the day or the week or the whole campaign through my ineptitude?  Crisis again.

I checked back through my e-mails and found the e-mail trail going back to the guy in HQ who approved it.  I'm not entirely sure if there is still a problem and if so what it is, but it turns out we are in the clear.  Apparently I am nowhere near as inept as I had feared.  No Crisis.
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Is how long it took to come off the election high and feel like I don't want to be here.

The campaign itself is going fine. Our guy is rated by the bookies as the favourite, paying out at $1.50 against $2.42 for Labor, and although there were some nerves this week, overall it feels like I'm not working at an impossible task. On top of that, I do like the central people on the campaign. Still, I've got over three weeks and it seems like forever.

I will be spending over a month in a town that is fine, but that is not my home. There are a bunch of circles of friends that I am cut off from. I am currently living in a room that is not mine (although soon I will have a room to myself again.) I can't really go anywhere of my own accord. Also I'm working in a room without windows or natural light.

Would it be different if I was in HQ? Possibly. I counted, and it turns out that in five years in Australia, this is my 11th election. For every single one, I was in the field. I am ready to do something other than hanging around local party members in just one electorate for the duration. I was told that this time I would be in HQ, but that hasn't panned out. I know that HQ is a bit of a sweatshop, but after the last federal election I remember colleagues talking about the fun they had, and I wanted a part of it. (I wonder if hearing about the hijinks of HQ this time will make me want to stab someone.)

At the end of my last campaign I literally collapsed on the night before the election out of some fatigue and a lot more frustration. I think I may be hitting the wall with this.

I don't hate my job. Overall I like working in politics. But I may be starting to hate this aspect of it, and there are still over three weeks to go.
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I stayed in backpackers plenty when I was travelling through Europe in my early 20s and in other backpackers times in my life. I don't mind it, but it has been a while and I think I'm out of practice.

I've taken no interest in the other backpackers staying where I'm currently staying. Nothing personal, I just can't be bothered to take an interest in them. Also, there is a guy in the bed right next to mine (after my one night in a private room I am, by necessity rather than desire, in a room with four others) who snores quite heavily. Also, unless my early morning eyes decieved me, he was walking across the room last night whilst wearing a loincloth. An actual loincloth. I think he's Indian, but at any rate it was rather strange for that to be the first thing I saw upon waking.

Before long I will be back to staying in a place where I can shut the door and keep out all the snoring loincloth clad annoyances.

The candidate was a bit jittery today because the Labor guy got some good media. I think he's too close to the whole thing to have a balanced view. It happens sometimes that candidates see problems that don't really exist or assume that events take on meanings or significance that nobody else does.

The PM has been in a bit of hot water after it was revealed that she opposed policies as Deputy PM (like paid parental leave and an aged pension increase) that she is now advocating in the top job. The person these leaks most likely came from is the former PM whom she knifed last month. I wonder what Rudd will come out with next. He has certainly been good at sucking the wind out of his successor's sails.

Also, and I suspect [ profile] minxyminou  will like this, for the politically apathetic, someone is now selling t-shirts that say "Don't Blame Me.  I Didn't Vote."
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But I'm not sure if it would help if our candidate was identified as supporting this particular local business.

Cut for NSFW (if you work somewhere REALLY conservative) pic )

Yes, the local brothel is advertising their "Lunchtime Special."  I managed to avoid temptation.  Not to patronise them, but to ring up and ask if it's all you can eat. :D

Perhaps with the mining expo in town, they are expecting an increase in business.  I heard that a local strip club and topless bar has taken on more girls to meet demand.

The Leader of the Opposition was in town today, I saw him very briefly but for the most part the storm of media pretty much passed right over me.

TW: Run to a local athletic playground about 2.5km, 20 dips and 20 situps and 10 burpee pullups - 5 rounds, then run 2.5km back.


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