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I've been feeling rather odd recently, like I've not felt for quite a while.

There is a distinct possibility, and I want to be absolutely clear that this is not in any way a sure thing, that I might, possibly, in some way, be... happy.

Is that the right word?  Is that a word at all?

Let me go back a bit.

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Things have been going quite well recently, and I know that I can't always count on that being the case.  Circumstance won't always be my friend, and I think the gloom is still around and may return in force in the future, but for now it doesn't matter.  The trick will be figuring out how to ensure that remains the case.

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I came up to Sydney on Thursday, and had a couple of days with my parents before taking them to the airport on Saturday morning.  Mum and I went shopping and she suggested that for Christmas I bring the girls to the Sydney Koala Park when they come out to visit in July.  Done.  I was going to struggle to come up with anything.  We also had a chat about depression, which she got to see up close on Friday night as we had dinner with the guy who looks after the administrative aspect of the Collaroy Castle and his girlfriend.  Me at dinner with four people in their 60s, 70s, and 80s instead of at the gym where I had planned to be.  With all the frustration and alienation I was pretty shut down and fatigued all night, and almost struggled for breath like I did at work last winter at one point.  When we got home she asked if I was ok, and I said "this is what depression is like."  I don't think she understood until then, and I suspect she probably still doesn't.  She's trying though.

On Saturday I took Minou back to her place on my way to Canberra and stopped in to visit Dora in her post Mr Burns phase.  Back in Canberra at the party I was there to attend, Nerva Chu helped me shave my head.  I know I normally have very short hair, but on Saturday night I shaved it all off in solidarity with JAQ who has lost all her hair during chemotherapy.

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Tomorrow I head back to Canberra so I can lead a training session at Parliament, and on the way I plan to stop to pick up a 20kg weight vest and to visit Minou again.
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Since then I've been doing a lot of studying for my training qualifications, watching the Boxing Day Test (which was an outstanding back and forth affair that was finely balanced and could have gone either way until very late) visiting the beach, and having very little personal contact.  That's suiting me fine this time.  There is no feeling of isolation, in part because I have plenty on the horizon.
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On the drive to Sydney I visited Minou who had some encouraging things to say about me setting up a business (she has effectively done the same thing as I am thinking of doing, though it forms a much greater proportion of her income than it would for me.)  My parents just rang and they thought it was a good idea too.  My dad set up an incorporated business in the 80s and still runs it for a living.  Dora is getting a better record at not peeing on the floor from joy overload when I visit.  I now don't pay her any attention until she is calm.  Everyone in Minou's place seemed happy to see me.

FW: At the gym in Minou's neighbourhood. AMRAP 15 minutes - 15 24kg kb swings, 20 hr pushups, 5 toes to rings - 8 rounds +2 kb swings.

I then went into Sydney and had dinner with an ex-girlfriend, in fact, I had dinner with my first ex-girlfriend, from way back in high school days in Canada.  She now lives in Perth and was in Sydney for work.  Small world, eh?  I was with her exactly half my life ago.  I was a bit slow to get into relationships and this relationship was quite short term (but it felt like a bigger deal at the time.)  We wound up at a local pub for hours, it was a really nice evening, and we got all caught up on everything that happened over the last 17 years.  Now I have more reason to visit Perth.

As I was about to drive to Collaroy I heard from Nerva Chu who was having people over, and I popped over to visit.  I wound up dozing a bit on the sofa but not leaving until the morning.  Apparently she and a few of her friends may be coming to the next Rugger Bugger show providing that I am in it.  All the more reason now.  If I can get to rehearsals, I will be in it.  I no longer have to worry about not embarrassing employers.

Saturday was spent at the Collaroy Castle which I will have to prepare for my cousin's visit with her family in a couple of weeks.  It was also spent eating.  And it was spent resting.  And it was spent sweating.

YW: AMRAP 30 minutes - 20 marine pushups, 20 air squats - 38 rounds + 8 pushups.

I've also been looking at the prospect of getting some gym equipment for home and putting together some homemade gym equipment myself.  Sandbags, a slosh pipe (basically a hollow plastic pipe that you partially fill with water and that will smash you good) a big tire and a smaller tire along with things to hit them with and some heavy rope for pulling things and for conditioning are at the top of my list.


Oct. 15th, 2011 02:05 pm
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There is a monthly event in Sydney that I like to attend.  I won't go into details here as it's a bit personal, but the idea is that you e-mail your interest and get yourself on the door list.  I contacted the organisers about two weeks ago, but unfortunately the guest list had filled up fast and I was out of luck.  That was a bit of a let down, but not much.

I found out on Wednesday, however, that a friend of mine had a friend of hers cancel, so a spot had opened up.  She made arrangements to get me on the list in place of her friend and I drove up to Sydney Friday morning happy to be taking part again.

It wasn't until about three hours before the even that I got the bad news.  There were already overbooked and so the space was just cancelled.  Having already driven to Sydney, I was out of luck.

I felt quite down about this, but I wound up spending part of the evening with my friends before they went, and wound up dozing off on the sofa before seeing them early in the morning when they got home.

Combine this with the fact that Minxyminou took me out for a birthday steak that was the best steak I can ever recall eating, and it has actually been a pretty good weekend overall.

Now I'm off to the gym (I was asked if I Crossfit during a shortened workout yesterday) and then to meet up with some of the Convicts for the Cymru v France match.

Also, I like the Haka, but I found this article to be quite good.  I accept that the Haka is part of the game, but if you are going to do a war dance just before kick off, I don't think you should get to dictate what the other side has to do while you do it.  Additionally, as one researcher points out, "offence starting being taken by the Kiwis for all manners of perceived slights and indiscretions not long after commercial interests became entwined with the All Blacks. It isn't, apparently, demeaning to use the sacred war dance in extensive advertising campaigns."

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It was a pretty good weekend, but when I got home I really felt like I was crashing.

I made it to rugby early and was really switched on by kickoff.  As I waited on the sidelines I picked up a ball that was at my feet and repeatedly bashed it against my forehead.  My war face was on and a supporter shouted at me to "get angry."   We were playing a team we came up against a few weeks ago and lost a close fought game while being frequently penalised and having a total of three guys sin binned.

This time I was put on in the second half to replace a guy who was exhausted from hitting rucks and making tackles.  Two minutes later he had to come back on as one of the other back rowers hurt his ankle.  The scores were level at 10 when they got the ball out of a ruck and passed it back to their fly half who wound up for a kick.  I was quick enough off the mark to get there just in time to block it with my face.  It bounced forward and I was in hot pursuit.  One of our backs got to it first but wasn't able to pick it up so he kicked it forward to chase it over the try line.  Unfortunately he put just a little too much on it.  With a really lucky bounce or with a few more metres of in goal we would have had a try.

They wound up deep in our end but we managed to get the ball back and one ruck turned into a bit of a shoving match before my opposite number punched one of our guys from behind and got a yellow card.  He was lucky it wasn't a red.  With twelve minutes left they wouljd be a man down for all but the last two minutes.

We kicked it deep, won the resulting lineout, and held on to the ball for several phases.  It was a real team effort.  Everyone had a hand in keeping the play alive.  There were plenty of offloads including one that came to me to run forward about three or four more metres before  getting tackled and getting a knee in the face and a mouthful of dirt.  On the next phase we got nearly to the line and with one more push, by the time I got to my feet we were over.

Then we managed to hold off a late charge and kept them pinned back in their own half.  Final score, Convicts 17 Brothers 10.  We sang the Convicts Victory Song louder than I have ever heard.  THOOOOOOOOOOOSE MAAAAAAAAAAAGNIFICENT MENT FROM THE CONVICTS ARE HERE!

I wasn't going to come to Sydney next weekend as I have plans on Saturday, but now that we are into the next round and after the high of Saturday I will have to see how I can rearrange things.

Then I got cleaned up enough to pick up Minxyminou who was coming up to stay at the Collaroy Castle, a place with which she is very enamoured.  We went out to a Mexican place in the next suburb that she was quite keen to try.  The portions weren't huge but the quality was excellent.

I made lots of tea and put together a pretty good breakfast in the morning and the two of us went down to the beach, though only I went in.  Minou looked very odd standing on the beach dressed all in black with a bikini clad girl getting a tan on one side of her and a guy setting up his surfboard on her other side.  Very unsurfie.

It was a great weekend in a lot of ways, but by the time I got back home I was really coming down.  There was a lot to come down from.

I guess I will have a few things to talk about when I go back to the psychologist tomorrow morning.  I've not actually been properly sad for a long time (if you don't count last night's gloom), and I've had a lot ot be happy about, but my feelings of being detached are still as strong as ever.
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Today there is a lot of soreness all over.

I went for a recovery swim yesterday morning in very calm seas which was quite nice.  My streak of monthly ocean swims remains unbroken.

I also got some good (well, not so bad) news about the Collaroy Castle.  I was speaking with my parents and got my frustration about the eventual sale of the family home out.  I don't need to go into why I have been annoyed with the prospect here, but now my parents know.  They still plan to sell.  Not now, and not for a couple of years.  The good news is that my parents plan to downsize and trade the house which needs a lot of upkeep for a unit with the proceeds of the sale.  At least this way there is still a family home, it's just not THE family home on the same patch of dirt that my great grandfather bought in 1916 for fifty pounds.  Also the sense that I will be more isolated is considerably reduced.

Sunday's rugby saw most of the same guys turn up.  My ankle held up nicely through the whole weekend with the help of strapping tape.

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In the end the final score was a 13-5 loss, though subtract the fraudulent try and it would have been 6-5.

I had dinner with Minou and a play with the dogs on the way home.  "Lesbianese" food as I called it was very nomulent.

I wound up getting back home at 11pm to an empty house.  Today is my day to cook, and I don't think anyone is going to be around.  That's a shame, as I was kind of looking forward to doing my part.  Maybe we will delay to later in the week.
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Today has been the worst day yet of this current downward trajectory.

Yesterday was frustrating given the letters sent in to me.  I have now come to compare them to being shouted at by people on the street.  Nothing is accomplished in sending them, nothing is accomplished in responding to them, and most of them are badly thought out and badly put together.  In short, this part of my work (and there isn't much else) basically reduces to me responding to people's uninformed ad-hoc reckons.

I went home last night without going to the gym.  I didn't feel like it and State of Origin was on anyway.  I did do some core work at home and Helga and I had a chat over oranges.  She's been quite helpful through this period.

This morning I drive into work and sat in my car for a couple minutes in the car park before deciding to move.  I was all wistful and frustrated and struggling to make decisions, even as simple as getting out of the car.  This weekend I was thinking about going to Sydney, but I can't decide whether or not to do that either.  Every option seems negative.  If you were to ask me what I wanted for lunch, I probably couldn't tell you.  Even simple decisions are suddenly onerous.

Around mid morning I was called upon to go with W to a meeting he was attending.  That meant walking with him to and from the meeting which was profoundly uncomfortable, especially when he expressed his desire to respond to more of the correspondence sent to us rather than referring it to others.  To be honest, if you send him an e-mail or a letter and it comes across my desk, I will probably find some excuse not to respond.  I can't say the pressure of overwork is getting to me, because... what overwork?

The meeting itself was as pointless as my attending it.  After I got back to the office, I found myself sinking further into discomfort.  The division bells rang with alarming regularity.  The phone went off again and again.  The guy I share an office with during sitting weeks was talking on the phone in whispers which makes me think he was talking about me (he wasn't.)  I got up and walked outside with a vacant look on my face and rang Minou.

It was at that point that the simple act of breathing became difficult.  It's not as though I was choking to death, but I was sufficiently uncomfortable that breathing in and out was a hassle.

I'm considerably better now.  I had a coffee with one friend and a further chat with another, and I will make it through today.  (More than one person has suggested going home early given that I am now feeling physically strained and have nothing vital to do, but I don't think I am able to leave.  Such is the difficulty I have in making even obvious decisions.)  Tomorrow will be much easier with no Parliament sitting, and then there are two more weeks before the winter break.  I think I can do that.

After that, I think I need to speed up my departure, even if I don't have something else to land in.  This is not good.
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I wound up not playing rugby this weekend, given a combination of a still sore ankle and a fair amount of fatigue.  Instead I spent most of Saturday in bed at the Collaroy Castle before heading into town for the Convicts show.

Apparently in the game against Macquarie Uni one of the opposing players called our guys "a bunch of faggots."  The guys have reacted on Facebook in the following ways:
Go figure u got beaten by faggots!
The one who called us faggots was like, totes ugly. It didnt offend me one bit, we hit em where it hurt!
I think if anything it spurred us on a bit, I like Rowe's comment after we scored that last try "who's the fags now £@&$!!! "

The show went well.  I was sexually harassed less than at any other Rugger Bugger, probably on account of the fact that we didn't go into all of the bars of Oxford Street selling tickets.  The theme was Australian anthems and the song used in the finale was "Working Class Man" by Jimmy Barnes.  You know, for all those gay bogans out there.

I had a nice swim in surprisingly warm water and surprisingly large waves the following morning.  The waves were big enough that they actually caused me some concern.  When you get lifted up so high there is always in the back of your mind the fear that you might get dumped hard enough to cause damage.

I visited Minou yesterday on the way back to The Berra.  We talked about a number of things, including a slightly unsettling discovery.  I was in the shower yesterday and I found a lump.  Yes, a lump, roughly where you are thinking.

It's not on the ball itself.  It's sort of off to the side but it's certainly there.  Minou's assessment was that it was probably an ingrown hair.  That would add up.  Still, neither of us are doctors and I would rather not mess around with this.  I'll probably combine this visit with a visit to talk about depression.  Multitasking!  I think I'll go in later this week.

This reminded me of something that's been crossing my mind recently, or since I've been dealing with being depressed.  I've been thinking about dying.  Not let me be clear.  I've NOT been thinking about suicide.  I wouldn't do that.  But I have been daydreaming about having a terminal and incurable disease and about how I would spend my last six months.  The doctor tells me not to do anything strenuous, and of course I go out and play rugby at least one more time and I keep doing my full on gym sessions, because really, am I going to just stop pushing myself physically when pushing myself physically is one of the few things I feel like I do well?  So yesterday I contemplated what would happen if that lump was the worst possible option.

Oh yes, and apparently someone came out to fix the lines and now the internet works at home.  Hooray!

All in all, somehow it was actually a pretty good weekend.  Strange.
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Well, I've crossed a line.

I can now officially say I've done nude modelling.

At the end of May the Convicts are doing another Rugger Bugger strip show to raise funds for our next tour, and I will be in the promotional photo on the poster.

Myself and five other guys from the team got all bronzed up and made to look like statues with muscle shadows drawn in and gold sparkly stuff covering us.  I made a point of looking away from the camera to ensure I had some level of plausible deniability.

My initial instinct was not to do it, but I do like supporting the team and I do like have unusual stories to tell, so I thought it would be ok so long as I took some minor precautions.  Of course, even if I didn't there probably wouldn't be much in the way of fallout, but all the same I thought it would be best not to let the camera get a full view of my face.

Before that I finally did pushups in front of the Opera House (this has now become my thing.)  Afterwards I went to visit Minou at her temporary pad in the city.  I wanted to get cleaned up as I was still largely covered in bronzer and looked vaguely like I was suffering from liver failure or something.  I also finally got to meet Butters, who was not as big as I had imagined but who was nerdier than I had imagined.  He and I went to see the Waratahs play and we had a couple of drinks (well, he had more than I did!)

I fly back to Sydney to finish this little road trip this afternoon and I think next weekend I will stay home.  The cold is almost gone, but I found out that MCat has now come down with an upper respiratory infection, probably contracted during my visit.  Luckily the game this weekend was cancelled on account of the ground being too wet to play on so I didn't have to find myself in the awkward position of deciding whether to play or not.
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I drove up to Sydney last night, stopping for dinner courtesy of Minou.  Playing with the dogs (one of whom greeted me with a leap across the room before I could get one foot in the door) and cat and Bunnn was done.  Also there was a chat about which True Blood charachters we are most like.  The verdict?  Minou=Pam.  Luckycanuck=Sam Merlotte.

My uncle didn't know I was coming, so when I came into a dark house at 15 minutes past midnight and woke him up, I was greeted with a gruff "who's there?" coming from the next room.  I think I may have startled him a bit.  Luckily we don't keep guns in the house!

Today was the first Convicts trial match of the year.  We had plenty of new players who were playing in their first game and the inexperience showed in the early stages though we improved a lot as the game went on.  For my part, I managed to steal the ball in my first tackle.  My advice to fly halves is don't turn your back on a flanker and then stop.  A few more tackles, a few rucks and the chance to run the ball into contact rounded out the day.  My back held up fine.  No problems with the twinge at all.  It's 100% today, but I'm not sure that will always be the case.  It can flare up with a single awkward twist.

We were playing Waverley, who are the only team who have ever made an anti-gay slur on the field during a game.  (To Gump and I, both of us straight.)  None of that this time, but there was a disappointing amount of acrimony.  There was plenty of shoving today.

Tonight my uncle and I had lamb chops and talked about what the Collaroy Castle and it's former inhabitants were like way before my time.
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I went down ot the city on Saturday, first for rugby training (a joint exercise with the Melbourne team) in which I aggravated the twinge in my back, though it went away.  I do worry, however, about what this will mean for my back in proper games this season.  We were playing half contact rugby and I must have twisted the wrong way when I went to ground and suddenly my twinge muscle locked up.

I had a bit of a workout and a sauna and some lunch before meeting up for the parade.  This was the first time the Mardi Gras parade didn't fall during Lent which meant it was the first time I ever  had a beer before the parade with the rest of the guys.

We were right at the back of the parade, and while waiting three or four hours in the marshalling area I ran across a number of friends whom I didn't realise were in the parade.  Mitzi was there and I hadn't seen her since New Year's Eve.

One of my teammates brought along five of his female friends, and it turns out one of them thought I was gay, but was quite pleased to find out I wasn't.  A bit of snogging was done along with an exchange of phone numbers.  I'm still very much inclined ot be single though.  It took me a long time to learn to be single and now I think I would have to relearn how to be involved again.  Singleness seems to permeate every aspect of how I live my life.  If there is going to be any casual involvement, I suspect it might be easier to be casually involved with someone who lives far away (like in Sydney or further afield) and to have the buffer zone that comes with distance.  Of course, I'm not really interested in casual sex either.  That phase of my life ended a long time ago and I have no interest in revisiting it.

Unwanted groping was at a much more tolerable level this year.  I did have to knock away a couple of hands, but nothing like last year.  I was home by just after 1:00am and managed not to wake the rest of the family.  (I hadn't mentioned what parade I was in until they asked if I was in the Mardi Gras parade.  Somehow it didn't seem relevant, though it's certainly not a problem.)

On Sunday I went with the Swedes to the beach, where the water was cool and the waves were just breaking well enough to bodysurf.  It's odd, but I felt less stressed with my cousin's family around than I did having my parents around recently, but then again, my parents always come with other people who don't interest me so that may explain it.

On the way down to Canberra I visited Minou and met the new addition to the family. Bunn seemed perfectly happy to rest on my chest, though not as much as he liked resting on Minou's chest.  I can't imagine why.

Oh yes, and I now have a Canadian passport.  (J'ai un passeport Canadien maintenant.)  In less than a month I will be off travelling again.  (En moins que une mois je voyagerai encore.)

Of course, Coffee Snob told me my passport photo makes me look menacing!  (Bien sur, "Café Snob" m'a dit que le photo de mon passeport me rend l'air menaçant!)
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I've been up in Sydney a lot recently.  I like Sydney and I like staying at the Collaroy Castle, but it does mean a lot of time spent in the car.  Next weekend it will be good to have a whole weekend without having to make any long trips.

A lot of the recent Sydney visits have also involved family, which means much less space and independence for me.  My parents are now back in Canada, and tomorrow my cousin and her husband and three kids arrive from Sweden to visit for a while.  My uncle will join them later.

Last weekend, however, I had the place to myself to walk around naked in.  Hooray!  Saturday was a quiet day that involved eating the leftovers that mum left for me, and visiting the beach where there were some very sizable waves that tossed me around plenty.  Little else was done and that was fine by me.

On Sunday I had my first Convict event of the year.  Fair Day was good again.  We won the tug of war by beating the hockey team, the dykes on bikes, and the swim team to become Mardi Gras tug of war champions for the third year running.  It's much easier when I am the smallest guy of the six at 90kg.  Our team was entirely made up of forwards.  Tommy, Aki, Steve, Gump, Jumbo, and myself all know what a scrum looks like from the inside.  I am a bit sore in the legs today.  The 12 hour race is still affecting me I suspect.

I also did a shift on the dunk tank which was a relief on such a hot day.  All this and I only got a bit of sunburn.

Afterewards Minou had me over for dinner and to give the dogs a workout.

Parliament sits for the next two weeks which might make work easier/interesting.

Also, I have booked leave and tickets to go back to North America in April.  Much of it will involve going back to place I was at recently, but it will also mean going to Ottawa for the first time in a long time and getting acquainted with Canadian politics again.  I think this might be coming just in time.  It turns out I'm using about three weeks of the nearly eleven I have saved up.

I'm not sure what to do about Lent this year.  Last year I gave up alcohol, sweets, meat, and caffeine.  This year, however, I will be travelling for the second half of Lent.  If I'm in a bar in Montreal I may wish to sample the local beers so that means I may not be able to seriously give up the grog.  In fact, living a simpler life seems inherently incompatible with being on holiday, even when you generally have simple tastes as I do.  International travel seems inherently showy.  I'd like to give up something, but I can't seem to think of anything.  (Lent is part of the lead up to one of the most important part of the religious year for me and generally I enjoy it and the sacrifices that go along with it, but I don't seem to feel excited about it this year.)  Perhaps I could take something on.
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I had a weekend in Sydney that involved:

The Warrior Dash.  A full write up with pics will be up soon.  I made it through and am a bit fatigued today but it looks like I'm all better from the 12 hour run.  Which means I'm back to doing weights.  HOO-RAH!

Some very good waves at the beach.  It's not so much the size of the waves, but the shape.  If they break the right way (like yesterday) they are so easy to catch.

A final visit to my parents before they leave.  Mum made crepes, which she always does when I'm around.  She knows I like them, but she thinks I like them more than I actually do.  It's one of the things she likes doing for me so I'm happy to leave it at that.

Lunch and a nice chat with [ profile] minxyminou now that she's back.

The pleasant surprise that we now have season two of True Blood at home.

A wireless connection at home, though we haven't actually set it up properly yet.  I don't really know how to do these things.

This article which sums up one of my key frustration with politics, namely, that people have unreasonable expectations of politicians.  They are expected to know about everything, to have an opinion on everything, and to care about everything.  If they don't, or if they do something that a vocal minority finds offensive, they catch hell as people go ballistic.  The media has really aroused my ire this past week over their expectation that Tony Abbott had something to answer for in his "sh*t happens" remark (as if he was actually dismissing the death of a soldier while talking to survivors from that soldier's unit) and their criticism of Julia Gillard for expressing either too much or too little or too contrived levels of emotion over the recent natural disasters.  Both are non stories that underline the over inflated sense of entitlement that far too many people have regarding politicians.

As an aside, Mark Riley's wikipedia page has been vandalised and is currently closed.
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A visit to the beach was made today.  The water has been really quite warm.  The weather has been warm this week, but the water is often quite cold even when it's summer.  Today it was wonderful, and the waves were breaking just enough to enable me to bodysurf a little bit.

On one visit to the beach this week I came across a man in his 80s who thought I was a pommy, but I told him I was half Canadian half Australian and that my father had grown up just up the street.  He responded "oh he must have known the Luckycanucks (not my actual family name)."  It turns out that about 50 years ago my grandfather hired him for a job, and he had been inside the Collaroy Castle long before my father left Australia and even longer before I was even born.

The view from the Collaroy Castle probably didn't look quite like this back then, but the good parts of it certainly did.

I also had an interesting dream that involved me getting married... to [ profile] minxyminou.  It was at least twenty years in the future, for whatever reason the two of us were single at the same time, and in our late fifties it seemed like a good idea.

I went shopping today after returning the digital set top box I got earlier in the week.  It works but we only got some of the new digital channels and in the process we lost a number of channels we once had.  They tested the unit at the shop and apparently it's an antenna problem.  We will need to bring someone in to look at it, and that will have to be done another time, probably by someone else.  It would be hard for me to arrange from Canberra.

I did pick up some DVDs.  I've never collected many, but I saw some that I couldn't pass up.  One was of a very clever TV show from New Zealand called Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby which is quite un-PC, and I also got The Godfather, which I am watching tonight.

I went to the gym too, and did a nice Crossfit workout.  It was good to get back to the gym for a workout that involves something other than rowing or walking absurdly long distances.  I hadn't been at it for quite some time.

TW: Deadlifts, pullups, thrusters 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1.  Then I was hoping to do some chest presses, but for some reason I felt a crick in my back on one of my ribs which made them very difficult to do.  So I did a set of arm smashers and 100 bicep curls in large sets.
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Cut for a few dirty pics )


Off to view two places today and to apply for at least one, then to see two more places as a fall back position in case we don’t all find a place together.

No bad news all weekend.  Hooray again!
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I had a productive morning going up the Upper West Side and into Harlem and the Bronx taking pushup photos outside the restaurant that served as the exterior for the Seinfeld diner, the Apollo Theatre, and Yankee Stadium.

The first hiccup came when I was on the train back from the Bronx, when I realised I had left my bag on the pavement outside Yankee Stadium.  There wasn't anything valuable in it.  Just some old newspapers and my camera bag (but not me camera) and my sister's Christmas present (an apron and a special bottle of BBQ sauce from a southern black soul food restaurant in Harlem.)  There's nothing I can't replace, but I still felt a little bad on account of my ability to get attached to inanimate objects.

My mood couldn't be dimmed much because I was meeting une amie de Minou this afternoon and we got along just as well as she expected we would.  I think I will suggest to [ profile] minxyminou  that we start a campaign to bring Katya to Oz.

I stopped by a local bistro on the way back to the hotel and had a couple of beers and a hamburger which was quite good and VERY thick.  Also the beer was cheap and of high quality, so I was happy.

What dimmed my mood in the last half hour, however, is the sense that I might be being snubbed.  I have no idea what's going on, but someone I will call JAQ (Jewish Astoria Queen) whom I would happily call a friend (we met online and have never met in person) who lives in Astoria, Queens wasn't returning messages and I have been fearing that I would have come all the way to New York for four days without the two of us ever meeting up.  I was a bit surprised how much this bothered me.  I've been checking on Facebook and there is still no response.  I don't really believe I am actually being cut out of the loop so to speak, but I have very little else to go on.

I've sent another message saying that I consider her a friend even though we have never met and that if she can spare a moment I would love to meet her and confirm with my own eyes that things are going much better for her.  We will see.

UPDATE: A response from JAQ came within minutes apologising for the lack of response and asking if I was interested in dinner on Monday.  Hooray!  I'm back on top again!
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Somehow it's been a full long weekend and it's still not over, though I suspect not much will be done today.

Saturday was spent at the Collaroy Castle making sure things weren't too out of hand for dad to arrive on Wednesday from Canada for a university reunion.  Luckily he is a lot more relaxed about tidyness than mum.  I didn't get to the beach (though it's just a three minute walk away) for my monthly ocean swim on account of the rain that was just bucketing down for most of the day.  Instead I delighted in the fact that there were two grand finals on at the same time which meant a lot of switching channels.  Sydney Uni won in the rugby union and Collingwood won in the AFL for only their second win in something like 12 grand final appearances since the 50s, both of which made me happy. (A joke making the rounds on Twitter is "Collingwood fans will be unbearable, but at least it will piss off Carlton fans.)

That evening I went to a pub in town with some people I hadn't seen for a while which was fine except that the music was louder than I needed it to be and for some reason they had a smoke machine that was pumping "smoke" into the room all night.

Sunday I woke up with a sore throat and a voice that had dropped several tones in pitch.  I decided against changing careers to become a classical music radio announcer and set out to be plied with food.  A Convict related friend from New York plied me with eggs benedict and advice for my upcoming trip (she suggested I go to all five boroughs, which I was already planning on.)  Then there was just enough time to get to the gym to do a celebratory crossfit birthday workout as suggested by one of my gym friends.

YW: "Fran" - Thrusters and pullups - 21-15-9 for time.  My time: 3:18.  (Crossfit has a number of benchmark workouts that have girls names, I suspect because some crossfit people like being able to say "Bro, I TOTALLY nailed Fran yesterday."  I didn't say that.  But the idea of a celebratory workout is a good one and not a new one to me.)

[ profile] minxyminou  and I spent part of the afternoon together and I was filled with steaky goodness and plenty of chatting about what we have been through recently and what we have in store.

By the time I got home, Helga the proceeded to fill me with cake that Malice had made (apparently three bars of white chocolate went into making it, two of which were in the icing alone.)  So it was a day of women giving me food.  What's not to like?
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I made it back from Sydney fine, after having lunch with an ex girlfriend.  I have positive memories of her overall but I was reminded that she had moments of being quite objectionable.  I mentioned how I did the Kokoda Track last year in Papua New Guinea and her immediate reaction was to decry it as the sort of theing she would never do because it was full of bogans and what not.  Now I sympathise with that criticism and there is a lot of truth to it, but I wasn't all that pleased that her immediate reaction was to pour scorn on something I had done.

I also picked up some special coffee for Coffee Snob according to her precise instructions, and it made my car smell like coffee all the way home.  [ profile] minxyminou  agreed that it made for a nice smelling drive home to her pad where I was greeting by a hysterically delighted Dora who got very shouty and jumpy when I came in.  I had the chance to sample some of the coffee I had picked up and it was very good (though posh coffee is somewhat wasted on me.)

Today was my rostered day in the office.  I took some school visits but overall it was a fairly quiet day.  I did find out, however, that in the post election period, technically everyone's position is terminated, then people are signed on again.  I don't expect anyone in our office is going to be unemployed in any real sense.  W will carry on in his position, but if that changed, given the length I have been in my current position I would be entitled to 8 weeks pay.  Apparently after previous elections some people took payouts (sometimes amounting to substantial sums of money) before being rehired the next day.  That rort has been closed down.  Now you would have to find work elsewhere.  To be honest, I really don't understand all the rules under which I am employed.  I just go in, do my work, and they pay me.

TW: Inspired by [ profile] yurusumaji  I attempted the USAF PT Exam hoping to score 100%.

62 Pushups in 1 minute - I did 71.
62 Situps in 1 minute - I did 58.  DAMN YOU LAST FOUR SITUPS!!!
Run 1.5 miles (2.4km) in 9:30 - I did 9:21
Waist 32 inches or less - 32 inches

So I came up just short on situps, but I'm pretty sure I can do 62 in 1 minute.  Another goal.

Then it was 150 shoulder presses (30kg) with 10 bench jumps every time I put the bar down.  I managed it in 6 sets.


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