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I had an interview in Sydney for a job that would last for three months and go for two days a week.  It would pay a premium because of the odd scheduling, and I would earn in two days not that much less than I earned in Parliament in five days.  I'm not really sold on the idea.  I think I would rather stay in Canberra for now, especially as my cousin and her family will be staying at the Collaroy Castle for about a month during that time and this would mean living with her, her husband, and her two kids.  I like them, but that would have an impact on me.

The funeral last Friday was very well attended.  I still don't know what happened to the guy, but I heard that my rugby teammate came home and found him dead.  Here was a guy who was ten years older than me, who had everything going for him, and out of nowhere he just died for no apparent reason.  I've never worried much about death not being "fair" or questioned why God would take an individual like some people do.  Having an important life or lots of friends doesn't really stack up much against the apparent randomness of mortality.  I did, however think about what my funeral would look like.  It struck me that having spread myself all over many places but never really settling anywhere like most people might mean occasions in different places that would include my various circles of friends.

So thinking of mortality has continued.  I had a long chat with Mitzi about my gloom.  She was more blunt than most people have been, and I think it might be getting to be time for that.  Advice was to get back to therapy, to consider anti-depressants, and to get bothered about getting better.  It was an ideal conversation to go along with a post Nepalese food glow and a couple of hours spent taunting her cat with a laser pointer.  There were plenty of things said that I know, but that just don't stir me up.  I suspect they will though.

It was also a weekend of footy finals, and I spent the whole of Sunday in the Collaroy Castle as it was exceptionally rainy and surprisingly cold.  After three days of being busy, footy, drinks with ex-girlfriends, Sunday was a quiet day.

On Monday I turned 34.  I had a swim, I visited Minou, I got home well after midnight.  It was possibly the most isolated birthday of my life.  That doesn't actually bother me.  I spent last Christmas Day alone, barely speaking to a single human being all day.  It has, however, been appropriate for how I spent the past year.

TW: A delayed birthday workout was based on my age.  34 minutes to do as many pushups as I could. Total:1,286.
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I went down ot the city on Saturday, first for rugby training (a joint exercise with the Melbourne team) in which I aggravated the twinge in my back, though it went away.  I do worry, however, about what this will mean for my back in proper games this season.  We were playing half contact rugby and I must have twisted the wrong way when I went to ground and suddenly my twinge muscle locked up.

I had a bit of a workout and a sauna and some lunch before meeting up for the parade.  This was the first time the Mardi Gras parade didn't fall during Lent which meant it was the first time I ever  had a beer before the parade with the rest of the guys.

We were right at the back of the parade, and while waiting three or four hours in the marshalling area I ran across a number of friends whom I didn't realise were in the parade.  Mitzi was there and I hadn't seen her since New Year's Eve.

One of my teammates brought along five of his female friends, and it turns out one of them thought I was gay, but was quite pleased to find out I wasn't.  A bit of snogging was done along with an exchange of phone numbers.  I'm still very much inclined ot be single though.  It took me a long time to learn to be single and now I think I would have to relearn how to be involved again.  Singleness seems to permeate every aspect of how I live my life.  If there is going to be any casual involvement, I suspect it might be easier to be casually involved with someone who lives far away (like in Sydney or further afield) and to have the buffer zone that comes with distance.  Of course, I'm not really interested in casual sex either.  That phase of my life ended a long time ago and I have no interest in revisiting it.

Unwanted groping was at a much more tolerable level this year.  I did have to knock away a couple of hands, but nothing like last year.  I was home by just after 1:00am and managed not to wake the rest of the family.  (I hadn't mentioned what parade I was in until they asked if I was in the Mardi Gras parade.  Somehow it didn't seem relevant, though it's certainly not a problem.)

On Sunday I went with the Swedes to the beach, where the water was cool and the waves were just breaking well enough to bodysurf.  It's odd, but I felt less stressed with my cousin's family around than I did having my parents around recently, but then again, my parents always come with other people who don't interest me so that may explain it.

On the way down to Canberra I visited Minou and met the new addition to the family. Bunn seemed perfectly happy to rest on my chest, though not as much as he liked resting on Minou's chest.  I can't imagine why.

Oh yes, and I now have a Canadian passport.  (J'ai un passeport Canadien maintenant.)  In less than a month I will be off travelling again.  (En moins que une mois je voyagerai encore.)

Of course, Coffee Snob told me my passport photo makes me look menacing!  (Bien sur, "Café Snob" m'a dit que le photo de mon passeport me rend l'air menaçant!)
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I went down to Bondi yesterday to help out Mitzi with my awesome digging skills.  This, of course, enabled me to sing a bit of Sixteen Tons (though I suspect we didn't actually dig that much dirt.)

After our work we went to the beach and had some very nice sushi within view of the sea.  I was reminded of what some eastern suburbs stereotypes look like.  There were a lot of people with expensive cars and clothes and sunglasses and shoes and haircuts and plastic surgery sitting around looking fashionable and rich.  Some day I may have a lot of money, but I can pretty much guarantee that I will never have an interest in being as visibly affluent as some of these guys.

While I was in the city I decided to see if anyone else was around.  I wound up popping over to visit a friend for a coffee, which turned into dinner, which turned into me staying in Potts Point for the night and shopping in the morning, though nothing was bought.  I couldn't find anything I liked.

Good news, my legs feel almost good as new again.  No more soreness in the muscles and only a little ache in my left ankle.
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Oktoberfest went very well.


Cut for pics )

For any of you who missed it, I just want to say I'm very disappointed in you.

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Last night I went out to a bar with some friends (including Mitzi) whom I hadn't seen for a while and came home with a girl, which was very much not my plan.

One particular girl seemed to take a liking to me (Mitzi informed me that she had "checked me out" when my back was turned) and she informed me that she was looking to get involved in a serious relationship.  I don't think my eyes would have registered "panic" exactly but a serious relationship with a girl I just met in a bar and know virtually nothing about is REALLY not on the cards.

Later on in the evening I was about ready to go.  Her friends had to clear off early, she was really quite tipsy, and I thought it would be appropriate to give her a lift home.  I had to help her into my car and she dozed off a bit on the way but we eventually made it.  It wasn't until we arrived that she noticed that she had left her bag with her keys and money and phone and everything somewhere, but she couldn't recall where.  This meant she had no way of getting inside on account of nobody else being home and no way of contacting friends she could stay with.  She was also not making much sense and seemed to be forgetting what was happening.

We returned to the bar and I looked around for every big black bag that was in the place but she didn't recognize any of them.  So, bereft of options, I took her to my place.  It was that or a drunk girl was going to sleep in the street.

The first girl to sleep in my bed at the current Chez Canuck.  How romantic eh?

Nothing happened (a fact which she clarified with me this morning) and I managed to get her home in time to meet a locksmith friend who was able to get her in.  I'm not sure of the status of the epic lost bag saga of 2010 or whether or not she made it to the Bodybalance class she had to teach this morning.  I couldn't just leave her with nothing and I would have felt horrifically guilty if something had happened, but at this point, it's no longer my problem.

YW: Run to the gym, AMRAP 10 minutes - 10 thrusters, 10 kettlebell swings, 10 pullups.  Then 1 dynamic pushup and 1 bosu situp for every repetition short of 300.  I made 6 rounds and the thrusters and 6 kb swings, which meant 196 total, which meant 104 pushups and situps.  Then run home.

TW: Practicing a few new things including toes to bar and overhead squats and handstand pushups done awkwardly and without help.  Then 5 100kg deadlifts and 5 wide grip pullups - 10 rounds.  Then row 400m and 20 bicep curls - 5 rounds.

Now it's nap time.  I didn't get all that much sleep last night.  (We cleared out pretty early so I could avoid marching her past a house full of housemates and houseguests, but one person found out and now everyone knows.  Nobody thinks any less of me, and I was quite keen that people not think of me as the kind of guy who brings random drunk chicks home at 1:30am.)

I've got to rest up for Oktoberfest debauchery.
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There was a swim in some cold an choppy water yesterday, and two kids on the beach who were moved to ask "what happened to your eye?"  A black eye had developed overnight and I wound up looking worse.

Getting away from Collaroy is a bit difficult at times but I managed to get away around noon before making it to a market in Marrickville where I met with Mitzi and picked up some chocolate beetroot cupcakes (that were not quite as good as they had been built up to be.)

I managed a recovery workout in Minou's neighbourhood.

YW: 20 dumbbell swings, 1 pushup... 1 dumbbell swing, 20 pushups.

The cupcakes were consumed at Minou's place, and they gave me the energy to wrestle with Dora (Mr Burns wasn't quite so keen to engage, or to be photographed.)

Apparently there will be a house dinner later this week, in which each of us will be responsible for one course.  Do TimTams count a a course?

This morning I was up early and went to All Bar Nun which has become the unofficial Holland World Cup HQ in Canberra.  I didn't have anything orange to wear but it didn't matter.  Spain was the better side, even though their one goal came just after what should have been an offside call and a goal kick that should have been a corner kick after the ball went out off a Spanish player.

How long will I last at work today?
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This evening I left work early (6:30 is early for me on a sitting day) and went to a film being screened by the Israeli Embassy.

Cut for video. )

Oh yes, and the Prime Minister may not be Prime Minister in another 24 hours.  Someone in the Labor party has moved a spill (basically a vote to elect a new leader) and we will know the result of that vote tomorrow.  I don't think he will be kicked out.  The most likely replacement has so far shown no interest in the job and I think she would be mad to take it at this point.  Still, this does not make him look like a strong leader and it does not make his party look like it has got its act together.

EDIT: Ok, so Gillard, the most likely replacement who everyone thought had no plans to take on the job, is apparently the one who has moved for the spill.  And that's not the sort of thing you do unless you think you can win.

The LIberals have had three leaders since the last election, and now it looks like the PM and the "bright young things" who work for him may be replaced as well.  All this time, the Nats have had only one leader.

The odds of me and everyone in our office having a job tomorrow are as solid as ever, unlike some of my colleagues and opponents.

Rudd looked positively unhinged as he spoke to the media.  He never struck me as being able to cop criticism, and he was seething as he spoke.

He also said that Australians elected him PM not Labor factional leaders.  But he conveniently forgot that Labor factional leaders delivered him (and Gillard) the leadership.

And now that the NSW and Victorian RIght is apparently backing Gillard, who is from the Left, Rudd, who is from the right, is appealing to the left.

Whoa.  I'm getting dizzy.
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The rest of my worldly posessions were moved yesterday and I have fully left the old Chez Canuck.  My rosary is hung on the door of my new room.

YW: An awesome AMRAP workout.  10 standing rows, 10 dynamic pushups, 10 bicep curls, 10 skull crushers - 20 minutes.  I did 13 rounds, though I did go a little over time when someone had gone to the skull crusher machine and got in my way.  Then 100 situps and a nice high feeling.

Today was a holiday, and I slept in (missing the Socceroos big loss against Germany) and around noon left for the gym.  As I was entering, I ran into a friend who works at the Israeli embassy and who played for the Israeli basketball team.  As I was coached on my recent trip to Griffith, I told him about my friend Mitzi who lives in a country town and was "looking to meet people in the Jewish community in Canberra."  Apparently that is a coded message that Jews will understand, and after an exchange of cards, I thought maybe I could consider a side business as a matchmaker.

There were kettlebells in the gym today.  Actual kettlebells.  I'd never seen them in Australia, but they are much easier to swing than the dumbbells I've been using.  There were also rings hanging down which I used to try ring pushups and ring dips, both of which are much more difficult than the standard versions.  There was even a chalk bucket on the ground.  Yes, there were Crossfit people in my gym.  One of the trainers was a qualified Crossfit trainer.  I don't think I'll sign up though.  I fear that formal crossfit training would take up a lot of time, and my gym time tends to be solitary time anyway.

TW: sets of 25 at a time, shoulder press, pull ups, dynamic pushups, chest contractions.

Then, despite it being a holiday, I went to work.  I had a brief to write and was waiting to find out what the shadow cabinet was going to do with my Bill.  I've got this in hand, and I think it may prove to be a good opportunity.  It certainly gives me a sense of purpose, and reminds me that I am on the inner circle of something.
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Work was devoid of crises, for me at least.  I did get some good work done and I was able to get rid of some corro that was worrying me a bit without having to actually do anything.

So today it's all about pics from the weekend and links.

Cut for photos and miscellaneous links... )
TW: HIIT 10 round warm up from last week (during which I tore my shorts when my thumb went into the pocket and ripped the fabric as my hand was pulled out quickly.  20 sit ups, 20 leg raises, 1 minute plank - 5 rounds.  50 medicine ball crunch wall throws, 100 twists left and right, 100 side dips left and right.
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It was a good weekend with a positively enormous amount of good food, mostly Italian, including the first cannoli I have ever had and plenty of pizza and a really good carbonara.  I could have had plenty more.

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A Minister in the NSW State Government resigned yesterday, after it was revealed that he had visited a gay sex club, driving there in his ministerial car.

Now I think the NSW Labor Government is appalling in pretty much every respect.  I also think that David Campbell is an awful Minister and he should have gone long ago.  I further think there is something duplicitous and unsettling about presenting yourself to the voters as a family man when you are carrying on a double life.

All the same, I felt bad for the guy, and it seems a lot of other people do too.

I wonder if people could make spurious allegations about me on account of me playing for the Convicts.  Would it be news if the advisor to the leader of a conservative political party played on a gay rugby team and was spotted in a gay strip club?

In a little while Cupcake Goddess will pick me up from work and we will drive out to Griffith for a weekend visit with Mitzi.  I think I'll be happier there than I would have been spending today in Sydney at an interview.

The market is awash with red ink today, but the fact that I have lost a lot doesn't faze me because I managed to sell off one of my stocks earlier and have cash on hand to swoop in and hopefully pick up some bargains when the dust settles.
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Today I celebrated going back to the gym.

TW: 5 minutes - AMRAP 20 shoulder press, 20 pushups.  10 minutes - 10 handstand pushups each minute then wall ball for the rest of the minute.  10 minutes - 10 dips each minute then skull crushers for the rest of the minute.
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Yesterday I had a visitor at work in the person of Mitzi who had come to Canberra on her way back to the country town where she is teaching.  This gave her the opportunity to meet some of the other people in my life.  She met Coffee Snob in the afternoon and [ profile] bakerypenguin  in the evening where dinner was had (which included a surprisingly effective teriyaki stirfry and some sliced up brisket, picked up as the only kosher meat available in the Coles outlet in Manuka.)  I make no claims at being a good cook, but things often don't go too far wrong for me in the kitchen.

This morning I woke early and was joined by Mitzi on a run to Mt Ainslie.  This was not my traditional Currahee run though.  This run was marked by ten pushups every minute in a style that I have not yet named.  (Is it too ego-centric to call it a Luckycanuck style run?)  I kept it up the whole way and met Mitzi again on the way down, running ahead and then being passed whilst doing pushups in the gutter.  In the end I did 620 pushups, which is the most I have ever done in a day.

Later this afternoon Cupcake Goddess and I will be making a longish drive out to Deniliquin to spend the weekend in the country and to drop off Mitzi.  This weekend's running should be decidedly flatter than this morning's.

Oh yes, and investments were made today.  I moved the proceeds from the sales of some shares in an education provider and a gold miner into a gold exploration company with promising interests in Java and in an Australian outfit that is pumping out natural gas in Italy that inexplicably dropped in price by 40% this morning.  Bring on the dead cat bounce.
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Mitzi's 30th was yesterday at a pub in Erskinville.  I felt a bit of aspie stress from the drive up and the search for a place to park, so when I had to wait ten minutes at the nearest bar as the lone bartender there mixed two cocktails which involved an absurd number of ingredients.  I could only watch as he put together half a glass of sliced limes (some of which had to be sliced then and there as their supply had run out), what looked like lettuce leaves, three or four kinds of alcohol, two or three kinds of mixers, and then resorted to pulverising, shaking, pouring, and garnishing.  Why they make drinks that complicated is beyond me.  Why they would offer such elaborate cocktails at a bar where only one bartender is working is just silly.  It took ten minutes before I coiuld order a beer, only to find out that they couldn't give me what I wanted.  I would have to go to another bar.  STABBY!!!

I eventually got my drink and felt better after settling in for a bit.  There was an Western/Bollywood theme.  My wearing jeans was the closest I came to being either of those, although I did put a bindi on later in the evening.  Mitzi will be off to Deniliquin soon and she will be missed by a number of us.  We had a long chat outside of her car at the end of the evening, which is something I wont be able to do for a while.

I slept on the sofa rather than waking anyone by setting up the sofa bed.  In the morning I managed to doze through everyone else puttering around the house before waking up and putting on Band of Brothers again for mum.  She has really taken to it, and I've enjoyed watching it with her, even though she sometimes asks questions like "Why did they shoot him?" and I have to reply "Because he's a German."  I didn't care for interruptions or idle chit chat that got in the way of viewing.  When He Crow asked "What's new?" at a critical juncture, I could only stammer and respond in a slightly annoyed voice "Uhhh... I... I'm busy."

Again, the Crowish visitors are on my nerves.  Not for anything they've done but simply by being present.  I've gotten very accustomed to having the house to myself when I visit Collaroy, and now there is no walking around nude and no silence.  It's even annoying at times having my family around.  My family!  Am I waiting for them to leave too?  This weekend will be the last time I see them for a while, and I'm not entirely sure I will miss them.  It sounds awful when I say it.  I have reached a point where I am entirely comfortable not having them around (or not having them around on my turf.)

I finished my Christmas shopping to be sent back to Canada.  The highlight was a bottle opener that plays the commentary from the last moments of the 2005 AFL Grand FInal for my brother in law who is a sports fanatic.  We get on well and he is very easy to shop for.

TW: 100 clean and press with kettlebells (I LOVE KETTLEBELLS), 50 bench press with slow reps, 100 weighted dips, 50 weighted pushups, 1 set of arm smashers

Long Reef Beach was fantastic today.  Nice clear water, no seaweed, smooth floor.  Only one wave big enough to bodysurf on though.

Tonight a friend of dad from Uni came by and roast beef and yorkshire pudding was had.  Mum likes making this for me.  I said it was my favourite meal.  It was, and it's still up there.  It may not be my favourite, but why tell her that.

The last episode of Band of Brothers will commence when the bridge game finishes.
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Who doesn't like all of the above?

I don't know why, but my morning run went much better than I expected.  During the run up the hill i passed a cyclist who stopped for a breather and sang some Easy Company airborne cadence as I passed in a loud steady voice.  The run down the hill seemed to pass in just five or ten minutes.  Time does funny things.  When I got to the bottom of the hill I noticed that I had not even hit 44 minutes yet.  I had a good shot at making it in under 50 considering it took me less than six minutes to make it to the base of the hill from home.  I picked up the pace a bit, and managed to finish in 48:38.  That is over three minutes faster than yesterday, and faster still than what I expected.

Work was a bit of a letdown after that.  It's not easy to build any sense of enthusiasm at work compared to the enthusiasm I can for the gym or my runs or other pursuits.  (Especially when it is as quiet as it is now.)

I'm leaving early to pick up a cake for the neighbours who helped me when I locked myself out of the house on Wednesday in a fit of silliness.  Then it's on to Sydney for Mitzi's 30th.

I may take the weekend off from running.  It would be good to recover properly, though I'm not nearly as sore as I was 24 hours ago.  I hoped if I kept running everyday that the muscle soreness would fade, and I think it is.  My legs seem to have gotten the message that they are going to have to keep up the effort.  It's been a long time since I ran a lot.  When I was 17 (and 20kg lighter) I ran a marathon right after finishing high school.  Since then, running has been something I've done only once in a while.  This is a good habit to get into to shake things up I reckon.


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