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I'm halfway through my first week of being unemployed.

My neck is getting better and I plan to go to the gym this afternoon.  At the moment I am back in Canberra in the Dickson public library because our internet at home is very slow.  It's being fixed on Friday but in the meantime I have a hard time getting things done.  So I decided to get out of the house.  I've not been in a public library for a while.  The people here right now are not people I have a lot of contact with on a day to day basis.  No stabulence, but I get the feeling that some of these people are the kind of people with a lot of time on their hands who like to contact politicians to rant.

I bought stock in ALK yesterday which gives me more exposure to gold and to rare earth minerals with some very promising projects they have.  They have experience in gold and a lot of it (about three times the current share price in two major projects according to my research) which is reason enough in itself for me to hold and a promising project they have in rare earths that should give additional revenue.

An agency rang me yesterday with the prospect of a four month job doing a policy review (basically a lot of consultation and pulling other people's ideas together.)  It would be a very good opportunity.  It's an EL1 level job (Canberra public service jargon is kind of lost on me) and I get the feeling that once I've done one of those I could do more.  It would also be a pay rise from Parliament and it would be, as far as I can tell so far, and interesting job.  It would certainly be a good job to have in the short term while I figure out what I want to do over the next two years.

I had a couple of swims over the last couple of days.  I think a daily swim will be in order everyday I am in Collaroy.  I also had my friend Avia over on Monday night and cooked for her after she had a stressful day.  I like to help.  Also it was good to give me something to do.

In short, so far being unemployed is great.  I think I will go to my old office tomorrow.
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I put some margin loan money into a coal seam gas operator that has been tipped for strong growth and that is being accumulated and so is also rumoured to be a takeover target.  BOW has slipped back a bit so I got a bit more today while it's cheap.  ERA and my favoured AUT have slipped back a bit with the selling that gripped the market yesterday but I will hold on to them both.  I did think about moving AUT into other operators in the same oil fields with smaller market caps, but it come with lower risk and it is currently providing a lot of the security for my margin loan so I think I will keep it as it is.

I did apply for an increase in my credit limit while I am still in full time employment, and they gave it seemingly without a second thought.  Maybe I should have applied for more?  No.  I've got enough to enable me to capitalise on opportunities when they arise.

Ok enough dull stuff.

Alleluia's leaving day is getting closer.  She has been packing a lot and her removalists will come and cart her stuff away on Friday.  That means we need to replace some things, so the rest of us went out yesterday and picked up some sofas.  There was some aspie stress as we drove around trying to find the place and I was advised to turn far too late, but I did manage to carry both sofas into the house single handedly, which made me feel much better.  Then we rejigged the lounge room to fit everything and it's actually much better now I think.  We had our last household chocolate and wine evening before the changing of the guard.

Late last night after setting up the TV to replace the one Alleluia is taking with her, I came across the Facebook status of someone I know from the election campaign last year.  It read: Australia is holding a Census next week. Don't leave the “religion” section blank. Be sure to at least mark Christian (or your own faith). 1 million Muslims will mark their box. 10,000,000 Australians will leave it blank then wonder why Christmas carols are being banned in schools as well as Easter hat parades! It's not about religion, it's about keeping our way of life.

That pissed me off.  The relationship between Islam and the west is a perfectly legitimate subject for criticism.  There are legitimate issues related to the clash of civilisations if you want to call it that, but this is pure fiction and it adds nothing of value or intelligence to the debate.  It's the kind of pandering that stirs up people I am really sick of hearing from, and I wouldn't be surprised if we got correspondence on this subject as a result of this.

For my part, I posted this as my status in response: Luckycanuck thinks people should answer the religion question on the census honestly. Answer all the questions honestly. But 10 million people leaving the religion question blank? You really think roughly half the population is going to leave that question blank and that this will pave the way for a mosque on every street? There are reasonable things related to Islam in the west that can and should be debated. You don't need to make stuff up or repost things that are alarmist or inaccurate.

This morning I dropped off the trailer we used to cart the sofas, and then spent over an hour on a commute that would normally take about 15 minutes.  Apparently a body was found outside a block of flats along the way, so the police shut down all three lanes of a major traffic artery for the whole of peak hour traffic.  The body wasn't found on the road.  There wasn't a crash.  There was just a body outside of a building next to the road.  So the whole road gets shut down.  I almost feel like calling the police to complain, but that wouldn't accomplish anything.  Bad traffic brings out the worst in people at times.  As I took a detour on a side street, I saw one guy bypass about twenty cars and then pull into the intersection and drive on the wrong side of the road.  As he sped away I actually shouted him that if I ever found him I was going to stab him right in the throat.

On a happier note, I give you the cat video to end all cat videos.

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Today has been the worst day yet of this current downward trajectory.

Yesterday was frustrating given the letters sent in to me.  I have now come to compare them to being shouted at by people on the street.  Nothing is accomplished in sending them, nothing is accomplished in responding to them, and most of them are badly thought out and badly put together.  In short, this part of my work (and there isn't much else) basically reduces to me responding to people's uninformed ad-hoc reckons.

I went home last night without going to the gym.  I didn't feel like it and State of Origin was on anyway.  I did do some core work at home and Helga and I had a chat over oranges.  She's been quite helpful through this period.

This morning I drive into work and sat in my car for a couple minutes in the car park before deciding to move.  I was all wistful and frustrated and struggling to make decisions, even as simple as getting out of the car.  This weekend I was thinking about going to Sydney, but I can't decide whether or not to do that either.  Every option seems negative.  If you were to ask me what I wanted for lunch, I probably couldn't tell you.  Even simple decisions are suddenly onerous.

Around mid morning I was called upon to go with W to a meeting he was attending.  That meant walking with him to and from the meeting which was profoundly uncomfortable, especially when he expressed his desire to respond to more of the correspondence sent to us rather than referring it to others.  To be honest, if you send him an e-mail or a letter and it comes across my desk, I will probably find some excuse not to respond.  I can't say the pressure of overwork is getting to me, because... what overwork?

The meeting itself was as pointless as my attending it.  After I got back to the office, I found myself sinking further into discomfort.  The division bells rang with alarming regularity.  The phone went off again and again.  The guy I share an office with during sitting weeks was talking on the phone in whispers which makes me think he was talking about me (he wasn't.)  I got up and walked outside with a vacant look on my face and rang Minou.

It was at that point that the simple act of breathing became difficult.  It's not as though I was choking to death, but I was sufficiently uncomfortable that breathing in and out was a hassle.

I'm considerably better now.  I had a coffee with one friend and a further chat with another, and I will make it through today.  (More than one person has suggested going home early given that I am now feeling physically strained and have nothing vital to do, but I don't think I am able to leave.  Such is the difficulty I have in making even obvious decisions.)  Tomorrow will be much easier with no Parliament sitting, and then there are two more weeks before the winter break.  I think I can do that.

After that, I think I need to speed up my departure, even if I don't have something else to land in.  This is not good.
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Frustration seems to have caught up with me.

Yesterday there was a work lunch that involved us going down to the Canberra Yacht Club.  I don't especially like the yact club as I think the food is overpriced for what it is.  Looking around, I also foud myself annoyed by what looked like a bunch of smug grey haired people who dine in yacht clubs on Friday afternoons.  I was also annoyed by the fact that I was sat next to a co-worker who snorts when he laughs and who smelled like nicotine.  I was also annoyed by having to make conversation with a guy who used to work for W before my time and who I've seen before, but who means nothing at all to me.  I had nothing to add to conversations about home renovations or about taking the kids to see a show in Sydney on the weekend or about the footy tipping competition.  As soon as I sat down I decided I would rather have stayed at the office alone (but that would have been noticed by everyone else.)  I said very little, and I left as soon as I could.

At one point I looked out on the lake and two guys were on the lake in a canoe.  I would much rather have been doing what they were doing.  I had also read an article about the training of Navy SEALs.  I was awestruck by the Hell Week training, and sitting at lunch I would much rather have been in the early stages of hypothermia doing pushups on a beach in California than sitting in a warm dining room.  (And that's not hyperbole, that is literally true.)

Back at work, I waded through heaps of letters that had accumulated during my time away and they finally got to me.  I loathed the people who sent us timewasting letters expounding half baked ideas written by hand in difficult to decipher script and even those that were legitimate.  We even got a letter from an organisation concerned about the curriculum in schools.  This was an organisation with letterhead and with staff, and their letter began with the salutation "Dear Member of Parliament".  Attention groups trying to get the attention of politicians!  If you are going to send a letter to a politician, you might want to actually write down their name.  I am considering sending them a letter in return in an unmarked envelope and on ordinary non-letterhead paper saying "Dear Organisation, Thank you for your letter or e-mail or fax.  I value the contributions and insights of your organisation on the issues you raised, whatever they were.  I can assure you that I either agree entirely with your views, I agree with some of them, or I think you are a bunch crackpots who should be locked up until you are no longer a danger to society.  Sincerely, Random Member of Parliament to whom you wrote.  P.S. I would be happy to meet with representatives of your organisation if you can figure out which one of the 150 Members of Parliament I am."

I made it to the gym after work, with a sense of rage bubbling away beneath the surface.  On the walk to the gym I found myself having somewhat violent fantasies about taking on gangs of street thugs who dared to harass me, and sending them running before humiliating their leader by taking his shoes and shirt and pants and forcing him to walk home barefoot and clad only in his underpants.  Anyone who approached me was likely to get yelled at.

I managed the heaviest workout I've taken on since getting back from holiday.

YW: 30 80kg deadlifts, 30 pullups, run 800m - 3 rounds.

It took me just over half an hour.  I would have liked to have done it faster, but that is a lot to deadlift and pull and I found myself getting dizzy and gasping for breath more than once.  This workout really smacked me around, but luckily not a single person spoke to me the whole time.

The thing is, I didn't really feel less frustrated.  I got home and tried to set up the new modem I picked up to hopefully allow our house to get our wireless started again but could barely accomplish anything on accout of being so bent out of shape.  [ profile] bakerypenguin wound up coming over to help and diagnosed the problems we had (which are the problem of our provider rather than us) and I spent most of the time thinking "I'm not well.  Something is wrong."

Helga and Alleluia and Roxy came home and we all watched Paris Je T'aime and I felt a bit better knowing there was nothing I could do, but I still went to bed all frustrated.

Today I'm feeling a bit better despite waking up at 4am due to it being the coldest night I can recall so far this year.  There will be another major workout which will probably smack me aroud some more, some shopping, and I suspect a lot of barricading myself into solitude.  Maybe I will do something nice for dinner tonight.

I don't think I'm supposed to feel like this.
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I answered the phone a lot today and was forced to spend more time than I would have liked talking to timewasters including one guy who billed himself as an inventor and wanted o explain the details of his carbon reducing invention.

I was able to leave pretty early though, and got home with time for a home workout.

TW: 100 jump squats, 200 pushups, 300 situps.  (This is the first three part of the Spartan 1000, the last being 400 burpees.  I'll try the rest of that another day when mosquitos aren't out in force and I can take the time needed.)

There is just one more full on work week before I go away.  Hooray!  Actually this week has been ok.  There is an energy around the place that is otherwise missing.  Still, overall enthusiasm is lacking.  I thought there was the chance I was going to get stuck with a stack of complicated and technical transport letters and e-mails, but It looks like I'm safe from that.  That would have meant doing the job of someone who has not yet been hired but not getting the higher pay for it.
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The week of quiet at work has continued, and the level of frustration at the work I've got to do has been improved somewhat by a small victory.  Someone wrote in to us with an eight page rant complaining that Australia lost the recent soccer world cup bid because there is not a soccer league devoted to inland Australia.  He also suggested that towns like Cloncurry, Walgett, and Bruce Rock (population 526) are locations that FIFA would insist that world cup matches should be held.

My response was some pleasant words about the importance of sport to Australians before pointing out that no inland towns have the population base to sustain a team in any of the football codes in Australia, and that a league devoted to soccer in inland Australia would not be feasible given that the A-League struggles to bring in crowds in major cities.  I also pointed out that the smallest stadium used in the most recent world cup had a seating capacity of 73 times the size of one of the towns he mentioned as a possible world cup venue.

I was of the opinion that the man had come up with an idea that was clearly absurd and that we should not respond, but W specifically wanted to.  (Apparently this guy is a member of the party.)  I felt that my response might have been a bit too sarcastic and that W would want some major changes.  He's very polite and would be very much disinclined to respond with my preferred words of "Dear Stupid Prick, You're a fucking idiot.  Sincerely, W"

Well it turns out that W has approved my response with only minor changes.  My research indicating what a shitty idea he is proposing has been kept in full.  Hooray!  A small victory against the forces of wanky timewasters!

Although I do rather like this as a means of responding too.

My workouts this week have been pretty good.  Very much Crossfit inspired, and my back hasn't given me too much grief.

YW: AMRAP 15 minutes.  Max pullups then run 400m.  Total of 121 pullups and running 2km.  Then max pushups in 2 minutes: A bit over 100.  Max flat situps in 2 minutes: 54.

DBYW: 10 pullups, 10 pushups, 5 rounds.  10 kettlebell swings, 10 standing shoulder press (I can do standing but not seated), 10 lateral over bench jumps, 5 rounds.

Tomorrow will mean a long run, though not as long as last weekend.  Maybe running to a couple of gyms up around Collaroy and maybe a run on the beach and a swim.  Maybe running and pushups on the beach.  Oh yes, I like the sound of that!

I was just finishing breakfast this morning when Helga came in from a walk and collapsed on the floor with a painful sprained ankle.  I got her some water and ibuprofen and made her breakfast and then drove her to work.  I'll take her home tonight as well.  We take care of each other in Chez Canuck!

Oh, one more thing, I saw this scene on Family Guy earlier in the week, and laughed for about five minutes straight.
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Today was my last proper day of work before my trip, so it was spent tying up loose ends.  I've gotten rid of almost all the letters and e-mails that have passed my desk, though I had to dispose of ones that demanded that all public buildings be furnished with Tasmanian carpet "regardless of the cost" or that water we piped from north Queensland "regardless of the cost" or proposing meetings involving the editor of a major Melbourne newspaper and the Japanese Ambassador and W to discuss bringing Japanese robots to Australia to build 1 million homes for $70,000 each.

I did get a photo of the all conquering Politicians Aussie Rules Football team though.

Yes there I am (front row left) next to the ACT Minister for Sport, the Member of Parliament for Mitchell, and our Media Director.  There are also ACT Legislature Members, the MP for Swan, and a Victorian Senator along with staff from various sides of politics.

The verdict is that I look like a brute.  I'm happy with that.

Tonight's workout will be tabata legs.  Tabata leg press, tabata openers, tabata closers, tabata calves, tabata deadlifts, tabata bench jumps.
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Our CoS today remaked that today is POETS Day.  That is... Piss Off Early Tomorrow's Saturday Day.  At the moment in the office there are just two of us.  The recptionist just left.  My office mate edidnt come in on account of flying to Melbourne.  CoS left around lunchtime, and W is on his way to Queensland.  That leaves me in the office accompanied by our diary secretary, an unavoidable sense that there is no point in doing any work, and an occasional phone call from a crazy person who wants to talk about the rim cities he is building in accordance with laws that he single handedly drafted and enacted and funded by an infinite amount of the cosmic currency he invented.

So one this wonderful early spring afternoon, I give you the rantings of a grumpy young man.  (I have rejected the suggestion of some of my colleagues that I am becoming a grump old man, but mostly only on the grounds of age.)
Click here to hear about subjects that David Mitchell and I agree on. )
On a brighter note.  After taking a bit of a beating, a number of my stocks have perfomed quite well over the past couple of days.  One (VMG) announced an impressive profit and dividend so I increased my holdings and it has gained close to 20% in a week on top of what it had already gained, and that's before paying me a dividend.  Jindalee and Po Valley Energy, however, remain stubbornly low.

Off to Melbourne tonight to play in the Purchas Cup.  Tomorrow I will be playing with the Convicts against the Melbourne Chargers in what is effectively the Australian Gay Rugby Championship.  I may, at some point, be the only player on the field who likes women.
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I will start to make a dent in the pile of correspondence that has been growing whilst I've been doing work that has actual relevance.  It's all organised now, so now it's just a matter of actually going through it.  I think a lot of it (letters sent to every MP and Senator, whinging letters with no relevance, letter written by paranoid people, and letters made up of rhetorical questions) will likely be discarded.

We've had a work experience student with us for the past two days.  She was from a town in far north Queensland participating in a work experience program for indigenous students, and she was lovely.  (She was still at the stage where working in the same building as the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition is exciting.)  I was worried that the whole thing would be a hassle (it can be a lot of work to find work for someone to do) but our receptionist got her doing work that was not difficult and required no special political knowledge, but which does take time to do.  One of the Senators asked a student working in his office (a student who had an interest in fishing) to write a speech on fishing, which he delivered in the Senate this evening.

Again no trip to the gym.  I will get antsy.
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With all the work I've done on substantial things recently, I've forgotten what it's like to be harried by petty things.

I've still got some work to do to finish up with the legislation I've been working on, but today people have been ringing to say "I just heard Rudd say something on the news and I think he's terrible.  You should really do something about that."  Someone else wrote in to make a formal complaint about their internet provider.  Another person felt it was critical that W be aware that he shares his name with a type of bridge, and yet another person in our office felt this information was worth passing on to me.

On top of that, I'm staying at work late tonight, so there will be no gym session.  Perhaps I'll do a prison workout.


Jun. 8th, 2010 09:34 pm
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With our receptionist away I was going to be tasked with the daily slog of trawling through W's e-mails.  It turns out I don't have to.  That's good.  Less exposure to the spam that politicians get from all and sundry means less stabulence.

It also looks like I have successfully put my foot down vis a vis working at the party conference later this month.  I'll be in Sydney that weekend.  At the same time the Convicts will be in Minneapolis (and I won't.)  If I had to spend my weekend at work when I was already giving up on something I wanted to do for the second time in as many opportunities I'm not sure I would make it through the conference without snapping.

TW: Legs - 300 leg presses, 100 openers, 100 closers, 50 burpees, 50 deadlifts.

I was going to do more but I found myself feeling quite dizzy and lightheaded, not having eaten since lunch.  Pork chops will fix that.

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It was the first day back at work and I was glad to be back.  I have a room to myself, and it was quiet.  I had more space to myself here than I've had whilst I was on holiday.

I left early to deposit a dividend cheque, only to find out that the bank had closed at 4:00.  Which bank?  A lazy bank.  I also got stuck behind a woman in the supermarket whilst picking up bread.  She was buying cream.  One item.  And we both waited behind a woman who was buy several items so she had plenty of time to prepare.  When the cahsier scanned her item and informed her of the price, she was silent for a beat, and then seemed stunned by the notion that this transaction might involve payment on her part.  So she fished around in her handbag for exact change for about 30 seconds.  Meanwhile my ice cream was melting.

I got home and then turned my thought to what to do for a workout.  In the end I decided to run.

But this was going to be a longer run than I normally tackle.  I decided I would run to the gym in Deakin.  From my place, according to Google Maps, that is 7.2km there and 7.2km back.  I got plenty of water and set off, and made it without much trouble.

On the way, I considered various options of what unusual or masochistic things I would do when I got to the gym.  14.4km running would be a good workout in itself, but I wanted to do more than run.  Maybe some upper body work would be suitable.

Running up Melbourne Avenue I came to a decision.  I was going to do pushups.  Just pushups.  Not 550 like I did recently, just 100.  But I would do them in the sauna.

I took off my t-shirt and laid it on the floor so I wouldn't burn my hands.  Then I did 40 in the first set.  The second I made it to 20 before fatigue stopped me.  Under normal circumstances I should be able to do more than 20 in the second set, but this was not normal.  I managed two more sets of 20, and that was it.  Doing pushups in a room heated to around 90 degrees is not easy.  I suppose it makes sense to do them as quickly as possible to minimize the time in the room.

I got dressed, took on more water, and set off home.

And I was fine until I got to Melbourne Avenue.  Going down the gentle hill I started to feel a cramp in my belly.  I wanted to make it all the way home without breaking into a walk at any time, but I had to compromise that.  I walked to the base of the small hill leading up to Parliament and then ran again.  That lasted about 30 seconds before the cramp was back.  So feeling all stomach crampy I walked into Parliament to rest up in my office.  The security guard said to ring if I needed a hand.  I'm feeling better now.  And I think I will start off to walk home soon.  I still plan to do 14.4km today.  Even if I have to walk the last five.

Overambitious?  Maybe... Probably.
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I spent part of Boxing Day with Mitzi and Fi and the three of us saw Sherlock Holmes, who, I have decided, was totally an aspie.  Intense focus and deep interests, disregard for normal polite conventions, he is somewhere on the spectrum.  A good film too.

I spent part of that night watching Band of Brothers, and I'm still watching it now.  It's very good if you have an interest in the subject matter.

Today I had pretty much all to myself.  No visits from or to anyone, no prior commitments.  I watched a good part of the cricket before dragging myself to the mall to pick up some things before my parents arrive tomorrow.  That meant I had to contend with holiday shopping crowds and the parking frustrations that go along with that.  Whether the parking gods were exacting payment for the good spot I got on Christmas Eve or I was experiencing bad parking karma or whatever, it took me about 30 minutes to find a place to park.  30 minutes of slowly weaving around other cars driven by people who are satisfied to sit waiting in their cars blocking everyone else because they think someone is vacating a spot soon.  30 minutes of being surrounded by lazy drivers who will hold out for ten minutes to avoid walking their lazy asses another 50 metres.  Stabby stabby!!!

Watching Band of Brothers again now I find myself wondering how I would hold up in combat had I been there at the time.  I found myself wondering the same thing in New Guinea earlier this year.  I've thought about military service in the past.  I still think about it sometimes.  It may be like thinking about the priesthood.  Something I contemplate because I think it will give another layer of meaning to my life, but that could well be a disaster in practice.  With my aspie tendencies I wold no doubt struggle with lots of the hijinks and other things that go along with military life, but at the same time I think I might do fine in combat.  Physically stressful things tend to have a calming effect on me.

I've got to clean a few things up a bit.  Mum is much cleaner than I and however the place is when she arrives is how she will assume I live all the time.  We had battles about my lack of innate neatness for years growing up.  Odd that these battles don't seem to end entirely, even now.

Ah yes, and here are some comparative photos.

Calgary Christmas 2009 - The frozen Bow River

Sydney Christmas 2009 - Luckycanuck and Cupcake Goddess on a relatively chilly but altogether unfrozen Sydney Harbour.

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Well not so much with the drooling really, but I am sore.

I went in for some dental surgery today. After an hour of what I am told was pretty straightforward work (I have a big mouth, literally) I now have a small piece of titanium implanted in my jaw. I'm waiting to see if this give me superpowers. Perhaps whilst I was lying back watching the US Army Academy play the US Navy Academy in gridiron he accidentally put a cloaking device in my mouth that will enable me to become invisible. Now, should Titanium Jaw Man use his power for good or for evil? And what kind of costume should I wear?

No going to the gym today, but I did have a nice long run first thing this morning that eventually took me to the Artillery memorial on top of Mt Pleasant.

In lieu of reading about my workout, I give you this, which I found late yesterday.

Come on, spot me... )Read more... )
I've seen these guys at the gym. I will admit that I do occasionally make noise when working out but I can't seem to recall making any dry heave sounds in the gym, I don't tan myself orange, and I don't spend an extended period staring at myself Narcissus style. Yeesh!

I may go to trivia tonight. I seem to be recovering pretty well.
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I was walking along the pavement to day and walked past a man aged about 70. I passed pretty close to him but didn't knock him over or run into him.

Just as I passed by, he said something to indicate his disapproval at me coming as close as I did to him.

It would have made some sense if he had said "watch it, you." But I don't think he did. I really don't think I misheard him, and while I know it makes absolutely no sense at all, I swear I heard him say "watch it, Jew."

It's a very small step in phonetic terms, but it's the difference between him being a crotchety old man, and a crotchety anti-semitic old man. He only had half a second at most to decide what to say as I passed, not enough time to make any kind of a judgement based on what he saw. (At any rate, I don't look like a Jewish stereotype.) I can only assume he has a grudge against Jews in general. Perhaps he thinks the only kind of person who would cut him off on the pavement on a Thursday evening would be a Jew. Ooooooh those nasty Jews! Controlling the world banking system isn't enough. No they have sinister plans to control pavements in Canberra too.

If he said what I think he said, it would be the second time this year that a bigoted (and inaccurate) remark was made directed at me. Earlier this year in the midst of a closely fought game of rugby with the Convicts, one of our opponents called me and the only other straight guy on the team "f*ckin poofters." Both of these incidents were prime examples of bigotry, and for that matter, ignorance. In the case of the Convicts, the bigot du jour had good reason to suspect I was a part of the group he was so callously denigrating. Today, crotchety old anti-semitic man made an ethnic slur in the blink of an eye before he could have even thought about it. He must walk around all day constantly seeing the malign hand of Zionism behind every bad thing that happens. I wonder if I am the first person he insulted today.

A lot of whinging about crazy people recently. One of my work colleagues says I am on the fast track to becoming a curmudgeon.

TW: 50 chinups, 100 seated rows, 25 chinups, 100 bicep curls, 25 chinups. I've got some soreness from all my pushups yesterday.
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I thought I had seen some odd letters from fringe types, but today two came in that blew everyone else away.

Click to read the paranoid rants of people who vastly overestimate their importance... )

We lost at trivia tonight. Well, we came in fourth, which is very bad for us. This time knowing the capital of Cambodia and the Australian state with the shortest coastline wasn't enough.

TW: Medicine Balls - 50 medicine ball crunch throws, 50 medicine ball stomach drops, 50 high throws against the wall, 50 high presses against the wall, 50 side throws left and 50 right, 100 seated side to side twists.

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The office was pretty empty now that the pressure is off.

On the way to the gym I was stopped at a red light in Civic and a window washer approached my car. I know there are much worse ways for him to make a living, but I wasn't interested in having my window washed and held up my hand in the universally accepted sign that says "no I don't want you to wash my window." He did anyway. Before I could do anything he had given my window a good spray and then scrubbed at it and wiped it clean. I found it rather invasive and annoying. I was just waiting for the light to turn so I could get away.

TW: 50 pullups, 100 seated rows, 150 bicep curls, 50 waist to shoulder lifts, 50 more pullups

And when I got home I was plied with chicken and salad that would otherwise have gone into the bin. Hooray for not wasting dinner!
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It's after 11:00pm and I've just arrived home.

I was up early in the morning to pick up dad from the airport.  We are in the same country again for the first time since last December.  Terry, my sister's father in law has also come out to Australia for the first time.  With four sets of hands we will surely get a lot done around the Collaroy Castle.

Dad and I took Terry for a drive around the northern beaches, all the way up to Palm Beach before stopping at the Newport Arms for lunch and a discussion on some of the perilously unstable shoes being worn by some of the women in attendance.  Apparently there was some kind of big horse race today.  The Melbourne Something.  I saw it but didn't really pay attention.

Shortly after the race I packed up the car and headed off.  Dad and Terry (and possibly Uncle Robert) are going to visit Canberra at some point whilst they are here, but for now a visit of about six hours will have to suffice.

I'm the one on the right.  The good looking one.

There was heaps of traffic on the way home.  There were breakdowns on the eastern distributor, and in the M5 tunnel.  The pace was slow and frustrating but people seemed to be taking it all well.

And then I joined the ranks of the broken down.  My car is nothing flash, but I have it serviced regularly and it has been dependable for me.  Still, when it gets hot (and it hit 39 degrees today) sometimes the engine cuts out.  Dad, who knows more about this than I do, reckoned it was vapour lock (i.e. the petrol turning from liquid to gas before it gets to the engine thus interrupting the fuel flow.)  It has happened before, but only on very hot days.

Whatever the cause, I was on the M5 in heavy traffic and I couldn't move.  As luck would have it, I was just in front of a breakdown bay but couldn't move.  I could have pushed the car, but I needed someone to sit in the drivers seat and steer, and nobody was stopping.   I flicked on my hazard lights and the drivers behind me drove around.  Most just went about their business, but one passeger in a taxi (perhaps returning home in a drunken and belligerent state from the races) threw something out of the window and hit my car.

Shortly thereafter a truckie stopped and told me to steer whilst he pushed me back towards the breakdown bay.  Everyone stopped as I was pushed out of traffic (although I nearly collided with a car that was tring to pull out from behind me.)  I could have done without his swearing and assurances that I was a "f*cking idiot" but at least he stopped to help get me out of the worst position I could have possibly been in.

Then it was just waiting for things to cool down enough to let the fuel move again.  Every couple of minutes I tried again but there was no luck to be had.  I rang the NRMA and they promised to have someone there within 90 minutes, so I waited and rang friends so I would have someone to talk to as I roasted on the side of the highway.  I spoke briefly to [info]bakerypenguin and [info]minxyminou  and Dad in the hopes of calming my nerves and venting my frustration.

And only about 50 minutes after my first breakdown, I managed to get the car started again.  Yes, I hit vapour lock for six (eventually.)

I popped by to visit Minxyminou as we had arranged, but the coffee hour had passed to I was promoted to steak.  I wonder if it was a way of calming me down so there weren't any cases of road rage. Because I am very erratic and violent you know.

This was supposed to be a day off.  So why am I so tired?

Tomorrow off to work again, but only a three day week.

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I happened to pick up the phone today and it was a woman who refused to give her name but wanted us to take action on the fact that she had been sacked.  She wouldn't say when or why or from what she was sacked, and when I wouldn't put her straight through to the boss she got abusive.  Also she doesn't like Americans.  (You know, like me.  She didn't care to be told that it was none of her concern where I was from.)  Also she doesn't like asylum seekers.

It's hard to work with people without coming to (on some levels and in some cases) really dislike people.  Sometimes answering letters and e-mails and phone calls from the public feels like being on a long car trip with an insane rambling uncle.  "Let me tell you something else... raaaah raaaah raaah!"  It's worst when people are basically agreeing with you, because it's that much harder to cut them off.

Work drinks tonight which should be fun and provide me with a platofrm to have a whinge with other people who understand the special brand of crazy you face around here.  Not able to make it to the gym though.  Tomorrow.

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