Jan. 21st, 2012 11:14 am
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I'm in Collaroy, with my parents for the first time since last April.  Mum's maid of honour and her husband are also around and I've not seen them for the better part of twenty years.

There is always a shock when this happens, because suddenly the Collaroy Castle which I am accustomed to having to myself is much MUCH smaller.  I'm also keenly aware of the fact that I understand my parents (particularly my mum) less and less.  I'm noticing how she seems incapable of doing something without announcing it, that the traditional maternal fussiness is still there, and that she has very little knowledge of what is going on with me.  None of this results in hostility or even awkwardness, but it is still there.  I've not lived in the same jurisdiction as my parents for eight and a half years and it shows.

We did have a chat about the gloom yesterday, which is an issue of some concern to her.  She wanted to make sure I'm not drifting in the direction of suicide (I'm not and she knows I'm not) and I suspect there will be more chats while they are here.  I was kind of hoping to be able to explain what's going on with me, but I can't seem to do it.  It's like it's back to the old drill of things being wrong when nothing is wrong.

In better news, I finished all my work for the Cert III and handed it in on Thursday.  The training manager at my gym signed off on a number of workout sessions that I was meant to observe.  In fact, I just entered workouts that I had done in the past and that was deemed to be good enough.  I did do a flexibility session with Helga (who is leaving Canberra to move in with her boyfriend) and an aerobic session with Coffee Snob to get used to designing programs for people and they were both happy with what I did.  Now I am going to start on my Cert IV.

There have been a number of good workouts recently, including a new concept that involves working out with a deck of cards.  Each suit represents an exercise, and the value on each card represents the number of reps.  Then you just "hit the deck" and go through either the whole deck or go for a set period of time.  Very random, a good challenge, and heaps of fun.

Also, on the Collaroy Castle front, I am getting a stronger feeling that much of the pressure for selling the place is coming from my aunt in Sweden who resents the place and the work required to maintain it.  It struck me yesterday that if she died, there would be far less pressure to sell.  Noticing this made me feel a bit macabre, but maybe that's what I'm like these days.
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I've been at the Collaroy Castle for the past few days with my cousin and cousin in law and their two kids.

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In other news, Black Dog Pushups - Melbourne is going ahead.  On Friday I will have company as an AFL player who is renowned for his ability to do pushups comes along accompanied by a photographer from a local paper.  I am nearly at 100 Twitter followers, and have been retweeted and followed by athletes including Wallabies, politicians, journalists, actors, a famous Catholic priest, and plenty of ordinary people who share my concerns.

My Twitter account was suspended over the weekend on account of me sending unsolicited tweets, so I will have to be careful about doing that in the future.  Luckily there are now quite a few people following me who have a pretty strong list of followers themselves and they can help with the promotion.

I had a firefighting gear workout yesterday, and kept my goggles down this time.

YW: Row 400m, 15 kettlebell swings, 10 pullups, 15 30kg thrusters, 10 burpees - 5 rounds.  I got a bit dizzy just before the last round and took my helmet off but still managed to finish in 31 minutes.  I got some funny looks, but mostly encouraging looks (and one photograph from a trainer who was passing by.)

Back to Canberra shortly.


Oct. 4th, 2011 11:54 pm
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I had an interview in Sydney for a job that would last for three months and go for two days a week.  It would pay a premium because of the odd scheduling, and I would earn in two days not that much less than I earned in Parliament in five days.  I'm not really sold on the idea.  I think I would rather stay in Canberra for now, especially as my cousin and her family will be staying at the Collaroy Castle for about a month during that time and this would mean living with her, her husband, and her two kids.  I like them, but that would have an impact on me.

The funeral last Friday was very well attended.  I still don't know what happened to the guy, but I heard that my rugby teammate came home and found him dead.  Here was a guy who was ten years older than me, who had everything going for him, and out of nowhere he just died for no apparent reason.  I've never worried much about death not being "fair" or questioned why God would take an individual like some people do.  Having an important life or lots of friends doesn't really stack up much against the apparent randomness of mortality.  I did, however think about what my funeral would look like.  It struck me that having spread myself all over many places but never really settling anywhere like most people might mean occasions in different places that would include my various circles of friends.

So thinking of mortality has continued.  I had a long chat with Mitzi about my gloom.  She was more blunt than most people have been, and I think it might be getting to be time for that.  Advice was to get back to therapy, to consider anti-depressants, and to get bothered about getting better.  It was an ideal conversation to go along with a post Nepalese food glow and a couple of hours spent taunting her cat with a laser pointer.  There were plenty of things said that I know, but that just don't stir me up.  I suspect they will though.

It was also a weekend of footy finals, and I spent the whole of Sunday in the Collaroy Castle as it was exceptionally rainy and surprisingly cold.  After three days of being busy, footy, drinks with ex-girlfriends, Sunday was a quiet day.

On Monday I turned 34.  I had a swim, I visited Minou, I got home well after midnight.  It was possibly the most isolated birthday of my life.  That doesn't actually bother me.  I spent last Christmas Day alone, barely speaking to a single human being all day.  It has, however, been appropriate for how I spent the past year.

TW: A delayed birthday workout was based on my age.  34 minutes to do as many pushups as I could. Total:1,286.
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I've been quite tired this week.  In general I'm in bed at midnight and up at about 8am.  Bacon and eggs have been had periodically (which I've rarely had recently had because it always seems like too big a production for breakfast.)

I've had some pretty good workouts.  Yesterday was leg centric with high bench jumps, heavy farmers walk, leg presses and deadlifts along with running to and from the gym.  Today was running to the gym and rowing and biceps followed by chest contractions and marine pushups and the run home.  There have been daytime trips to the beach too.

But I've still felt quite tired.  And I've got a cold.  And I feel isolated.  Except for minor interactions while shopping, I've had very little human contact since Saturday night.  I'll head back to The Berra on Saturday.  I like Collaroy, but I wonder if staying at the Castle is not good for me in long doses.  I can do being alone but these past few days I feel like nothing has happened and nothing has been accomplished.  I felt exhausted the last time I was here too.

I've been watching the markets closely and I am on the cusp of selling a few stocks, but nothing has changed hands this week.  BOW is still waiting for developments or advice from the board on the proposed takeover or an offer from another suitor, ALK is looking good, and I am wishing I had gotten out of NBS which has frustrated me for a long time.  There will quite likely be a few sales going through soon and I should hopefully have a lot of cash as a result to pounce on bargains if there are more falls.
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I was out late on Saturday night and had a bit of a lie in on Sunday, though I did stock up on supplies for my week in the Collaroy Castle and went to the gym.  I was really looking forward to playing with the ginormogantuan tractor tire they have at one of the gyms here.  I had a whole thing planned and was all set to go when I turned up and found the tire was gone.  I've not been to the Mona Vale gym for a while and asked one of the employees when it had gone.  She said she saw it there just a few days ago.

I tried to put together a new workout but the rings there weren't spaced at a point where I could do dips or ring pushups.  I had been looking forward to tire work so much that when that went I was unable to put anything else together.  It was in a moment of aspie stress that I wrote in my workout book where I record my workouts "F*CK IT! No tire. What the hell happened to the tire?"  I did some heavy farmers walk with 32kg in each hand and some power cleans, and later did 100 marine pushups in the sauna where it was 96 degrees (over 200F).

TW: 500 hand release pushups for time. 23:38.  Now I can feel the fatigue.

I spent the day at home, only going outside briefly to get something out of the car.  Tomorrow I think I will go out more, possibly for a swim.

We have found a new housemate, who will be known as Ginger Harpist, because that is an apt description.  She is the one who plays the harp professionally and also gives lessons.  The fact that she will be teaching lessons from home and rehearsing long hours is an issue, but it need not be a problem if we all approach the whole thing as reasonable people (and we are all reasonable people.)  I had the best feeling about her and I think she will fit into the culture of Chez Canuck better than anyone else we saw.

Today the market dropped a lot, but I didn't lose much.  SNL went ex-dividend, and all orders were scrapped so I took the opportunity to put in a sell order at 74.5 cents for some of my holding and a buy order at 51 cents.  I spent part of the morning bidding the buy price up with someone else before they left.  As it is, I currently have the highest buy price at 56 cents and the lowest sell price.  This means that if anyone wants to buy or sell SNL right now, they will have to do so at my price.  I am setting the market.  It's not a hevaily traded stock (no trades were made on it today) but for the time being, and until a normal market returns from all the orders being purged, anyone who wants to sell will have to sell to me at my price and anyone who wants to buy will have to pay a premium to get my stocks.  This window will close I am sure, but at the moment I really am defining the market in this stock.
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I'm halfway through my first week of being unemployed.

My neck is getting better and I plan to go to the gym this afternoon.  At the moment I am back in Canberra in the Dickson public library because our internet at home is very slow.  It's being fixed on Friday but in the meantime I have a hard time getting things done.  So I decided to get out of the house.  I've not been in a public library for a while.  The people here right now are not people I have a lot of contact with on a day to day basis.  No stabulence, but I get the feeling that some of these people are the kind of people with a lot of time on their hands who like to contact politicians to rant.

I bought stock in ALK yesterday which gives me more exposure to gold and to rare earth minerals with some very promising projects they have.  They have experience in gold and a lot of it (about three times the current share price in two major projects according to my research) which is reason enough in itself for me to hold and a promising project they have in rare earths that should give additional revenue.

An agency rang me yesterday with the prospect of a four month job doing a policy review (basically a lot of consultation and pulling other people's ideas together.)  It would be a very good opportunity.  It's an EL1 level job (Canberra public service jargon is kind of lost on me) and I get the feeling that once I've done one of those I could do more.  It would also be a pay rise from Parliament and it would be, as far as I can tell so far, and interesting job.  It would certainly be a good job to have in the short term while I figure out what I want to do over the next two years.

I had a couple of swims over the last couple of days.  I think a daily swim will be in order everyday I am in Collaroy.  I also had my friend Avia over on Monday night and cooked for her after she had a stressful day.  I like to help.  Also it was good to give me something to do.

In short, so far being unemployed is great.  I think I will go to my old office tomorrow.
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It was a pretty good weekend, but when I got home I really felt like I was crashing.

I made it to rugby early and was really switched on by kickoff.  As I waited on the sidelines I picked up a ball that was at my feet and repeatedly bashed it against my forehead.  My war face was on and a supporter shouted at me to "get angry."   We were playing a team we came up against a few weeks ago and lost a close fought game while being frequently penalised and having a total of three guys sin binned.

This time I was put on in the second half to replace a guy who was exhausted from hitting rucks and making tackles.  Two minutes later he had to come back on as one of the other back rowers hurt his ankle.  The scores were level at 10 when they got the ball out of a ruck and passed it back to their fly half who wound up for a kick.  I was quick enough off the mark to get there just in time to block it with my face.  It bounced forward and I was in hot pursuit.  One of our backs got to it first but wasn't able to pick it up so he kicked it forward to chase it over the try line.  Unfortunately he put just a little too much on it.  With a really lucky bounce or with a few more metres of in goal we would have had a try.

They wound up deep in our end but we managed to get the ball back and one ruck turned into a bit of a shoving match before my opposite number punched one of our guys from behind and got a yellow card.  He was lucky it wasn't a red.  With twelve minutes left they wouljd be a man down for all but the last two minutes.

We kicked it deep, won the resulting lineout, and held on to the ball for several phases.  It was a real team effort.  Everyone had a hand in keeping the play alive.  There were plenty of offloads including one that came to me to run forward about three or four more metres before  getting tackled and getting a knee in the face and a mouthful of dirt.  On the next phase we got nearly to the line and with one more push, by the time I got to my feet we were over.

Then we managed to hold off a late charge and kept them pinned back in their own half.  Final score, Convicts 17 Brothers 10.  We sang the Convicts Victory Song louder than I have ever heard.  THOOOOOOOOOOOSE MAAAAAAAAAAAGNIFICENT MENT FROM THE CONVICTS ARE HERE!

I wasn't going to come to Sydney next weekend as I have plans on Saturday, but now that we are into the next round and after the high of Saturday I will have to see how I can rearrange things.

Then I got cleaned up enough to pick up Minxyminou who was coming up to stay at the Collaroy Castle, a place with which she is very enamoured.  We went out to a Mexican place in the next suburb that she was quite keen to try.  The portions weren't huge but the quality was excellent.

I made lots of tea and put together a pretty good breakfast in the morning and the two of us went down to the beach, though only I went in.  Minou looked very odd standing on the beach dressed all in black with a bikini clad girl getting a tan on one side of her and a guy setting up his surfboard on her other side.  Very unsurfie.

It was a great weekend in a lot of ways, but by the time I got back home I was really coming down.  There was a lot to come down from.

I guess I will have a few things to talk about when I go back to the psychologist tomorrow morning.  I've not actually been properly sad for a long time (if you don't count last night's gloom), and I've had a lot ot be happy about, but my feelings of being detached are still as strong as ever.
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I drove up to Sydney on Friday and had two matches with the Convicts arranged for the following day.

The first was against Mosman, and it was a back and forth affair which we led 19-17 until they were awarded a penalty right in front of the posts and kicked it.  We wound up losing by a single point.

I felt fine for the whole match but a few minutes afterwards my neck stiffened up.  I put some ice on it and drove to the second match where I warmed up and was about to be sent in my a coach who didn't realise how stiff my neck was.  That match ended in a 19-19 draw.

I went back to Collaroy exhausted from what felt like 36 hours of activity with very little rest, and a sore neck which I treated with ibuprofen  and later with a gin and toinc.

Around 5am I woke up with the pain in my neck intensified.  It was hard to move at all in any way, but I did manage to get up after an effort that took about fifteen minutes.  Doing anything with my head aside from keeping it perfectly still and upright was a struggle.  I considered my options and thought about heading down to the car and going to hospital but given the effort and discomfort associated with just getting out of be that seemed like a bad idea.  I didn't feel I was in a bad enough way to call for an ambulance so I went back to bed and got back to a shallow level of sleep.

After the sun came up I took the advice of [ profile] bakerypenguin  and went to a local doctor, who suggested I go to hospital where an x-ray might be in order to rule out a broken neck like her brother sustained playing rugby.  After a bit of a wait during which they put a neck brace on me as a standard precaution, they concluded without an x-ray that there was "no clinically significant fracture' and therefore no reason to subject me to a dose of radiation.  They did send me away with a medical certificate to get me out of work (which I didn't need) and a prescription for codeine and diazapam (which I did need, and which made me real tired.)

I am the fifth member of the Luckycanuck family to have been a patient of Mona Vale Hospital.  My dad left with a broken hip, my mum left with a broken nose and eye socket, and both my Australian grandparents died there.  So I left in better health than anyone in the history of the Luckycanuck family.

The plan of driving back to Canberra on Sunday afternoon was not on the cards, and I wound up sleeping until after noon on Monday.  I read a bit, researched a stock, and didn't set foot outside of the Collaroy Castle once.

By Tuesday I had recovered enough to be able to go off the drugs which enabled me to make the drive to Canberra while giving [ profile] savesomesilence  a lift and playing with the dogs for a bit.  Dora was latching onto me for protection from a geriatric three legged cat.

Today was a quiet day at work.  There will be a lot of these coming up.  I rescheduled my appointment with the agency that I had to cancel on Monday, and came home to the weekly dinner.  There will be another dinner elsewhere tomorrow.  I hope to make it into the gym in the morning if I can find something that puts no strain on my neck.

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Today there is a lot of soreness all over.

I went for a recovery swim yesterday morning in very calm seas which was quite nice.  My streak of monthly ocean swims remains unbroken.

I also got some good (well, not so bad) news about the Collaroy Castle.  I was speaking with my parents and got my frustration about the eventual sale of the family home out.  I don't need to go into why I have been annoyed with the prospect here, but now my parents know.  They still plan to sell.  Not now, and not for a couple of years.  The good news is that my parents plan to downsize and trade the house which needs a lot of upkeep for a unit with the proceeds of the sale.  At least this way there is still a family home, it's just not THE family home on the same patch of dirt that my great grandfather bought in 1916 for fifty pounds.  Also the sense that I will be more isolated is considerably reduced.

Sunday's rugby saw most of the same guys turn up.  My ankle held up nicely through the whole weekend with the help of strapping tape.

Click for plenty of action pics. )

In the end the final score was a 13-5 loss, though subtract the fraudulent try and it would have been 6-5.

I had dinner with Minou and a play with the dogs on the way home.  "Lesbianese" food as I called it was very nomulent.

I wound up getting back home at 11pm to an empty house.  Today is my day to cook, and I don't think anyone is going to be around.  That's a shame, as I was kind of looking forward to doing my part.  Maybe we will delay to later in the week.
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Little was done at work today.  I'm not sure if I even answered the phone.  The whisperer wasn't even whispering.

TW: AMRAP 20 minutes - 10 burpees, 10 heavy bag get ups, 10 heavy bag lunge walk, 40kg farmers walk up and down the stairs.  Total: 7 even.  DOMS is a good feeling.

By the time I got home dinner preparation was in full swing.  Today we improvised pizza with various things we had around the house.  It went very well.  While doing the dishes I wandered around the house a bit and felt all wistful about the Collaroy Castle.  I instinctively want to say I have mixed feelings, but I don't.  My feelings are uniformly negative.

Overall a much better day than last week, but no idea what the rest of the week will be like.  I've not told anyone that I'm leaving yet, at least not definitively.
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There was the possibility of going to roller derby yesterday but the tickets were sold out.  I did meet up afterwards with a friend of mine who was involved.  The initial plan was to end up at a gay bar in Canberra.  I've been to plenty in Sydney with the Convicts and at first I thought I would be ok, until someone questioned whether or not I would get in with the shoes I had on.  That quickly sent me into aspie stress.  I went from being fine to rocking and handwringing mode with low bandwidth.  In that state with what has been going on, my desire to be around friends was outweighed by my desire to avoid being in a loud and crowded space filled with people who may impugn my footwear.  So I drove them there and went home instead.

There were some good workouts had though.

YW: 20-1 pullups; 1-20 kettlebell swings.

Towards the end the middle finger on my left hand began to hurt and I had a hard time gripping anything.  I was going to quit the workout but I decided to continue on and managed to finish by putting more weight on my right hand.  This morning my middle finger was kind of purple and cold.  It's getting better.  I must have done something minor to it.

TW: A focus on legs and core to avoid contact with the purple finger.  100 openers, 100 closers, 100 leg presses, 15 minute core, then 5 rounds run 600km, 20 burpees, 20 pushups.

I weighed myself at the gym today and either the scales were broken or I actually have negative mass.  I prefer to explain this phenomenon as the result of working out so hard that my body spontaneously transformed into anti-matter.

This morning I had brunch with [ profile] bakerypenguin  and discussion was had about the frustration and injustice of the sale of the Collaroy Castle, and about what happens when you see a psychologist for depression.  I've been through a lot of thoughts about the Collaroy situation some of which have been of the annoyed and pissed off variety.  I still don't understand why there is a sudden desire to sell.  As for the psychologist visit, I am looking forward to it.

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First thing this morning I noticed a job posting through an agency that I thought suited me.  I rang them, and they almost immediately asked if I could come in for a chat.

Then within half an hour, a package arrived.  It was my new suit, which had just arrived from Hong Kong.

With a waistcoat and all.  Suit therapy is very helpful, in the short term at least.

I felt much better with a job interview set up and wearing a new bulletproof suit for the first time.

Then, just before heading out, I got some bad news that brought me right down.  I was on the phone with Canada, and my father told me they are planning to sell the Collaroy Castle.  That knocked everything else out of my head.  I wasn't able to articulate an answer to anything he asked after that.

It makes sense.  It's owned by two men aged 67 and 72, neither of whom live on the same continent as the house.  I am the only one of my cousins who lives anywhere nearby, and holding on to it benefits me far more than anyone else.  I suppose there is the option of buying everyone else out, but that would mean going into a huge pile of debt bigger than I am likely to be able to get out of.

I've been in Australia for six years and the house probably won't go for a couple of years.  It means a lot of other things besides losing a beachside pad.  In a manner of speaking, I will be homeless.  My car is registered there.  I am on the electoral roll there.  That is where I officially live and it is where I first lived when moving to Australia.  I've bounced around plenty of places in Canberra and one place in inner Sydney in my first year, but the Collaroy Castle was always an anchor.  Most people my age have a place like that, and in a couple of years I won't.  After being in the family for nearly a century, the property will be a place where someone else lives.  No more anchor for Luckycanuck.  I have no family in Australia.  I've adjusted to that and I'm fine.  This house is the closest thing I have to family and it's going away.

I also wonder if my parents will come by Australia now that there isn't a place to stay.  It had been proposed that if I settled down with a family they might come out to live once in a while so they could help me out like they helped my sister.  I guess that is off (perhaps on account of my telling them a family is hard for me to imagine.)  Is this a way of encouraging me to buy a property of my own as they have frequently encouraged me?  (Almost certainly not.)  Where will I stay when I go to Sydney.  Will this prompt me to leave Australia now that there isn't somewhere I can always go?  Will I move back to Sydney to get more Collaroy time in while I can?

And as evidence that I'm probably the son of an aspie spectrum type, dad hit me with this news just after I told him I was going to see a psychologist for depression.

So I had my stunned and vacant expression on my face as I left the office to go to my interview.  Luckily, it went well.  I feel like I hit it for six.  They are going to pass on my CV to the Food and Grocery Council, and they have plenty of contract work that would suit me.  It buoyed me up after the Collaroy Castle shock.

I haven't been to Sydney for a while and I was planning on going this weekend but the week has taken its toll.  Once rugby was cancelled I felt that the trip was becoming less necessary (despite my desire to spend time in Collaroy) especially when I have to head right back into another full on sitting week.  I've had a tough time making decisions and deciding to take a trip was always going to be tough.  I can plan further ahead to next weekend now and be calm.

I did meet Helga's new guy and drove Roxy to a Harry Potter party to spare her from having to take public transport while dressed as the Golden Snitch.

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FW: Improvised.  Run 1km, 30 pushups, 25 kettlebell swings, 20 situps, 15 pullups - 10 rounds.  Reduce run by 100m every round.  It took me just over an hour of consistan physical effort.  300 pushups, 250 kettlebell swings, 200 situps, 150 pullups, and running 5.5km at an average pace of over 15km/h.  I was quite pleased with my improvised workout, and had a really solid endorphin high.

I was up early on Saturday to do some electioneering with Coffee Snob and boyfriend of Coffee Snob.  We hit Bungendore in the morning then Coogee and Maroubra in the afternoon after driving up to Sydney.  The results were fairly unsurprising.  It was a resounding Liberal/Nationals victory.  The degree to which Labor was smashed is hard to overstate, and it will not be easy to come back from such a drubbing.  I will have the chance to send in my CV to the new state Government and see what comes of it.

I was trying to decide what the best story of the night was.  The change in government overall is, of course, a pretty big story, but it was so expected that it was anti-climactic.  A couple of Independent federal MPs who put Labor back in last year saw their allies on the state level smashed in favour of people on my team.  That could be a warning of rough seas ahead for Windsor and Oakeshott at the next federal election.

Of course, I still am fairly disengaged from politics (or more accurately a lot of the people who get up in arms about politics.)  This article reminded me of a quote from Winston Churchill.  "The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter."  Is it odd that I am cynical about people who are cynical?

We stayed at the Collaroy Castle.  My uncle was reluctant to have people over, but he didn't show it.  CS and BoCS were quite impressed by the place and the neighbourhood.  I though it was going to be tough to get CS back to Canberra.

I drove most of the way back to Canberra and it looks like I may have converted BoCS to thinking along the lines of Crossfit.  I'm always happy to see people willing to take working out seriously.

Oh yes, and on election night I ran into a girl I dated in my first year in Australia.  At the time I was really smitten with her as she seemed to tick all the boxes, but five years later (has it been that long) I came to the conclusion that being involved with her would probably have been exhausting.  Also the new MP for Coogee is openly gay and there was a pretty high proportion of gays in the crowd including a few surrounding my former crush (who seems to have taken on the role of a fag hag) and one creepy guy who groped me a bit.
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I am now in the Collaroy Castle with six people with the same surname as me.  My Swedish cousin is visiting with her Swedish husband and her three Swedish kids, and my uncle just arrived from the airport to the house he grew up in.  Seven of us sleeping in the house means not a lot of space, but it doesn't really bother me.

The kids don't bother me either.  Some kids do, but these ones don't.  My three year old nephew (or cousin once removed if you prefer) was having a great time singing the tune of the Imperial March in the scariest voice he could manage when we were putting the Family Guy version of The Empire Strikes Back on.    I'm not sure how I feel about having kids.  I am terrified about having the kind of kids that I see carrying on hysterically sometimes, but other kids I have no problems with.

Tomorrow is the Mardi Gras parade.  Anyone in Sydney is welcome to come down and watch the Convicts and I.  There is pretty much always an elevated level of horniness.  Last year someone stuck his hand down my shorts, so it's not all positive.

YW: Farmer's walk for the first time ever.  25kg in each hand.  6 flights of stairs upand down, 50 SDHP, 50 situps, 4 flights, 30 SDHP, 30 situps, 2 flights, 10 SDHP, 10 situps.  The farmer's walk is goooooood.
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I've been up in Sydney a lot recently.  I like Sydney and I like staying at the Collaroy Castle, but it does mean a lot of time spent in the car.  Next weekend it will be good to have a whole weekend without having to make any long trips.

A lot of the recent Sydney visits have also involved family, which means much less space and independence for me.  My parents are now back in Canada, and tomorrow my cousin and her husband and three kids arrive from Sweden to visit for a while.  My uncle will join them later.

Last weekend, however, I had the place to myself to walk around naked in.  Hooray!  Saturday was a quiet day that involved eating the leftovers that mum left for me, and visiting the beach where there were some very sizable waves that tossed me around plenty.  Little else was done and that was fine by me.

On Sunday I had my first Convict event of the year.  Fair Day was good again.  We won the tug of war by beating the hockey team, the dykes on bikes, and the swim team to become Mardi Gras tug of war champions for the third year running.  It's much easier when I am the smallest guy of the six at 90kg.  Our team was entirely made up of forwards.  Tommy, Aki, Steve, Gump, Jumbo, and myself all know what a scrum looks like from the inside.  I am a bit sore in the legs today.  The 12 hour race is still affecting me I suspect.

I also did a shift on the dunk tank which was a relief on such a hot day.  All this and I only got a bit of sunburn.

Afterewards Minou had me over for dinner and to give the dogs a workout.

Parliament sits for the next two weeks which might make work easier/interesting.

Also, I have booked leave and tickets to go back to North America in April.  Much of it will involve going back to place I was at recently, but it will also mean going to Ottawa for the first time in a long time and getting acquainted with Canadian politics again.  I think this might be coming just in time.  It turns out I'm using about three weeks of the nearly eleven I have saved up.

I'm not sure what to do about Lent this year.  Last year I gave up alcohol, sweets, meat, and caffeine.  This year, however, I will be travelling for the second half of Lent.  If I'm in a bar in Montreal I may wish to sample the local beers so that means I may not be able to seriously give up the grog.  In fact, living a simpler life seems inherently incompatible with being on holiday, even when you generally have simple tastes as I do.  International travel seems inherently showy.  I'd like to give up something, but I can't seem to think of anything.  (Lent is part of the lead up to one of the most important part of the religious year for me and generally I enjoy it and the sacrifices that go along with it, but I don't seem to feel excited about it this year.)  Perhaps I could take something on.
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A visit to the beach was made today.  The water has been really quite warm.  The weather has been warm this week, but the water is often quite cold even when it's summer.  Today it was wonderful, and the waves were breaking just enough to enable me to bodysurf a little bit.

On one visit to the beach this week I came across a man in his 80s who thought I was a pommy, but I told him I was half Canadian half Australian and that my father had grown up just up the street.  He responded "oh he must have known the Luckycanucks (not my actual family name)."  It turns out that about 50 years ago my grandfather hired him for a job, and he had been inside the Collaroy Castle long before my father left Australia and even longer before I was even born.

The view from the Collaroy Castle probably didn't look quite like this back then, but the good parts of it certainly did.

I also had an interesting dream that involved me getting married... to [ profile] minxyminou.  It was at least twenty years in the future, for whatever reason the two of us were single at the same time, and in our late fifties it seemed like a good idea.

I went shopping today after returning the digital set top box I got earlier in the week.  It works but we only got some of the new digital channels and in the process we lost a number of channels we once had.  They tested the unit at the shop and apparently it's an antenna problem.  We will need to bring someone in to look at it, and that will have to be done another time, probably by someone else.  It would be hard for me to arrange from Canberra.

I did pick up some DVDs.  I've never collected many, but I saw some that I couldn't pass up.  One was of a very clever TV show from New Zealand called Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby which is quite un-PC, and I also got The Godfather, which I am watching tonight.

I went to the gym too, and did a nice Crossfit workout.  It was good to get back to the gym for a workout that involves something other than rowing or walking absurdly long distances.  I hadn't been at it for quite some time.

TW: Deadlifts, pullups, thrusters 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1.  Then I was hoping to do some chest presses, but for some reason I felt a crick in my back on one of my ribs which made them very difficult to do.  So I did a set of arm smashers and 100 bicep curls in large sets.
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Cut for a few dirty pics )


Off to view two places today and to apply for at least one, then to see two more places as a fall back position in case we don’t all find a place together.

No bad news all weekend.  Hooray again!
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Somehow it's been a full long weekend and it's still not over, though I suspect not much will be done today.

Saturday was spent at the Collaroy Castle making sure things weren't too out of hand for dad to arrive on Wednesday from Canada for a university reunion.  Luckily he is a lot more relaxed about tidyness than mum.  I didn't get to the beach (though it's just a three minute walk away) for my monthly ocean swim on account of the rain that was just bucketing down for most of the day.  Instead I delighted in the fact that there were two grand finals on at the same time which meant a lot of switching channels.  Sydney Uni won in the rugby union and Collingwood won in the AFL for only their second win in something like 12 grand final appearances since the 50s, both of which made me happy. (A joke making the rounds on Twitter is "Collingwood fans will be unbearable, but at least it will piss off Carlton fans.)

That evening I went to a pub in town with some people I hadn't seen for a while which was fine except that the music was louder than I needed it to be and for some reason they had a smoke machine that was pumping "smoke" into the room all night.

Sunday I woke up with a sore throat and a voice that had dropped several tones in pitch.  I decided against changing careers to become a classical music radio announcer and set out to be plied with food.  A Convict related friend from New York plied me with eggs benedict and advice for my upcoming trip (she suggested I go to all five boroughs, which I was already planning on.)  Then there was just enough time to get to the gym to do a celebratory crossfit birthday workout as suggested by one of my gym friends.

YW: "Fran" - Thrusters and pullups - 21-15-9 for time.  My time: 3:18.  (Crossfit has a number of benchmark workouts that have girls names, I suspect because some crossfit people like being able to say "Bro, I TOTALLY nailed Fran yesterday."  I didn't say that.  But the idea of a celebratory workout is a good one and not a new one to me.)

[ profile] minxyminou  and I spent part of the afternoon together and I was filled with steaky goodness and plenty of chatting about what we have been through recently and what we have in store.

By the time I got home, Helga the proceeded to fill me with cake that Malice had made (apparently three bars of white chocolate went into making it, two of which were in the icing alone.)  So it was a day of women giving me food.  What's not to like?
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I woke up in the Collaroy Castle and breakfast was the crepes that mum likes making.

They all went out to Castle Hill and I loaded up the car and drove to visit Cinnabunny in Chatswood were I had a coffee and chat.

Then it was Campbelltown for cake and more chatting.

Then the next stop was Chez Canuck in Campbell in Canberra and a beer whilst wearing my Carpe Cerevisi (Seize the Beer) shirt given to me by my sister and her family.

Oh yes, and I had a run on the beach.  The full run to North Narrabeen again.  Sorry.  No "c"s in there without manufacturing an excuse.

Mum and Dad are staying in Collaroy until they leave later this month, and I won't be back up again before they leave, so I won't see them again for a while.  I've been here long enough to work my way into habits, and having them here meant I couldn't maintain those habits.  Soon things will be back to normal.  No more having people around what feels like my house.  Strange how I have gotten proprietorial in this way when talking about the old family home.

Tomorrow two more people will arrive, so there will be six in the house.  Just as well I'm not there or I would be moved from the sofabed to a sleeping bag and have even less space.  And the people who are coming are people who rang us at 1:30 in the morning to tell us some medical news about someone in their family.  Apparently the miscalculated the time difference and thought it was 11:30pm.  Because that is an appropriate time to ring someone on another continent who can't do anything about your mother being in hospital.


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