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My new job has been a bit of an adjustment.

Early on I found myself in a lot of meetings and being involved in a lot of discussions in which I was WAY out of my depth.  I didn't understand what people were talking about or the projects they were working on.  It took me a while to figure out what my job actually was.  Now, though there is still plenty of me being lost when hearing about things outside of my project, I am not bothered as much.  I know well enough what I am meant to be doing (coming up with reasons why the eCensus is a good idea).  When discussions go beyond that, I've decided that I can afford not to allocate mental bandwidth to trying to keep up.

At the same time, however, I am aware that my current work may potentially set me up for additional work in the new financial year, so I am getting a bit more involved in the workplace.

I am also doing very well on the flex time front.  I am actually able to leave early today rather than staying on to pack on the hours.  That's good, because I leave for England on Wednesday and could use some time to rest.

Tonight, however, I have trivia again.  I was a bit concerned and frustrated by the lack of crowds in the early days, but over the last two weeks there has been an explosion of interest.  On both nights there were over 30 people attending, and there are definite regulars now in attendance.  So it looks like I will continue to have my side gig through the winter and beyond.

My training side gig is also going ok.  I had one cancellation that kind of pissed me off (lame excuses, and turning up one week with promises to pay the next week, but then announcing a schedule change that will preclude further attendance.)  Last week I felt a bit like cancelling, but two regulars turned up and though I had to change the workout plan entirely, they both stuck to it and enjoyed it.  I also found out that both of them probably wouldn't get any exercise if it were not for my sessions, so I felt a lot better about that.
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As Bakerypenguin pointed out, I am now having normal reactions.  When things are good, I am able to feel good.

Trivia is going well.  I hope to get more people out and establish myself as a good place for trivia, and I think that will happen once people catch on.  At the moment the first two nights have been won by the owner of the bar and some of his friends. I wondered briefly if he just wants to have his own trivia night where he and his friends can carry on all they like.

I am currently in Adelaide, in the office of the Minister for Sport.  He will be joining me tomorrow as I have another go at doing 12 hours of pushups.  His office has been helpful with the media and I've done three interviews already, and more live interviews on radio have been lined up for tomorrow.  The Lord Mayor's office has allocated a place for me in Rundle Mall and the whole town seems pretty supportive.  I'm actually going to be sleeping on the minister's sofa tonight, and he send his ministerial car to pick me up from the airport and to take me around town.

Work? Nothing has changed really. Plenty of leads but no actual work.  It may be difficult to get something before the end of the financial year in the public service, but I've also applied for a full time permanent job doing research for a public affairs firm.  No response yet, but it sounds like a good prospect and I took care to put together a good application.  It would be a very different job to most of the others I've looked at.  It would not be a contract, and it would not come with the public service culture.

For now, my job is trading, trivia, and occasionally doing training sessions.  That's fine for me.  I'm getting used to the three "T"s.  Not sure what the prognosis is long term.

I traded some shares in VMG for some options in VMG which will give me a lot more exposure to the potential upside if the price goes up.  I also piled some money into capital raisings for AKK and ALK, and I am willing to cash in some of my stocks if the situation suits.  I've also been picking up DTE on the drops with an eye to unloading it on rebounds.
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I've been feeling rather odd recently, like I've not felt for quite a while.

There is a distinct possibility, and I want to be absolutely clear that this is not in any way a sure thing, that I might, possibly, in some way, be... happy.

Is that the right word?  Is that a word at all?

Let me go back a bit.

Read more... )

Things have been going quite well recently, and I know that I can't always count on that being the case.  Circumstance won't always be my friend, and I think the gloom is still around and may return in force in the future, but for now it doesn't matter.  The trick will be figuring out how to ensure that remains the case.

Wet weekend

Mar. 7th, 2012 01:16 pm
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There has been plenty of rain. Parts of Sydney and Canberra flooded, my burns are being cancelled, and it was a wet day for the Mardi Gras parade, though it dried up by the time we got going as we were near the end.

I spent a fair amount of the parade shirtless, and a girl I met described me as being "body arrogant" in part because I was doing pushups during the parade and continued to do so after she sat on my back, and because I demonstrated wife carrying techniques.  (She was part Estonian and I had to demonstrate the Estonian Carry.)  She also used the same term to refer to her.  There are currently pictures of me tagged on Facebook that I am thinking of untagging.  I was in a really good mood that night, and my actions suited that, but I am not sure if I want hundreds of people seeing them.  Then again, once a few hours pass, comment tends to die off so there is probably not much more interest to be had.

There was also a birthday for Italian Sushi where I dozed off on Sunday night, and a sense that I may have been making my relationship with another friend all about me.  In my recent state I have been more self-involved than I would normally be, and the asperger's often means I miss cues from other people or simply forget to ask how they are when I have my own things going on.  Nobody is upset, but the people I let into my circle are important to me and I want them to be aware of it.  I just don't always know how.

My plan was to stay in Sydney all week as I have another engagement on Saturday, but I got a message on Monday offering me trivia gigs on Wednesday and Thursday, so I drove back.  Tonight I am going to Queanbeyan, having spent the morning working out my sound equipment and reading through the quiz to work out any problems that may crop up.

I've also got an interview with another agency, though to be honest, I am becoming pretty jaded with the whole thing.  I don't expect to work in the public service this financial year.  I am, however, going to apply for a private sector job doing media work for a charity.  It would be a permanent job which is different from most of the work I've been looking for, but I think it's worthwhile to look at something else.
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So here goes with Dreamwidth.  Lets see how it work.

My Monday training session went well.  I introduced five girls to Tabata, and one of them nearly spewed.  Nearly I said.  All of them will be back.

I am getting into training, and I feel like I am doing better at it than I did at politics.  Still, there is this sense in my head that it's not a real job.  I've been struggling with unloading old assumptions about how my life would turn out on a professional and a personal level.  It's slow going.  I spent so many years working to a script that it's hard to walk away from it.  I feel like the disconnect between the script and reality is stoking the gloom, and it's not easy to just ignore the assumptions that were present for so long.

Last night there was a function at Parliament for a former employer who is leaving, and I felt in my element again.  I like being there and felt like I could do a job in that area again.  Of course, last winter I was having panic attacks at work.

In the meantime the public service "conspiracy" against hiring me continues.  Fine.  I managed to sell some options in VMG today for a 40% profit in two weeks (and the ones I held on to are still going up) so I am still sufficiently cashed up to live and to take advantage of potential bargains like AKK.  I am also planning a possible exit from BBG if another takeover offer comes around, which is looking like a distinct possibility.  I'm getting better at selling.  Not having a regular salary will do that.

I'm making an effort not to take over the common areas of the house.  I think it has been imposing on the others who live here and I don't want to do that.  I think a better environment currently exists.

Finally, I will have a regular weekly trivia night at the Charlie Black Bar in Manuka starting on 19 March.  It looks like a pretty upmarket venue, and it looks like I may have a lot of friends around for my first night.


Feb. 4th, 2012 11:29 pm
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I was in Parliament this past week, and CoS mentioned that one of the departments that interviewed me for a job contacted him for a reference and that they were quite keen to hire me.  Unfortunately, they were hit with a hiring freeze.  That's good news, because it smashes the sense of pointlessness I had after being knocked back from other public service jobs for ridiculous reasons.  I had an interview on Friday and now I am registered with another agency who impressed me with the degree of interest they took in me.

I've also put the word out to a number of old work colleagues, and there is growing interest in the idea of me training people at my old office.  I've got new business cards for Molon Labe Fitness and I may be having my first session the week after next.

There is also another looming job prospect that I had never considered before.  It wouldn't be a full time job and it wouldn't be a career, but it would be right up my alley.  It would be hosting trivia.  I don't know why this never struck me before.  I could have been doing this for months.  There will be a tryout on Tuesday where I will be reading questions 11-15 at a local trivia night, and once I am approved, there will be opportunities to fill in here and there.

The market has had some good news recently.  It's been down this week overall, but for me it has been up.  VMG is finally back up to it's capital raising level and the options I picked up are up too with probably plenty more to go.  AUT finally stopped it's recent decline and buyers are coming back in.  SNL, which I have been quite happy with as it has been very steady, jumped enough for my sell order to be taken up.  It's a great stock and I have another order in to buy some of it back if it falls again, but it is a very thinly traded stock and I was uneasy having as much as I had locked up in a stock that sometimes goes a week or two without a single trade.

I'm getting closer to qualifying as a fire fighter.  This week we played with fire extinguishers and practiced emergency burnover procedures.

My parents came down to Canberra and a couple of dinners were had, but aside from that and a tour of Parliament I didn't see them.  I'll be going up to Sydney on Thursday before they leave on Saturday.  I have no idea what to get my nieces for (delayed) Christmas.  Apparently they are both in a girly phase.  There's virtually nothing I know about girly girls aged 8 and 6.

Overall, it's been a good week.  Still a bit numb though.
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YW; 50 medicine ball crunch throws, 50 medicine ball side throws both left and right.  Then 2 farmer's walk stairs, 10 clean and press and pushups with kettlebells, SDHP, and pullups - 5 rounds.  Then run 2.4km in under 11 minutes.

TW: 30 kettlebell swings, run 400m, 20 bench jumps - 5 rounds.

Yesterday I was robbed at trivia.  Robbed I say.  The question was name six one word countries that end in the letter "e" and I came up with France, Suriname, Mozambique, Singapore, Chile, and Zimbabwe.  All of those are correct, but they refused to accept Zimbabwe because it wasn't on their list.  Zimbabwe is a one word country and it ends in the letter e, therefore it is correct.  We also lost out because there were bonus points for everyone on your team that wore green (for St Patrick's Day) and we only had three players whereas the winning team had eight.  I am not pleased with the Fame Trivia authorities.  Perhaps my trivia team should find a better trivia night.

I was down in party HQ today and talked about the letter I got yesterday.

It quickly went from being a talk about my loathing of that campaign and became a talk about my loathing of work (or certain aspects of work) and the sense that I am expected to relocate for weeks at a time to places where I have no friends and no support.  Party HQ had no idea I felt this way and neither does our CoS or W.  I suspect I may have to do so one way or another.  Unfortunately, I still feel somewhat paralysed and I'm not sure how to feel not paralysed.

We have a new media advisor at the moment and for no good reason I don't feel comfortable around him.  He has done nothing wrong whatsoever but he came into my office today and I quickly made an excuse to leave the room.  Just at quitting time he asked if I was ok.  I said no and that I didn't want to talk about it.  He asked if it was him.  He's probably a perfectly nice guy and I will quite likely end up being fine with him, but at the moment I just feel awkward about the change in the office upsetting my expectations and habits.

If I wasn't going away again soon I would probably go back to the therapy place and see if I could get an appointment with another person than the last guy.

And finally, I suspect I may end up having to pay the aforementioned "bill."  Part of me wants to send them a bill of my own and part of me wants to send them the amount of the bill in 4,290 5 cent pieces.  Or I could try this.
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Parliament met today, all the members were sworn in.

Some things I noticed.

Nearly all Coalition MPs made an oath (which includes references to God rather than an affirmation which does not.)  The PM and Deputy and many Labor MPs made affirmations.  I don't believe that being religious necessarily makes one conservative by any stretch of the imagination, but does being conservative tend to make one religious?  Is there another explanation for the apparent correlation?

Two MPs, Michael Danby (Labour, Melbourne Ports, VIC) and Josh Frydenberg (Liberal, Kooyong, VIC) wore kippah while taking their oaths.

Baby of the House (the informal title of the youngest MP) Wyatt Roy (who is 20 but looks to be under 16 and who probably has a hard time buying alcohol) had the biggest and goofiest grin on his face during his swearing in.  It was kind of endearing actually.

Later there was some intrigue over the position of deputy speaker.  I accept that this may be incomprehensible to non-politicos, but it's too late at night to change it. )

Ok, enough dull political tactics.

TW: Improvised.  I didn't have much time between work and trivia and so I tried a variety of things that happened to be available at any given moment, but I did try to work at high intensity for the time I was there.  I did managed 25 pullups consecutively.

At trivia we won comfortably, despite getting the right anwser on "a team sport played over a distance of 7.2 metres" but not writing it down.  We would have won the jackpot prize of $260 if I had changed my teammate's answers on the nationality of the first Secretary General of the UN and the name of a cape in West Australia.
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Yesterday was a tiring day what with getting up many hours before dawn, working a full day, then going to the gym.  It's catching up with me.  I was oddly tired for a lot of today.  I wasn't nodding off or fighting off headaches.  I was alert, but felt a strange kind of tiredness that didn't stop me from another trip to the gym and trivia tonight.

YW: 10 pullups, 10 dips, 10 sit ups, 10 burpees - 10 rounds (So that's my 100 burpees in one day [ profile] displacedtexan.  Now that I think about it, I once did 210 in a day, doing sets descending from 20 to 1.)

TW: Legs - 200 leg presses, 200 calf extensions, 100 openers, 100 closers.

Our trivia groups was only four today.  I was going to invite the new housemates but I thought we would have too many then.  We wound up coming in second by one point.  This could be my last trivia for a while if the election is called.

There was a story on A Current Affair yesterday when I was a t the gym that I was dreading.  It was about how much people on the dole get.  There is an e-mail going around that comes across my desk every couples of weeks, that compares the amount that pensioners get to what refugees get.  It indicates that refugees get something like three or four times the support that retirees get.  It is also entirely bogus, but by being forwarded on and on it takes on the mantle of truth.  Fortunately (and though I still despise current affairs programs) they pointed out that refugees don't get more than anyone else.  I was bracing myself for a flood of e-mails complaining about immigrants rorting the system, but it has not materialised.

Calgary is in the midst of the Calgary Stampede, which is a bit like the Easter Show for you Australians, except that accountants and bankers have been known to turn up at work wearing jeans and cowboy hats, and the local news is presented on a western themed set.  A very white collar city basically goes insane for ten days every July.  Well today, my friend Heather was one of my Calgarian Twitter/Facebook friends who informed me that Calgary was hit by a sudden and sever hailstorm with golf ball sized pellets of icy wrath falling out of the sky.  Tens of thousands of people enjoying the day out at the Stampede had this to contend with.
Cut for pics and video )


Jun. 29th, 2010 11:19 pm
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I took the money I got from the old Chez Canuck yesterday and gave some of it to the music foundation at St Paul's Manuka.  It's the church where I was confirmed and it has been supportive at times when I needed it.  I've not been there recently (I seem to get a bit stabby when I do on account of some rather petty reasons) but even though I don't go as often, I want the community to be there for when I or others need it.  The importance they give to music (Renaissance Priest is married to the musical director) is also something I think it worth supporting.  It is important to me that there is a church that takes my kind of music seriously.

I made another donation towards an appeal for the upkeep of St James King Street in Sydney, another church that has always had it's doors open to me and has been supportive at times when I was considering the clergy and at times of both joy and grief.  I reckon that if I want it to be open to people like me or to others who want a place to stop into from time to time, I really should support it.

The reason that I made these donations today rather than next week, is because tomorrow is the last day of the financial year, and I can claim these donations as a tax deduction.  It's not entirely selfless I guess.  Did I have to see an upside for me before making a contribution?  Well, that's probably part of it.

The market was a bit mixed for me today.  Nexbis jumped nicely (and apparently the directors have been buying up shares on their own) but other stocks like Po Valley Energy, ARC, Runge, and Chemgenex fell, probably in part due to people unloading losing stocks to offset gains elsewhere before the tax year ends.  Perhaps later this week or next they will turn around.

TW: Legs - 200 leg presses, 200 openers, 200 closers (the weight is pretty low on these), 100 lateral jumps, 200 calf extensions.  I may have tired legs again.  My arms certainly remember yesterday's workout.

We came a disappointing third in trivia tonight.  But I did manage to get a maths question at a speed that surprised the others.  The number is under 1000, the digits in the number add up to 12, and it is divisible by 5, 6, and 7.  One of my trivia friends (and a former housemate from a while back) has just bought a house near my current abode with his girlfriend.  Still no interest in property myself.
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I had my NRMA interview today.

I went up to Coffee Snob's office (she has been very supportive and trustworthy in this area) to have some space to myself and the whole process took about 25 minutes.  I was able to relate my current responsibilities and skills to the job as described. I am entirely confident that I could do the job and they sounded pleased.  No hiccups that I couild tell and I felt very comfortable the whole time.  The supervisor is someone who used to work in a very similar job to mine until the end of 2007.

They will be deciding on candidates for further interviews tomorrow, and there is a chance they may want me for a second interview in person in Sydney on Friday.  So far no decision need to be made on my part.  If I am offered the position, then I will have to work out how I want to proceed.

It has been suggested that if I am offered the job, I should speak to our Chief of Staff and be frank.  I can say I have been offered a position and ask how this would impact future prospects, while making it clear that I am not trying to leave them in the lurch.  I think I can trust him to be honest in the circumstances and being honest and direct about my situation would probably speak well of me.  At any rate, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

I have now met everyone who will be in the new Chez Canuck.  There will be me and three women (jokes about me moving into a lesbian collective have already been made.)  Everyone seems fine and pleasant, and I forsee no drama.  More details will come out after I move.  (Unless I end up moving back to Sydney.)

We lost at trivia by one point.  If only I knew the other two most populous cities of Pakistan!  Damn you Faisalabad and Rawalpindi!


May. 4th, 2010 11:48 pm
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Today I answered letters and e-mails.  Or to put it more accurately, I cleared a lot of corro without actually responding to much of it.

Cut for rants but also for happiness... )
TW: 100 bicep curls with 10 pullups at the end of every set.  I made it in two sets of 70 and 30.  100 seated rows, 50 forearm curls, 30 more pullups.

Then trivia which we won.  More geography cleverness.
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Apparently my team won the Convicts bootcamp.  We did well with core strength, swimming, and I think the gay eskimo song put us over the top.

This week I plan to apply for a Department of Defence job.  It's time to start the process.  Additionally the club president of the Convicts has suggested there may be work somewhere in the networks of team members and supporters.  Perhaps nothing will come of it, but it can't hurt, and it is good to know others are interested in my career prospects (even if they have their own interests in me changing jobs.)  I've played for a number of rugby teams in my time, but this is the first I have ever felt really connected to.

Trivia was won today.  Hooray for knowing the capital of El Salvador and the two non capital cities in Australia that have international airports.

I must get back to the gym and back to running.  I've had enough time to recover from the weekend.

I also looked at another place to live today that was VERY close to work, and I inquired about four more, any one of which would probably be fine.  Well located and priced and they all sounded good (for what that's worth.)  Am I being spoilt for choice?  Part of me gets anxiety when presented with toomany choices.  In the end, I am entirely confident that the impending move will work out fine.
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It looks like four people from work are now training to run the half marathon and are looking to me for advice.  My training schedule is being picked up with enthusiasm which makes me feel useful and in control.

One of the stocks I have been watching is a pharmaceutical company that is currently trying to get a drug for treating patients with leukemia approved for use in America.  The drug authorities are going to require more tests, and when news of this reached the market, shares in Chemgenex promptly lost over half their value, going from 70 cents down to the high 20s.  I noticed the drop this morning, and after quickly looking up a few things, decided that the market may have overreacted.  So I bought in hoping to catch it as it was rebounding.  It's still well down compared to yesterday, but it's up solidly from when I bought it.  Now the question becomes when to sell.  I've bought like this before, but never sold quickly (i.e. within days).

Ok.  Enough financial boringness.  I also won $5 in bar money at trivia tonight by winning the heads/tails contest.  I picked heads at the start, and stuck with it for about five or six straight coin tosses.  Why people think tails is due after four straigh heads is beyond me.  Every toss is a 50/50 chance.  Past tosses don't change that at all.  I reckon, however, that I was due to win something having gotten the right answer on previous bar money questions on South American countries that don't border Brazil (Ecuador and Chile) and the fourth largest island in the world (Madagascar) but presenting the answer a split second later than someone else.  Damn chair lounging people blocking my way!

Cupcake Goddess came with me and was very useful in figuring out the number of black keys on a piano (36) and the first ever credit card (Diners Club).  She was a valued team member on "The Prefectionists" even if she doesn't know much about Star Wars.

TW: AMRAP 20 minutes - 10 20kg dumbell swings, 20 pushups with dumbell grip, 30 bosu situps.  10 rounds, 8 dumbell swings.  It raised a sweat but no big strain, no shakes, and no big endorphin hit.
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I went to trivia tonight.  We won, despite not being able to come up with a word that has six vowels, all of them "i".  (Indivisibility)

Then it came to the jackpot.  Three questions, and if you get them all right, there is a cash prize that rolls over weekly until it is won.

1) Which television program denied guest spots to Al Gore and David Beckham because they weren't famous enough. (The Simpsons)
2) Which English King never learned to read or speak English. (William the Conqueror)
3) In what country was Rembrandt born. (The Netherlands)

Those are the questions, and the answers we came up with.  I was told we got two out of three.

I thought maybe the Simpsons answer was wrong, but when they read out the answers, they cited George I as the king who never learned English.

I know George I was from Germany and spoke German (amongst other languages.  In fact he and his Prime Minister, Robert Walpole, spoke to each other in Latin, the only tongue they had in common.)  But in the 13 years he was on the throne, he apparently did managed to learn enough English to communicate at some level.

Now William, on the other hand, aside from being a bastard (literally), was French.  When he conquered England in 1066, he brought his language over and it became the language of the Anglo-Norman court.  Here and there he may have picked up the odd word, but he never learned to speak the language of the Anglo-Saxons, and he never learned to read anything as he was illiterate.  (The question of whether or not English even existed as a language at this time is another one.)  Countless French words made their way into English once the Normans came over.

At any rate, I can accept that George I may be an acceptable answer, though I'm not sure of that.  But William the Conqueror is certainly a King of England who never learned to read or speak English.

But according to their rules, you must give all three answers exactly as they are on their answer sheet, and we were denied.

Ohhhhhhh I got a good seethe on.  It's not the money.  I got the right answer and it was rejected.  Pettiness ensues.  Grrrrrrrrr.

I'll bring it up with the usual trivia girl next week.

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I did go to trivia last night, which we won with an impressive second half. It was a bit frustrating that a group of hangers on arrived to join us. They had been drinking for a while and weren't that interested in actually coming up with an answer to how many pieces are in a backgammon set or in which grand slam event did Pete Sampras win his last title. Focus people!

I'm still a bit wiped out, so I'm home again today with the cricket on. Parliament hasn't been sitting, but everyday for quite some time I have been off to work or driving to or from Sydney. Today it seems like it's finally caught up to me. With surgery as the catalyst I suddenly feel exhausted. I spent a lot of yesterday dozed off on the sofa. No superpowers unfortunately. Yet.

So no gym today either I think. Instead I've been trying to write a bit of a response to the electoral reform green paper and having a think about some of my stocks. There's a stock I have my eye on but I've not got any left over cash. I could sell TFC or SNL for a loss (I only bought them for the dividend anyway) and invest the balance in SKE, and there is the question of whether I should put more into NBS, which has dropped by half since I bought it and looks very cheap but which some people think is not likely to get all the cash that is owed to it. It could be placed for a recovery or it could be low for a reason. I'm not sure.
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I thought I had seen some odd letters from fringe types, but today two came in that blew everyone else away.

Click to read the paranoid rants of people who vastly overestimate their importance... )

We lost at trivia tonight. Well, we came in fourth, which is very bad for us. This time knowing the capital of Cambodia and the Australian state with the shortest coastline wasn't enough.

TW: Medicine Balls - 50 medicine ball crunch throws, 50 medicine ball stomach drops, 50 high throws against the wall, 50 high presses against the wall, 50 side throws left and 50 right, 100 seated side to side twists.

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Up early in the morning to run laps of Parliament House to raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation.  It's nearly 2km around and I did four laps, one of which I ran whilst accompanied by an ex-Israeli commando.  He didn't look especially imposing, but I suspect he could have killed me with one finger if he was so inclined.

Trivia tonight with ex-housemate and our usual team which we won.  My knowledge of the four countries that border Thailand and my ability to workout the formula to convert Celsius into Fahrenheit never cease to amaze people it would seem.  Hooray for Asperger's Syndrome.  (Oh yeah, did I mention I've been diagnosed with a mild case of Asperger's Syndrome?)

For anyone who is unfamiliar with Asperger's Syndrome, it is basically a mild form of autism (so I've got a mild case of a mild case of it.)  Most of the time it doesn't present much of a problem.  Once in a while it does.  Any activity that requires me to process or organise lots of information (like most kinds of social interaction) can be difficult.  Accurately anticipating people's reactions can be difficult.  Often I can cope so long as things go according to the script I have planned in my head, but you can't rely on that happening.

Last Saturday I was in a cafe in Darlinghurst with two friends (whose pseudonyms for this blog I have not yet worked out.)  The combination of conversation at our table, the background chatter and half heard conversations from the hipsters patronising the cafe, and the sound of coffee being ground and milk being frothed and cutlery... making the sound that cutlery makes (let me know if you can think of a word) was all too much for me to take in.  With nothing to focus on to let me shut out the distractions I went into my blank faced "screensaver mode" as my overwhelmed brain began to shut down.  Shortly thereafter I went into my handwringing phase, but mercifully we left before I went into "rocking back and forth mode."

On the upside, I do tend to have a very good memory for certain things, I can maintain an intense focus, and I get free rein to make Rain Man jokes.

Today's Workout: - Core - 2*Ab Centuries (20*5 different exercises for the abs), 100*Medicine Ball Drops (dropping a 5kg medicine ball onto my belly), 50*Medicine Ball Incline Sit Ups (Sit ups on an incline, then bouncing a medicine ball against the wall at the highest point), other core stuff that I can't be bothered to describe.


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