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I seem to get tired on the weekends.

I sold a third of my stake in KKT on Friday.  It was the first sale I've made in some time.  I intend to hold the rest of it but I wanted to realise the gain (it has doubled in three months) and have some more cash on hand as I expect volatility to continue.  There may be some other sales next week and with the dividend payments that will be coming in over the next few weeks I should have enough cash on hand to remain flexible and to be able to take advantage of any opportunities that crop up over the next little while.  VMG also issued a supplementary prospectus and I will be getting one option for every two shares I hold and will have two years to exercise them.  More opportunity.

I took Friday off gym wise and watched some DVDs that Coffee Snob loaned me.  A British series about being a political advisor, that reminds me of things that I didn't like about being a political advisor.  I spoke to a couple of agencies and will be getting a bit more active in looking for work.  There are quite a few options I will be looking at.  I know that it's a good idea to "recharge" as some of my friends have said, but having time off doesn't seem to be doing that.  I still feel detached, so part of me thinks I might as well feel detached and get paid.  I've not been to therapy for a while and I don't feel like I've missed it.  I like my psychologist, but I'm not sure what the therapy is meant to be doing.

YW: Tiretiretiretiretiretiretiretiretire! I went to town on the big tractor tire.

5 rounds - 6 tire flips across the room, 20 tire pushups, 6 tire flips back, 10 sledgehammers left and right.
5 rounds - flip to one corner, 10 tire jumps, flip to next corner, 10 tire pushups, flip to next corner, 10 tire situps, flip to next corner, 5 sledgehammers left/right
10 rounds - drag tire 10m, 5 burpees.  (Oh man dragging a heavy tire is HARD!)

Then a long sweat in the sauna.

TW: Legs - Squat practice up to 120kg with a towel wrapped around the bar.  I'm getting more used to this.  Max weight leg presses, max weight openers, max weight closers, overhead squats (I succeeded at 40kg this time) calf extensions.  Then another long sweat.

Last night I was at a birthday BBQ where I was a hero for bringing haloumi.  I watched a very disappointing Wallabies outfit lose to Ireland and decided that I have had enough of Channel Nine.  I am boycotting them until the end of the World Cup.  They delayed their broadcast of the game to show the NRL playoffs, refusing to show the Wallabies on another channel.  Then when they did show it, they interrupted the game with ads every ten minutes or so.  (Something you can't do with a live broadcast.)  They padded a two hour broadcast up by half an hour at least.  Channel Nine, you are out.  This evening I went to the pub to watch the close of Wales v Samoa and enjoyed Canada v France.  It was a much better game to watch, and I did ten pushups for every point the Canucks scored, so it was a better workout than the Wallabies game.

We have Roxy's family dog in the backyard, and I just came back in from playing with Smock.  We had a real battle of wits going on.

Also, we have upgraded the internet to get ten times the data for a pittance more.  Much better.
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I was out late on Saturday night and had a bit of a lie in on Sunday, though I did stock up on supplies for my week in the Collaroy Castle and went to the gym.  I was really looking forward to playing with the ginormogantuan tractor tire they have at one of the gyms here.  I had a whole thing planned and was all set to go when I turned up and found the tire was gone.  I've not been to the Mona Vale gym for a while and asked one of the employees when it had gone.  She said she saw it there just a few days ago.

I tried to put together a new workout but the rings there weren't spaced at a point where I could do dips or ring pushups.  I had been looking forward to tire work so much that when that went I was unable to put anything else together.  It was in a moment of aspie stress that I wrote in my workout book where I record my workouts "F*CK IT! No tire. What the hell happened to the tire?"  I did some heavy farmers walk with 32kg in each hand and some power cleans, and later did 100 marine pushups in the sauna where it was 96 degrees (over 200F).

TW: 500 hand release pushups for time. 23:38.  Now I can feel the fatigue.

I spent the day at home, only going outside briefly to get something out of the car.  Tomorrow I think I will go out more, possibly for a swim.

We have found a new housemate, who will be known as Ginger Harpist, because that is an apt description.  She is the one who plays the harp professionally and also gives lessons.  The fact that she will be teaching lessons from home and rehearsing long hours is an issue, but it need not be a problem if we all approach the whole thing as reasonable people (and we are all reasonable people.)  I had the best feeling about her and I think she will fit into the culture of Chez Canuck better than anyone else we saw.

Today the market dropped a lot, but I didn't lose much.  SNL went ex-dividend, and all orders were scrapped so I took the opportunity to put in a sell order at 74.5 cents for some of my holding and a buy order at 51 cents.  I spent part of the morning bidding the buy price up with someone else before they left.  As it is, I currently have the highest buy price at 56 cents and the lowest sell price.  This means that if anyone wants to buy or sell SNL right now, they will have to do so at my price.  I am setting the market.  It's not a hevaily traded stock (no trades were made on it today) but for the time being, and until a normal market returns from all the orders being purged, anyone who wants to sell will have to sell to me at my price and anyone who wants to buy will have to pay a premium to get my stocks.  This window will close I am sure, but at the moment I really am defining the market in this stock.
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I stayed in Canberra this weekend.  Dad left on Saturday morning and I was going to go up to Sydney to take him to the airport but I was going to see him again soon anyway, and in the end staying in Canberra was a better choice, especially given that I leave next weekend.  I'll  have enough going on without driving up and back to Sydney.

On Friday I got home from work and Malice, Roxy, and Helga were into our dress up box.  As soon as I walked into the room I was in a very good mood.  They got a pair of bunny ears and a pink feather boa and fairy wings on me, which I wore in my typical masculine fashion.

(Picture to come... hopefully.)

We then made plans to go out to a friend's house for cocktails they were having, and I quickly went from "extraordinarily good mood" to "periodically rocking with stress" just before we left the house.  It was aspie time and there was a minor freakout.  The evening had gone from being spent with people I know and like to being in a foreign and far more complicated environment.  I did go with them, and felt a bit stressed in the early stages of cocktail night, but eventually relaxed a bit.  I did spend more than my share of time outside alone on the balcony where there was nobody to talk to.  (I decided that aside from my housemates, I wasn't all that interested in speaking to anyone else.)  I did have a mojito for the first time in my life (and possibly the last as I'm not really a cocktail guy) and I chose not to go out to a bar in the city with everyone afterwards.

On Saturday, there was footy to be played.  It was Politicians v Press in a pretty fun game.

(Team photo to come... hopefully)

The Sydney Swans donated their training tops for our team to wear, and I discovered after the fact that the guy who normally wears number 8 (chosen by me because it is 2*2*2 and therefore one of my preferred numbers) is the same height as me, but is 17kg lighter.

(Not pictured, Luckycanuck)

They put me at a key position at centre half forward and I nearly managed to kick a point in the first half but the play had already been whistled dead.  The Australian Capital Territory Minister for Sport kicked all three of our goals in a match that ended Politicians 3.2.20 Press 1.4.10.

I also got to use my rugby tackling skills to good effect and caused a couple of turnovers, one of which led to a goal about ten seconds later.  I wasn't allowed to play in my rugby boots as they have metal studs, but a borrowed pair of more appropriate boots were found just in time.

Later that night the girls came to the pub where we were having drinks after the game, and after I went home for a shower, I joined them at a pub frequented by university students.  I was at least a decade older than most of the people there, and Helga's assurance early in the evening that I would "pick up for sure" was ultimately unfounded.  It was really not my scene.  Coming home and having sausages and poached pears in mulled wine made by Malice was much nicer.

Today I picked up an electrical adapter for my trip to America and went for a big session at the gym.

TW: Tabata "Pushing".  Bench press, wall ball, dips, kettlebell swings, pushups, corner presses.  Then practicing thrusters to improve my form and my willingness to go deeper in the squat part of it, and later 100 more pushups in the sauna.  HOORAH!!!

I think I may do tabata workouts for pulling, legs, and core for the remainder of the week.

Also, the housemate formerly known as Malice really doesn't like the name, so I think I'll change it.
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... of why I'm neither a politician nor a priest.

I was at church this morning having been invited by Renaissance Priest, and was reminded of being back in Mackay on the campaign.  I was surrounded by people that I would not choose to associate myself with for fun and whom I had little in common with.  Many of the people at church could have been interchangeable with the geriatric hens from campaign HQ.  I had no interest in making small talk or in socialising with any of them.

(Ironically, the reading today was about extending kindness not just to people who can do things for you in return, but in being there for the sick, the destitute, the oppressed, and the lonely.  I have no qualms with that.  But the Bible is strangely silent on extending kindness to the annoying, the petty, the busybodies, and the passive agressive.)

I do like church, and I do like politics, but the socialising that is expected in both can very easily get on my nerves.  If I am at church alone or with people I know and trust and like, or if I am working on something political under the same circumstances, I am fine.  But I haven't got the wherewithal to do it on a regular basis and on demand the way a priest or a politician is expected to.

So it's probably best that I didn't become either.

I did enjoy having lunch with RP and his wife and the rector from this morning though.

And I enjoyed a long sweat in the sauna that seems to have helped the crick in my back.  Perhaps tomorrow I will be back to running up mountains.
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I'm wearing my Canada ice hockey top as an homage to my home and native land / terre de nos aieux.

I actually prefer The Maple Leaf Forever to O Canada.  It's less vague and more self assured.
Cut for Patriotic Singing )

My car was in for a service today.  It's been very reliable and smooth recently.  It generally gives me very little trouble, and the same can be said about my mechanics.  Many people think are mechanics are a crooked bunch, but I think mine are pretty good.  I've never thought they were taking me for a ride, and they've advised me that work didn't need to be done when others thought it did.

The Tough Bloke challenge is in Sydney this weekend, but it is fully booked so I will have to wait until next year.  The Mud Run, however, is in December.  A 12km run through mud and obstacles?  Oh yes.  I will be in it!

TW: 10 dumbbell shoulder press and 10 marine pushups - 5 rounds, 10 wall ball presses and 10 handstand pushups - 10 rounds, 50 clean and press, 50 15kg weighted pushups.

Then 30 minutes in the sauna and a long shower ending with cold water at full strength.  Then feeling high.
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It's been a physically intensive weekend, with two big workouts.

YW: 100 bench press, 100 dumbbell swings with 10 pullups every time the dumbbell touched the floor, 100 leg openers and 100 closers at maximum weight, row 400 metres then 20 pushups then 20 SDHP - 5 rounds.

Then I met up[ with Cupcake Goddess who had kindly saved me her last piece of pizza (very welcome given my post workout hunger.)  We talked about work and her househunting escapades and things are going quite well for both of us it seems.  I also shopped for Terminator stuff for my fancy dress night.  I had most things I needed, but picked up some cheap sunnies (I never buy expensive ones as I know I'm just going to end up sitting on them or losing them somewhere) and a gun that looked suitable.  The $2 dollar store had quite a few fancy dress people in it.

And I think I wound up putting together something quite passable.

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Today there was no silly dressing up, but some sore muscles and another trip to the gym.

TW: 50 standing shoulder press, HIIT (total of 140 lateral jumps and 100 dynamic pushups), Core - 20 situps, 20 leg raises, 1 minute of plank - 5 rounds, then 100 side dips with 20kg.

Then a long sweat in the sauna.  Tonight I will recover in the hopes of another big week of physical fun.
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I got a very good response on the snarky e-mail I sent Friday regarding the sound at the rugby.  Apparently they turned the sound on about 60 seconds after I left.  Still, the fact that there was even a question was surprising to me.

Saturday I slept off much of the last week and then went to the gym.  I've not had a good workout for a while and I wanted to get back to the gym with a vengeance.

YW: AMRAP 10 dumbbell swings, 10 handstand pushups for 10 minutes.  Then deadlifts and shoulder presses, 40-10, 30-20, 20-30, 10-40.  I was getting very lightheaded towards the end.  I hadn't eaten for a whle and think my blood sugar was low.  One of the trainers said I looked like hell.  Perhaps he was right.

I spent the rest of the evening visiting [ profile] bakerypenguin  and watching a documentary on an insane Dutch man who ran a marathon wearing only shorts and sandals in -16 degrees in Finland.  He seemed a very unpleasant person, and his wife was about the most tolerant person I've ever seen.

I shopped on Sunday.  The shake up in my career prospects has inspired me to look professional, so I picked up some new whirts for work, but true to type, I got things that I can get away with not ironing.  Because I am a lazy man.  Also the fact that I got them considerably cheaper than I would have at Myer or David Jones by going to Trade Secret is a bit of a bonus for me.  I find it very satisfying to think that I have gotten a bargain.  Ripping off the retail industry (in a legal way) is fun.

TW:  I was more prepared today, and had a big session.  Floor wipers, push ups, bench jumps with a 10kg medicine ball, pull ups - sets of 30, 20, 20, 20, 10.  Then row 400m, 40 leg presses - 5 rounds.

I was just floating around on an endorphin high afterwards and had a good long sweat in the sauna.  I'm back!

Perhaps the beard I have grown over the last week (on account of the stitches) has had a Samsonesque impact on me.  Does anyone have any Philistines they need someone to slay?

Tonight dinner (an enormous chicken parmagiana and a lovely Matilda Bay dark lager at the Durham which generally has a diverse and varying range of beers) was had with Gundachick who is now unemployed.  There was career talk aplenty.  I'm feeling much more confident about my prospects than I was when we last spoke.
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Not much done today.  It was a DVD morning watching the final installment of Lord of the Rings.  I rather enjoyed the scene I read about in a Cracked list about Hollywood's saddest attempts at feminism where the heroine stabs the evil faceless guy right where his face would be if he had a face.

Faceless evil guy: No man can kill me!

Blonde heroine: Behold my vagina!

Faceless evil guy: SHIT! (Dies)

I did get some additional photos documenting Flat Stanley's adventures from a friend who showed him around London.

Pics behind cut... )

TW: Another day of 10s.  10 rounds - 10 bicep curls, 10 cleans.  Rest.  10 rounds - 10 seated rows, 10 pullups (which changed to pull downs about half way through.)  Rest.  Then for dessert, 1 minute of plank, 20 situps in 1 minute, 20 leg raises in 1 minute, maintained for 10 minutes.

Then a nice sweat in the sauna.  Tomorrow morning will mean a big long run.

Tonight will mean going to watch the Brumbies with [ profile] bakerypenguin 
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I managed to get up early this morning and went to church in Reid for a sermon being extravagant rather than calculating when it comes to matters of faith.  That's a tricky proposition.

I dozed off upon returning home whilst watching Insiders.  The new neighbours had a house party last night (without informing or inviting us) and were carrying on until about 2am.  Lucky I can sleep through about anything and I'm on the far side of the house from them.

I made it to the gym at long last, and des;ite feeling a bit of a crick in my back when leaning forward, I finished.

TW: 150 shoulder presses, 50 bench presses, 100 chest contractions reaching a new highest weight.

I got home after a moderate sweat in the sauna and went out for a training run.  I initially intended to do Mt Ainslie but turned off and did a lap of the lake and then a lap of Parliament.  All in all I ran for 1:22:15 straight and felt pretty good excepting some tightness in my left hamstring.

My cooking repetoire is generally a bit limited.  I subscribe to the bachelor school of cooking which means I cook such that there is as little effort and as little washing up as possible.  Tonight, though, I tried something new and made a stir fry with oil, onion, carrot, pumpkin, peanuts, rice, and soy sauce.  It went quite well and I still have leftovers for tomorrow night.  Still, I don't think I'll be on Masterchef any time soon.
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Ok. Career whinge complete for now.  But there are other aspects to this which will follow.

I had some vegetarian BBQ today with Renaissance Priest.  You can make good burgers with chickpea patties, haloumi, salad, hommous and tzatziki.  They even taste good when you are eating with a nerdy, black clad, greasy haired, wispy bearded software engineer who doesn't realise it's kind of creepy when he follows people around talking to them, and doesn't realise that an invitation to the Collaroy Castle is meant for the people the inviter has actually met before rather than everyone in the room including said software engineer.

No gym workout today, but I did go for a nice long sauna to relax and hopefully sweat out the sore throat that felt worse this morning.
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I'll be spending the last moments of 2009 in Chatswood visiting Cinnabunny.  No big night for me.  I've done the harbour a couple of times, but it's too much.  On the other hand, the parents and Crows are setting up for a night of bridge.  Again.  I'm getting used to finding ways to minimise the time I am at home with no space.  I stayed home with dad in the morning as they were off at the shops, and when they returned for lunch I went off to the gym.

TW: Core - 100 crunches with medicine ball and swiss ball, 2 ab centuries, 100 twists left and 100 right, 100 side dips left and 100 right, 100 back raises.

This was followed by a long sauna, which started off at 108 degrees.  I came out of the gym feeling a little bit high.

Then it was time for a run on the beach.  So often I think I won't go the whole way, but that I'll go to the high rises in Narrabeen or the surf club half way to the headland, but everytime I go all the way to the end.  If it's shallow enough I will cross the entrance to Narrabeen Lake and make it to the pool on the north side, which is what I did this time.

See you next year.

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A friend came down from Sydney for the weekend and we had Ethiopian food last night.

My room is considerably tidier after giving it some work (though I'm not especially neat.)

The past few days (and yesterday's long run) have taken a fair bit out of me, so today was a quieter one at the gym.

TW: 2 Ab Centuries

Then a nice long sweat in the sauna, a shower, a shorter sweat to get hot once more before a real cold shower.  HOO-AH!  Much better!

Back at it full on again tomorrow, though with Parliament sitting I won't have as much time.
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I started going to the gym when I came to Australia four years ago, and I've definately gotten my money's worth.  None of this turning up for a couple of weeks and then disappearing, never to be seen again for me.  I'm there 5 times a week or more.  In the process, I've gained nearly 10kg.  I find burying myself in something strenuous is a good way to find focus.  I find I like the adrenaline and endorphin rush.  I find it has improved my rugby.

I tend to focus on weights, and also do my share of time on the treadmill.  Recently I have stopped into the body balance class (yoga-ish stuff and core work, though I skip the tai chi warm up and the breathing stuff afterwards) and even did one proper yoga class which I did not enjoy on account of being uncomfortable with the instructor adjusting me repeatedly and the pretention of some of the people there.

The gym is not a place for me to relax.  It's a place to do something strenuous, and yes, stressful.  In this case, it's stressful in the physical sense which doesn't seem to bother me too much.  (It's probably an aspie thing to be able to blot out physical stress.  Emotional/psychological stress is another matter.)  Ask me to do pushups with 20kg on my back and I'm fine.  Ask me to do another set of dead lifts and I won't complain.  Hit me with pretentious yoga talk asking me to let my energy flow from my heart and I'm confused and frustrated.


Only read this if you can bench press your body weight... or you're insanely good looking. )

Oh, and when I got home pasta with ham, ricotta, pumpkin, and sun dried tomato was on offer.  WOOHOO!!!


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