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Going to work every day is something I have adjusted to.  There is a lot to learn including a very frustrating operating system that I don't see the point of but that everyone else in my training session seemed to like, so I felt a little pang of "what's wrong with me that I keep thinking this system is silly and pointless."

I am getting to the office VERY early every day.  Yesterday I was there at 6:45, before my pass would even allow me into the building.  Parking is provided, but there are only 200 spaces and 1,500 staff.  I wonder if it is a ply to get people to turn up to work early.  I'm happy to do it and get a parking spot and have some space to myself for a while (I still don't like having to be social on demand) and build up flex time.  To be able to take my trip to England London I have worked out that I will need to build up 11 days of work out of 40 working days.  It can be done, but it will mean about two hours extra every day and maybe a couple of weekends.

Flights to England are booked.  I'll be visiting friends, playing in the gay rugby world cup, and doing pushups.  I'm flying on points so I'm only paying for the taxes, and I apparently get a 12 hour stopover in Shanghai on the way back so there will be another mini-visit added in.

Black Dog Pushups has a sign.

I reckon it will help with collecting cash donations and dispelling confusion.

Brisbane is probably going to go ahead too.  The council wants me to have $10 million in public liability insurance before I do a single pushup, but apparently my charity has that covered.  Otherwise, it would probably be too much hassle.

I've been doing more training sessions at  home, and I've discovered the fun of doing gymnastic strength work through some friends at the gym.  Just holding static positions is tougher than it looks.

It's 6:30am! I'm going to be late for work!

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Results of my Cert III practical work have come through, and I now have ticked all the boxes to be deemed "competent."  Now I'm into my Cert IV text on advanced aerobic conditioning.

I'm not certain if Roxy is still here or if she has moved away already.  She always kept to herself, but I've not seen or heard from her at all in days.  The soon to be new housemate is Chloe.  (Not her real name, but I accidentally called her that on a number of occasions so that's her name here.)  She and Surveyor are out right now celebrating EmPrime's birthday which was on Australia Day.  I think the new household dynamic is going to be a happy one.  I gave Surveyor and Chloe a lift into the city for the festivities and we all had drinks on Australia Day.

I've been doing some heavy lifting this past week, and I've been getting into Tumblr for the first time.  Molon Labe Fitness now has a Tumblr account where photos and WODs will go.  Recently I posted this little thing I put together.

Keep Calm and Click Here )

And it has been reblogged over 400 times.  Today I put this design on a t-shirt, along with a Molon Labe t-shirt, and one that reads "Whatever doesn't kill me... had better start running."

I've also been improving Otani.  I tried filing some hand holds, but I now find it more effective to use a hand saw and occasionally a drill I brought back from Collaroy.

I've also developed what could be called a bit of a workout crush.  I came across a girl in America whose Tumblr account and blog have made an impression on me.  Part of the appeal lies in the fact that I think she is very nice to look at, but far beyond that, she impresses me.  Here is a girl who isn't afraid to lift.  I think that is worthy of heaps of respect.  Gym girls impress me.  "Gym babes", not so much.

There is another American girl with a blog whom I have taken note of recently.  DC Dana is friends with a political contact of mine, she seems to have a sense of perspective about politics, and we both seem to be going through similar career and personal frustrations right now.  Again, since discovering the blog, I've read it regularly and looked back through some old posts.  I seem to have taken a liking to American girls.

On that note, there was an American girl in Sydney whom I met during my New Year's festivities.  Klydemestra is doing a PhD in film.  We got along quite well when we met, and last Sunday, we had dinner again.  I didn't strike me that what we were doing might be construed as a date until I was halfway through my barramundi.  I'm still not sure if it was a date, though I will be seeing her again.  You might think it would be awkward to have that ambiguity, but I don't feel it.

Finally, there is still contact with another girl whom I met/hooked up with on New Year's Eve.  There was mutual crushing between MadEllen and I, and there still is.  She lives in Brisbane, so my habit of being interested in girls who live far away remains.  It's kind of nice at the moment to be able to take an interest but not have to do anything about it.  I'm still very much not in a relationshippy kind of place right now.

My first fire was supposed to be last Wednesday, but the controlled burn was cancelled to avoid upsetting the red breasted finch.  (One of the fireys pointed out "it's a bloody bird. It can bloody fly away."

My parents come down this week for a couple of days.

New skills

Jan. 9th, 2012 11:02 pm
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I registered for a first aid course through Royal Life Saving and did the online course and exam in one night.  I managed to get 100% on the exam, which is the minimum passing grade.  So now if anyone wants to have a heart attack or drown or get bitten by a funnel web spider, come to my place.  Next step is to practice bandaging and slings and to go to the practical session so I can show off the mad CPR skills I have picked up with the help of my rather creepy looking CPR mannequin.

Over the weekend I made some further progress on the practical section of my Cert III, attending a Body Attack class and a Body Balance class and got the instructors to sign off on my attendance/observance.  Body Attack was REALLY not my thing.  A lot of jumping around and confusing moves and blaring music that meant the only thing I could hear from the instructor was her saying "WOO" every few seconds.  Still, it's done and I won't have to do it again.  Body Balance was better.  I've been to it before of my own volition and it does have aspects that I like, but there are still annoyances.  I've tried to be fair to it but to really take to it there would have to be changes.  Less music, more focus on physical challenges, no more of the breathing stuff at the end, and most of all, no more annoying/affirming/pretentious yoga jargon.  The guy told us to "open up like a mango."  I have no idea what he meant.  If you tell me what to do with my body, I will do my best to do it.  If you speak in euphemisms and ask me to "gather my energy from the floor" I am going to want to punch someone.

Arrangements are being made to observe a number of sessions with a trainer at my gym.  In the meantime I am doing more heavy weights that gave me a pretty good tired today, and for the first time I actually kept track of my heart rate in the hopes of maintaining it in a target of 70-80% of the maximum.  I'll have to do this for credit later on and this strategy may come in handy in the future, so I reckon I might as well get used to it.  For my own purposes, however, I would rather just run.  I've also been doing tire and rope circuits and random mini-workouts at home.  This may be a time of getting in much better shape if things keep going this way.

A call came in today from the agency that forgot about me. They have marketed me to a couple of clients with jobs going.  More importantly, they are taking me seriously.

And in sad (or maybe it's not sad) news, JAQ has apparently been diagnosed with Stage III Ovarian Cancer.  I have friends for whom the death of friends and family is a regular issue.  It's very foreign to me.  This is the first time for a long time I have had to contemplate the prospect that someone close to me might die.  Apparently she is going to wear the Convicts t-shirt I gave her to chemo to absorb some Convict strength.  So far she seems to be taking an aggressive stance, vowing to kick cancer in its cancerous balls or something similar.

There's not been much change on the gloom front.  It did strike me recently that once upon a time I was reluctant to accept the prospect that I might have depression.  Now I hope I have it.  If I am actually clinically depressed, then that explains a lot of things.  If I'm not, then I would have to face up to the possibility that I am just a horrible/petty/unpleasant person.

The thought that I had some time ago about not being suitable for relationships has come back.  It's certainly not self pity this time, and it's not quite like the time a while back when I felt as though I had nothing to offer, it's just a fact.  I have no business being involved with anyone right now.
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Cut for pics )

Since then I've been doing a lot of studying for my training qualifications, watching the Boxing Day Test (which was an outstanding back and forth affair that was finely balanced and could have gone either way until very late) visiting the beach, and having very little personal contact.  That's suiting me fine this time.  There is no feeling of isolation, in part because I have plenty on the horizon.

Coming Down

Dec. 6th, 2011 12:34 am
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Is what happened on Saturday night.

I was at a get together in an atmosphere that I would normally enjoy, and it started off fine but in short order I found myself feeling out of sorts and tired.  I suspect a substantial part of it was coming down from the high of accomplishment surrounding my recent pushup challenge.

For much of Sunday I was wistful and indecisive.  It didn't help that we had visitors around taking up common areas.  I was happy to have them there, but I did feel kind of hemmed in.  By the end of the day I was dressed to run to the gym, but I couldn't actually make the decision to go.  I just found myself pacing around.  Eventually I did go and got a concentrated 10 cal row, 10 pullup, 10 situp AMRAP workout done in 15 minutes.  Then I ran home.

Getting exercise helped, as it always does.  I was struck by the thought that I can't exercise constantly.  I can do pushups and feel like a champion and hear how inspiring I am, but then that goes away and nothing inside me has changed.  I still have to face the same problems.  The sense of not fitting anywhere and having no purpose returns every time.  Maybe that is just going to keep happening and I need to learn how to deal with it.

Today I got my proper fire gear including boots, so I can return the second hand stuff they loaned me (after doing one more in gear workout.)  I also did some shopping and came away with two near identical pairs of shoes as part of a buy one get one free deal.  Also after some inexplicable falls on a very good day last week, today was a good day on the market.  ERA and CCV surged over 10% and may go further.

Tomorrow we will have a house dinner now that Surveyor (named for her occupation) has moved in and is getting settled.  There is some new furniture in the house too.

TW: Around the block with Bulgarian sandbag, 8 tire flips, 50 slegehammers - 3 rounds. 29:45.
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I voted to fire two directors of BOW and two of NBS today, and soon I will vote to fire two directors in CCV.  In some instances I felt the company was being mismanaged, in some I thought they were being shady, and sometimes there was a combination of the two.  Sometimes they have been poor at getting back to me when I have contacted them, unlike VMG where I got a call from the CEO the following day.  So I have no qualms voting to send them out the door, and also voting against their remuneration proposals.

Things have been looking a lot more positive.  I seem to have gotten into EKA and SSM at the perfect time as both are chugging along nicely into recovery territory, though I wish I had stayed away from ARX.  I participated fully in the ERA capital raising and I will wait and see what the fallout is.  I was rather annoyed at CommSec because they were taking their time moving my money around, but it managed to get through just in time.  Still, I have registered my dissatisfaction with them again, and told them that it's only the fact that leaving would be a hassle that has stopped me from moving already.

I've contacted a couple more agencies and I have updated my CV to reflect my new status.

I also had a huge workout, my last before my trip to Sydney.

TW: 40-30-20-10 sledgehammers, elevated tire pushups, tire jumps, tire slams (the 4WD tire not the bulldozer tire) - 5 rounds.  Then I thought up a variety of ways to use the smaller tires to do all sorts of things (a lot of core work with twists and turns), clean and throws, dynamic pushups, slams.  I also thought up some ways to improve Otani.  If I can make some holes through the wall of the tire it would be easier to grip.  Something ton consider.

Then after I was able to head back inside (I was shirtless and didn't fancy walking through a harp lesson like that) I ran to the gym, using my interval timer to do pushups every minute.  At the gym I also did 50 chest contractions and 50 clean and press.

My idea of doing Black Dog Pushups has been approved by the Black Dog Institute, and I will be meeting with them tomorrow after picking up Minou.

Chez Canuck has been fine, but there has been a slightly odd feeling in the air.  We have done very little together recently and some of the old atmosphere seems to have been lost.  Nothing hostile or negative, just more aloof.  There is a bit of what seems like passive agressive behaviour though.  The other day I was testing my interval timer to make sure I knew how to use it, and Roxy was in the next room cooking dinner.  About the beeps it made, she said "I hope it doesn't annoy anyone at the gym."  Which felt a bit like it was her giving her opinion.

Also our next house party is not really a house party, more of a BBQ with friends with no dress up theme.  I wanted a dress up theme.

It's fine, it's just an adjustment.  Soon we will advertise for a new housemate.  Here's hoping.
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My tire arrived.

It needed some cleaning and it still needs some more, but that didn't stop me from having my inaugural workout with it on Saturday morning.

SatW: 5 rounds - 4 tire flips, 20 tire jumps, 4 tire flips, 50 sledgehammers - 20:08

It's a heavier tire (I can't quite figure out how much it actually weighs) than the one at the gym and flipping it isn't easy, especially given the shape.  There is very little clearance underneath it and it's not easy to get a grip on it.  Getting work gloves might help with getting my fingers between the rubber and the ground.

Still, it's a great workout tool.

When I start training people I may have to help them with flips.

Later I had a further leg workout at the gym with a focus on maintaining excellent form (having my feet wider really helped with overhear squats and thrusters), and had another solid workout on Sunday focusing on arms and back which I did slowly after a run to and from the gym.

TW: 3 rounds - Run around the block with the sandbag, 10 jumps in then out of Otani, 20 slosh pipe lunges, 20 slosh pipe squats - 29:13

So I've had some good workouts and am continuing to get new ideas.

I visited the motherf*cking bank like the motherf*cking adult and decided not to open a business bank account as I don't think it will be necessary just now.  I did wind up with an ABN (which was easier to get than I expected) and didn't register for GST because the potential benefits in claiming input credits are fairly minor and it would increase my costs.  I also set up an e-mail for my business and am updating my CV to reflect the fact that I am now consulting (even though I've not actually done any concrete work yet.)

My VMG stock is back trading again and is lower than I thought it would be but I will hold on to it.  AUT has rebounded nicely but ERA has dropped on account of a capital raising.  I'm taking a bit from my margin loan top participate in it.  It's a risky strategy but I am not emotionally committed to it.  It is just currently trading at a higher price than the capital raising price and I might as well get in rather than allow my holding to be diluted.  I'm trying to get out of NBS at a reasonable price.

I also plan to vote against the board of BOW, NBS, and CCV at my first opportunity.  I am not happy with how these companies are being run and in these cases I have no qualms about trying to fire my employees and voting against the remuneration they have set for themselves.
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This afternoon Ginger Harpist (whom I picked up from the airport after her trip to France yesterday) said she was impressed at how proactive I was being.

It has certainly been one of those weeks.

I enrolled to get a qualification in personal training, I made a trip to Bunnings and bought the elements of homemade workout equipment.  Some pvc pipe became a slosh pipe, which, when filled with water isn't heavy, but is extraordinarily tough to keep steady.
Home gym pics )
Today I visited Bridgestone and they are delivering a tractor tire right to my backyard tomorrow.  I have got plenty of things to do with all this.  I also bought an interval timer this morning, for the first time ever making a purchase on eBay.

YW: 5 slosh pipe squat and press, slosh pipe walk around the backyard, 10 Bulgarian sandbag around the world, drag both tires and sandbag back and forth across the yard - 10 rounds - 21:31.

TW: Overhead slosh pipe walk 20m, 10 sandbag around the world, 20 sandbag weighted pushups, 10 sandbag flip up and squat, 20 walking lunges w sandbag - 5 rounds - 14:45.  Also slosh pipe practice.  Bicep curls, deadlifts, squats,100 shoulder presses.

My arms are buzzing.  That is the best adjective I can think of.  There is a lot of improving grip strength and a lot of work put on to the little stabilising muscles you never knew you had.

I made an appointment with the bank to talk about my banking needs now that I am setting up an ABN and doing some freelance work.  Now I have to get an ABN and maybe register a business name or two.  I've thought about one name for the political consulting and one for the training.

There was finally a response from the mental health policy job I interviewed for.  Again, they didn't go with me, and again it was because they felt my experience was too political.  That annoyed me.  I have been perfectly professional in the past, and have on many occasions written briefs and speeches that I did not agree with.  I told them so in both interviews, but they still thought I didn't have enough experience in an apolitical environment.  There is not a single public service job in which that excuse could be applied, so I am annoyed at the thought that it may well be applied again.  I'm going to speak to some other agencies and reconnect with others who already know me.

Aside from that, it has been a good week.

Oh yes, and here is the poster for the next Rugger Bugger show.
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On the drive to Sydney I visited Minou who had some encouraging things to say about me setting up a business (she has effectively done the same thing as I am thinking of doing, though it forms a much greater proportion of her income than it would for me.)  My parents just rang and they thought it was a good idea too.  My dad set up an incorporated business in the 80s and still runs it for a living.  Dora is getting a better record at not peeing on the floor from joy overload when I visit.  I now don't pay her any attention until she is calm.  Everyone in Minou's place seemed happy to see me.

FW: At the gym in Minou's neighbourhood. AMRAP 15 minutes - 15 24kg kb swings, 20 hr pushups, 5 toes to rings - 8 rounds +2 kb swings.

I then went into Sydney and had dinner with an ex-girlfriend, in fact, I had dinner with my first ex-girlfriend, from way back in high school days in Canada.  She now lives in Perth and was in Sydney for work.  Small world, eh?  I was with her exactly half my life ago.  I was a bit slow to get into relationships and this relationship was quite short term (but it felt like a bigger deal at the time.)  We wound up at a local pub for hours, it was a really nice evening, and we got all caught up on everything that happened over the last 17 years.  Now I have more reason to visit Perth.

As I was about to drive to Collaroy I heard from Nerva Chu who was having people over, and I popped over to visit.  I wound up dozing a bit on the sofa but not leaving until the morning.  Apparently she and a few of her friends may be coming to the next Rugger Bugger show providing that I am in it.  All the more reason now.  If I can get to rehearsals, I will be in it.  I no longer have to worry about not embarrassing employers.

Saturday was spent at the Collaroy Castle which I will have to prepare for my cousin's visit with her family in a couple of weeks.  It was also spent eating.  And it was spent resting.  And it was spent sweating.

YW: AMRAP 30 minutes - 20 marine pushups, 20 air squats - 38 rounds + 8 pushups.

I've also been looking at the prospect of getting some gym equipment for home and putting together some homemade gym equipment myself.  Sandbags, a slosh pipe (basically a hollow plastic pipe that you partially fill with water and that will smash you good) a big tire and a smaller tire along with things to hit them with and some heavy rope for pulling things and for conditioning are at the top of my list.


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