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As Bakerypenguin pointed out, I am now having normal reactions.  When things are good, I am able to feel good.

Trivia is going well.  I hope to get more people out and establish myself as a good place for trivia, and I think that will happen once people catch on.  At the moment the first two nights have been won by the owner of the bar and some of his friends. I wondered briefly if he just wants to have his own trivia night where he and his friends can carry on all they like.

I am currently in Adelaide, in the office of the Minister for Sport.  He will be joining me tomorrow as I have another go at doing 12 hours of pushups.  His office has been helpful with the media and I've done three interviews already, and more live interviews on radio have been lined up for tomorrow.  The Lord Mayor's office has allocated a place for me in Rundle Mall and the whole town seems pretty supportive.  I'm actually going to be sleeping on the minister's sofa tonight, and he send his ministerial car to pick me up from the airport and to take me around town.

Work? Nothing has changed really. Plenty of leads but no actual work.  It may be difficult to get something before the end of the financial year in the public service, but I've also applied for a full time permanent job doing research for a public affairs firm.  No response yet, but it sounds like a good prospect and I took care to put together a good application.  It would be a very different job to most of the others I've looked at.  It would not be a contract, and it would not come with the public service culture.

For now, my job is trading, trivia, and occasionally doing training sessions.  That's fine for me.  I'm getting used to the three "T"s.  Not sure what the prognosis is long term.

I traded some shares in VMG for some options in VMG which will give me a lot more exposure to the potential upside if the price goes up.  I also piled some money into capital raisings for AKK and ALK, and I am willing to cash in some of my stocks if the situation suits.  I've also been picking up DTE on the drops with an eye to unloading it on rebounds.
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My two hours of pushups went quite well yesterday.  There was a slight twinge on my right elbow until I got to about 800 but then it was smooth sailing.

A lot of people passed by but most were going somewhere so there wasn't a lot in terms of people stopping to chat or donate.  Some of the donors like the guy killing time waiting for a bus and the homeless guy with the broken nose drinking a beer donated more than some of the suits who passed by.

I made it to 2,000 without fanfare and without any hiccups and added another 100 before a friend turned up to take photos.

Click for pics. )

In total, I did 2,442 pushups.  Last night I felt no soreness but plenty of tiredness.  This morning the soreness hit me, but it's not bad enough to keep me from working out again soon.

Now I have plans for my next pushup challenge.  Anyone with ideas (yesterday morning [ profile] bakerypenguin had some suggestions) can feel free to leave them in the comments.

We have visitors and their dog staying for the weekend.  I pulled a bunch of burrs out of his fur yesterday, only for him to roll around and re-burr himself in less than five minutes.  We've also got a new housemate, and some new furnishings.  The atmosphere in Chez Canuck seems to be improving.
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I watched the rugby with [ profile] bakerypenguin and her family.  It was a low scoring game and it could have gone either way, but in the end I was happy to see the All Blacks win at last.  They were a bit shaky on the night and looked like they might choke again, but they did enough to hold on for an 8-7 victory.  The title went to the team that was the best in the tournament.

The whole thing was overshadowed by the haka controversy.

This is what happened.

It was a great moment of rugby history, but the IRB has now fined Les Bleus for encroaching on the haka.  They stepped over the centre line and that breaks the rules put in place to prevent teams from showing disrespect to the haka,

The thing is, there was no disrespect in this.  The ABs weren't offended, but all the same the fine has been levied.  I like the haka.  I think they should continue to do it, but if one side is going to do a tribal war dance, I see no reason why there should be regulations in place dictating what the other team can and can't do.  The IRB shouldn't force the opposition to keep their distance, they shouldn't force them to stand still and watch, and they shouldn't institute rules to protect the pre-match rituals of any team.  If you are going to say to the opposition "you must stand still and watch the haka without moving or coming to close or turning around, you are not far off from just playing one national anthem or saying that it is culturally insensitive to score tries against New Zealand.  Besides, it is unnecessary.  The haka is part of rugby and I don't think it needs protecting as though it was a wee delicate bloom.

I have had a lot of good workout days recently.

TW: 10 tire flips, 20 sledgehammers - 10 rounds. Max pullups, 10 20kg db pushups, 10 burpees - until 150 pullups done. (5 rounds)

YW: Legstravaganza. Leg presses, overhead weighted lunges, burpees, 28kg kb swings. 100 openers in as few sets as possible - 3. 5 80kg deadlifts, 10 bench jumps - 10 rounds.

MonW: 1 minute pushups, 1 minute situps for 30 minutes - 908 pushups, 409 situps.

It has been a while since I've missed a day.

I have been put forward for two jobs in the Department of Communications and I'm still waiting to hear back from the health job from last week.

I also had a meeting with a business advisor and took home plenty of things to read to help me decide if I want to set up a business.  The party hq types have reaffirmed that they are interested in my doing some freelance work for them including a lecture for their training day next month.

Today I went back to visit my psychologist.  It was good to get back actually, and at the end I came away with a better idea of what all of this is meant to be doing.  She pointed out that my recently improved mood is likely related to the fact that I am living more in line with my values.  I highlighted a few of them as homework, and having purpose, challenge, adventure, uniqueness, intimacy, trust, and physicality helped.  Her advice was to continue moving in the direction of these values, and when I feel myself drifting into gloom, to take some small action consistent with them.  SHe also advised me to notice when distractions keep me from living with my values, and to take note of how I feel when this happens.  This is the whole "notice and name" part of ACT and the idea of being mindful of what sets me off and what soothes me is key.  It's about being aware of when I am doing well and when I'm not, and when I get the gloom, to do something to restore my values if I can.  If I can't, then it's notice/name/accept.

The issue of anti-depressants also came up and she agreed with me that in my current state anti-depressants may not be the right thing right now.  Her advice, keep going with mindfulness about how I feel and maintaining my values, and in a few months, if I can continue doing that and I still feel gloomy, then re-consider the chemical option.
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I had my second experience with roller derby yesterday and it was quite something.  My friend Bikerchick was competing in the curtain raiser to the grand final, which wound up being a tremendously compelling match (or bout as they are called.)  I was highly impressed with the athleticism of many of the players, and compared it to professional wrestling, except not the least bit fake.  The similarity derives from the theatricality of the sport.  It was a lot of fishnets and violence based puns, and it's a sport I now appreciate much more now that I understand the rules better.  I'm sure I will see it again.

I wound up at the after party with a number of the players including Bikerchick whose attempts to get me to arm wrestle one of her teammates fell flat.  I did enjoy being in the background keeping mostly to myself, though often this is mistaken for not enjoying the festivities.  I was fine until a group of people wound up heading to one of Canberra's gay bars (or possibly the only one.)

I've been in more than my share of gay bars with the Convicts, and I am fine in the environment.  This, however was not my environment.  It was loud and crowded and by this point in the evening I had not a lot of bandwidth left, but the problem started before I even went inside.  When I am out with the Convicts, I am amongst friends, and I am in places I know.  This was not the case last night.  I may as well have been on the dark side of the moon I felt so out of my element.  I felt I had no business being there like I do with the Convicts, and I was nervous even as we walked there.  I would have thought I was fine with gay bars, but maybe I'm not.  Maybe I'm just ok with Convict bars, or maybe I'm just not ok with night clubs generally unless I have a good reason.  Whatever the explanation, I quickly went into aspie stress mode, was unable to look anyone in the eye, had to sit down, and wound up being led to a spot where I could do so.  I was right next to the dance floor in a loud and crowded room, and apparently I was sitting on broken glass but was too close having a panic attack to notice.  I didn't last long, and Bikerchick led me outside where I was slowly able to come down from my near freakout.

We wound up having a nice chat about my aspie tendencies and her own struggles, and I dozed off on her sofa while watching True Blood.  I awoke to her cat headbutting me repeatedly in an effort to get fed.

Today was a quieter day, though I did get to the gym and did an arm and chest oriented workout.

TW: 5 rounds - 10 bench press, 10 hanging pullups.  Then 10 rounds - 15 HR pullups, 15 bicep curls.

Yesterday was more tire fun and a go at Fran (3:12).  I'm getting better at thrusters but it will probably be a long road since anythign squat related is an awkward movement for me.

Tonight I dined with Bakerypenguin and family and then watched the rugby world cup final while wearing black.  It wasn't the most satisfying match and it ended with a close 8-7 result for the All Blacks.  They were the best team in the tournament and I am glad for them given what has happened to the country recently, but all the same they seemed to be trying to lose it at times.
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There was the possibility of going to roller derby yesterday but the tickets were sold out.  I did meet up afterwards with a friend of mine who was involved.  The initial plan was to end up at a gay bar in Canberra.  I've been to plenty in Sydney with the Convicts and at first I thought I would be ok, until someone questioned whether or not I would get in with the shoes I had on.  That quickly sent me into aspie stress.  I went from being fine to rocking and handwringing mode with low bandwidth.  In that state with what has been going on, my desire to be around friends was outweighed by my desire to avoid being in a loud and crowded space filled with people who may impugn my footwear.  So I drove them there and went home instead.

There were some good workouts had though.

YW: 20-1 pullups; 1-20 kettlebell swings.

Towards the end the middle finger on my left hand began to hurt and I had a hard time gripping anything.  I was going to quit the workout but I decided to continue on and managed to finish by putting more weight on my right hand.  This morning my middle finger was kind of purple and cold.  It's getting better.  I must have done something minor to it.

TW: A focus on legs and core to avoid contact with the purple finger.  100 openers, 100 closers, 100 leg presses, 15 minute core, then 5 rounds run 600km, 20 burpees, 20 pushups.

I weighed myself at the gym today and either the scales were broken or I actually have negative mass.  I prefer to explain this phenomenon as the result of working out so hard that my body spontaneously transformed into anti-matter.

This morning I had brunch with [ profile] bakerypenguin  and discussion was had about the frustration and injustice of the sale of the Collaroy Castle, and about what happens when you see a psychologist for depression.  I've been through a lot of thoughts about the Collaroy situation some of which have been of the annoyed and pissed off variety.  I still don't understand why there is a sudden desire to sell.  As for the psychologist visit, I am looking forward to it.

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Frustration seems to have caught up with me.

Yesterday there was a work lunch that involved us going down to the Canberra Yacht Club.  I don't especially like the yact club as I think the food is overpriced for what it is.  Looking around, I also foud myself annoyed by what looked like a bunch of smug grey haired people who dine in yacht clubs on Friday afternoons.  I was also annoyed by the fact that I was sat next to a co-worker who snorts when he laughs and who smelled like nicotine.  I was also annoyed by having to make conversation with a guy who used to work for W before my time and who I've seen before, but who means nothing at all to me.  I had nothing to add to conversations about home renovations or about taking the kids to see a show in Sydney on the weekend or about the footy tipping competition.  As soon as I sat down I decided I would rather have stayed at the office alone (but that would have been noticed by everyone else.)  I said very little, and I left as soon as I could.

At one point I looked out on the lake and two guys were on the lake in a canoe.  I would much rather have been doing what they were doing.  I had also read an article about the training of Navy SEALs.  I was awestruck by the Hell Week training, and sitting at lunch I would much rather have been in the early stages of hypothermia doing pushups on a beach in California than sitting in a warm dining room.  (And that's not hyperbole, that is literally true.)

Back at work, I waded through heaps of letters that had accumulated during my time away and they finally got to me.  I loathed the people who sent us timewasting letters expounding half baked ideas written by hand in difficult to decipher script and even those that were legitimate.  We even got a letter from an organisation concerned about the curriculum in schools.  This was an organisation with letterhead and with staff, and their letter began with the salutation "Dear Member of Parliament".  Attention groups trying to get the attention of politicians!  If you are going to send a letter to a politician, you might want to actually write down their name.  I am considering sending them a letter in return in an unmarked envelope and on ordinary non-letterhead paper saying "Dear Organisation, Thank you for your letter or e-mail or fax.  I value the contributions and insights of your organisation on the issues you raised, whatever they were.  I can assure you that I either agree entirely with your views, I agree with some of them, or I think you are a bunch crackpots who should be locked up until you are no longer a danger to society.  Sincerely, Random Member of Parliament to whom you wrote.  P.S. I would be happy to meet with representatives of your organisation if you can figure out which one of the 150 Members of Parliament I am."

I made it to the gym after work, with a sense of rage bubbling away beneath the surface.  On the walk to the gym I found myself having somewhat violent fantasies about taking on gangs of street thugs who dared to harass me, and sending them running before humiliating their leader by taking his shoes and shirt and pants and forcing him to walk home barefoot and clad only in his underpants.  Anyone who approached me was likely to get yelled at.

I managed the heaviest workout I've taken on since getting back from holiday.

YW: 30 80kg deadlifts, 30 pullups, run 800m - 3 rounds.

It took me just over half an hour.  I would have liked to have done it faster, but that is a lot to deadlift and pull and I found myself getting dizzy and gasping for breath more than once.  This workout really smacked me around, but luckily not a single person spoke to me the whole time.

The thing is, I didn't really feel less frustrated.  I got home and tried to set up the new modem I picked up to hopefully allow our house to get our wireless started again but could barely accomplish anything on accout of being so bent out of shape.  [ profile] bakerypenguin wound up coming over to help and diagnosed the problems we had (which are the problem of our provider rather than us) and I spent most of the time thinking "I'm not well.  Something is wrong."

Helga and Alleluia and Roxy came home and we all watched Paris Je T'aime and I felt a bit better knowing there was nothing I could do, but I still went to bed all frustrated.

Today I'm feeling a bit better despite waking up at 4am due to it being the coldest night I can recall so far this year.  There will be another major workout which will probably smack me aroud some more, some shopping, and I suspect a lot of barricading myself into solitude.  Maybe I will do something nice for dinner tonight.

I don't think I'm supposed to feel like this.
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The NSW state election is two weeks from today so I went to Jerrabomberra to help the local candidate at the local markets.  We had a good turn out (certainly better than the Labor incumbent) and a good reception.  One of my Labor friends from touch rugby was there at the stall next to ours.  One of my colleagues mentioned that he had been "a total prick" for the whole campaign which struck me as very odd.  I certainly disagree with him on plenty of things, but in my experience he has been a perfectly pleasant guy.  I'm pretty sure this colleague of mine viewed everything he did through a pair of "he's a total prick" coloured glasses.

"Can you believe he's standing there talking to voters and criticising our party?  What a prick!"

"Look at him just drinking a coffee without a care in the world.  Wanker!"

"Oh great!  Now he's breathing oxygen and metabolising food into energy.  The gall of that asshole!  Really!"

I've had about enough exposure to this mindset.

Afterwards I stopped by JB Hi-fi to have a look, and wound up spending $100.  I got the cheapest digital camera they had (which will still do everything I want) as the one I got in Canada got a cracked view screen within a week of me buying it (by which time I was back in Australia and couldn't do anything about it.  Yes, this is another reason I get cheap tech stuff.  The same thing could have happened to a mega expensive camera.)  I'll also claim it on my taxes as I need a camera for work.

I also decided that as the man of the house it was my duty to man up our DVD collection, so I got The Godfather Part II, 300, and Se7en.  That should counnterbalance some of the chick flicks on the shelves.  [ profile] bakerypenguin is coming over shortly to watch The Godfather, which somehow she has never seen.

YW: 21 burpees, 21 knees to elbows, run 400m, 15 burpees, 15 knees to elbows, run 400m, 9 burpees, 9 knees to elbows, run 400m.  Knees to elbows are tough, especially when you are doing a lot of them. Then some other stuff as "dessert."

TW: Burpees, clean and press 20kg left, clean and press 20kg right, 32kg kettlebell swings, 35kg SDHP, pullups, situps. 7 rounds of 7.  The 7*7*7 workouts are always tough, especially with the transitions.

Also there was some very nice eye candy at the gym today.  I actually told her so (in a non sleazy way) and she laughed in a comfortable way.
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My career malaise seems to have made friends with the career malaise of others.

Helga came home last night and immediately asked if I could make a cup of tea (with a laugh that this is one of my core duties in the house.)  She has been having frustrations with the culture at her workplace that I won't go into.  There was the sense that working where she is is running down her impression of the kind of work she is capable of doing.  I feel the same way.  Everyone I talk to seems to think I am more qualified than I think I am.  Over the last two months, I have more and more been feeling as though I will eventually be unmasked as a huge fraud who isn't good at anything and who is monumentally lazy.  This also dulls my inclination to look for other work, because lets be frank, what else can I possibly do.

This afternoon [ profile] bakerypenguin posted about her own career frustrations.  Again, there was a lot of overlap with the frustrations that Helga and I are experiencing.  Everyone seems to be consumed with the sense that we have no actual skills and are thus disinclined to reach any higher.

Today there was a lecture from W (not nasty, and I probably should have known it was coming) about the importance of responding to everyone who contacts us, even if we have responded on the same issue earlier.  Additionally, one of our other advisors is leaving and his position has been advertised.  I've already done a few parts of his job and I suspect that I could do it, but I'm not going to apply.  It would mean more money and probably more clarity in terms of my role, but I don't want his job.  I am not really interested in learning the intricacies of his portfolio and the frustrations (again with those bloody awful letters) that led to him walking aroud in a black mood for most of December.  Not even if it meant a 40-50% pay rise.  (Part of me also thinks there would be less space for me to hide from work, and I think I hav ebeen hiding given the amount of actual productive work I can point to over the last two months.

Of course, not all of my friends are in despair over their work situations.  A girl (MYC) whom I knew in high school and came across (I think on Facebook) has really been living the dream.  In fact, she has devoted a whole blog to the subject.  She's now living in New York and producing a play and both she and a number of people around her are doing what they love and pursuing their dreams.

The problem for me, is that I'm not sure if I have one.  I don't think I have dreams anymore.

I have in the past.  I've been fascinated by politics form a young age.  At 5 I told my mum that I wanted to be Prime Minister.  At 16 I was actively trying to make it happen.  I decided against that specific career path but stayed in the field, working in politics on three continents.  This used to be my dream, and given the fascination some of my friends still have for politics, it still is for them.  But I just can't be bothered.  I'm tired of the voters, of reading the papers, of managing relationships with legions of people I don't really like, of hearing people's opinions, of the media.

But I also have absolutely no idea what else I might like to do.  Some people remain in toxic careers that make them miserable because they are chasing what some marketing wanker is telling them they want. I'm not staying in this job because I am locked into an expensive life. I've got no debt, no obligations, no major expenses keeping me living in fear, but I've also got no idea what else I might like to do. At the moment, every option looks negative. That's not just career wise.  It has now spread into most aspects of my life. Staying in my current job, taking another one, changing careers entirely, starting a business, staying single, getting involved, buying a house, having kids, staying in Australia, moving back to Canada or America or anywhere else, all I see is negatives.  So I wind up staying put and collecting my pay every two weeks.

Unlike one of MYC's friends, I can't go off and become a photographer, because I suck at photography (also I don't epecially like it.)  I can, however, keep my head down and slog away at this job, which pays not a princely salary but more than I need to live on and allows me to keep throwing money on the pile.  At the moment I feel like I can be annoyed, or I can be annoyed and get paid.

Ok.  Now the good news.

I've contacted a counselling service contracted by work.  I have my first appointment on Tuesday afternoon.  I reckon because work played a large part in getting me all angsty, I can let them get me started on the turn around.
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That's how many steps I reckon I took in my 12 hour race, provided that I averaged 1 metre per step.

Cut for action photos )

The donations to beyondblue have picked up a lot recently.  So far they total $860 with more still pledged to come in.  I even managed to collect a few donations on the night from passers by or people on my support crew.

Now I just have to hope I recover from this in time to make a showing at the Warrior Dash on Saturday.  Why oh why do they have to be so close together?
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Christmas Eve at the office means a flurry of corro that needs to be done before we close the office.  Things were thrown at me that had nothing to do with me.  If I could take letter writing out of my job description, a lot of my work angst would be gone.  We will be closing up early today though.  Hooray!

I took my car in to have my drivers side rear tire looked at.  It had been losing air at an unreasonable rate and I found out why, a little metal splinter had punctured it in a place where it couldn't be repaired.  It turns out that my spare also had a puncture, so I would up getting two new tires.  It cost me over $300 but at least I was able to find out that the right rear wheel (which has had leaks before) is fine.  It turns out it's just a coincidence that it is the only one that ever goes flat.  I feared there might be a problem with the wheel itself.  At any rate, now I am good to go up to Sydney tomorrow.

While I was waiting for my tire problem to be fixed, I walked over to the gym and did a nice easy row to pass the time.  I wound up doing a total of just over 210km which put me at just over 7km per day over the length of the challenge.  I will be returning to normal workouts again after Christmas, and I already started to get back into it by doing some pullups and kettlebell swings and bench presses.  (I did my bodyweight, for 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1).  A nice change of pace from all that rowing.
Photo of rowing fun from last night. )
Speaking of bodyweight, I am now 86kg, which is a full 4kg less than a month ago.

Tonight I will be going to church as I always do, and I will also be having dinner with [ profile] bakerypenguin and family.

Last night I saw a rather amusing program on ABC2.  It was a British sketch comedy Christmas Special (the Brits are world leaders at this) featuring a guy called Peter Serafinowicz, whom I had never heard of before.


The Mactini, the smallest computer ever produced.

Paul McCartney celebrates Christmas.

The couple who never argues.  Really.

Christmas just wouldn't be complicated without Complico.

Say goodbye to dirt with new Kitchen Gun.

Agenda, featuring French Al Pacino.
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Yesterday I went in the rain to Butter, a dive bar where I wasn't quite sure if it was a real dive or an ironic dive.  At any rate, it was fun, and not nearly as hipstery as I thought it might be.  They had a popcorn machine in the bar and had a menu that featured all sorts of comfort food, including deep fried twinkies.  (Note: Under no circumstances should anyone eat a deep fried twinkie.  Two wrongs don't make a right.  They just make a particularly horrific wrong.)

It has rained all day, which would have been fine except that the intense wind made umbrellas useless.  It meant that my desire to head to Fisherman's Wharf for pushup photos after a eucharist at Grace Cathedral had to be delayed.  I just didn't fancy getting more soaked than I had to, especially when I can do a run there first thing in the morning.  I did, however, make it to the Cable Car Museum, on account of having an aspie style interest in trains.

We have a schedule for our time in the bay area.  I've also met more of the others on our trip, and we were given pre paid visa cards with our per diem allowances loaded on to them.  Tomorrow we visit the organisers of our program and later go out to Oakland to meet the local electoral commission to talk about voting procedures and technologies (I don't know what's so hard about paper) and then to talk to the local paper about blogs and their impact on the election, then to visit a Senator (but not the one in a tight race at the moment.)  We should be all done in time to have the evening off.

That means I can get a workout in.

TW: 10 rounds - 10 incline press, 10 clean and press.  10 rounds - 10 dips, 10 bicep curls.  There is heaps of cardio equipment in the hotel gym but not much in the way of weights.

Also, I am getting a bit better at tipping.  Tipping at the bar was easy.  The price of drinks seems to be designed to make it easy.  No confusing amounts of change.  If I get two dollars back I can just leave one on the bar.  I also managed to tip the porter who brought my bags up after I dropped them off in storage.  I wasn't sure how much to tip for two bags, so I gave him $3 all folded up.  Later on I found out $2 per bag is the norm, but I reckon not tipping at all or tipping a huge amount would be noticed and remembered.  Under tipping by a small amount will probably slip under the radar.  I did, however, managed to slip him the folded up bills in a handshake after thinking through how to do it.  It is a bit of a pain having to have lots of small bills around (and feeling like I need to buy something I don't need just to break a $20.)  This is what I don't like about it.  It's not the money (I actually felt kind of like Mr Smooth when I successfully pulled of the handshake tip move this afternoon) but it does complicate transactions, especially if you're not accustomed to thinking in these terms.  And you have to be prepared for tipping and have singles at the ready rather than getting caught having to rifle through your wallet.

Tonight [ profile] bakerypenguin and I had crepes for dinner at Ti Couz, also a recommendation of [ profile] minxyminou.  Man they were good.  I've never had much in the way of savoury crepes but ham and tomato goes very well, and the coffee ice cream, chocolate, and whipped cream dessert which I had to drink the dregs of because I hate to waste things was wonderfully good, though I may not sleep any time soon.

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Whether or not I put my weekend with the house to myself to good use may be questioned, but there were some good results.

Cut for video and photos )

Back to work tomorrow.

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I had every intention of going to the gym on Friday, but after work I just couldn't seem to rouse myself to go.  Instead I went home and watched the calm and composed Dutch defeated a Brazilian team that got panicky and frazzled when things didn't go their way.

On Saturday, I had every intention of having a big session at the gym or possibly throwing a Mt Ainslie run in for good measure.  The fact that I slept until the afternoon put an end to that plan.  Instead, the first thing I ate that day was the scones made by my ex-Mormon housemate.  With everyone home, we managed to clear out a lot of space in the fridge, mostly bottles of things that were almost empty and had been there for God only knows how long.  Again, the new Chez Canuck is working out well.

I spent the evening with [ profile] bakerypenguin  and her friends watching Up (which was not as good as I had hoped) wrestling with two dogs, watching the final episode of The Pacific, and the Germany-Argentina match which the one quarter of me that is ethnically German was glad to see ended in a 4-0 victory.

It's been a good weekend for games.  Plenty of talent on display which I like and can appreciate, and very little of the petulance or the diving or dissent that makes me dislike the game.

Today I did manage to get to the gym, though not before running the vacuum through the house like I was asked and a trip to Brand Depot where I got some cheap work shoes (that will stay at work) and some work shirts and a tie at Trade Secret.

There were some new things tried at the gym today.

TW: 10 power cleans (new and interesting), 10 standing corner presses (new, wedging a heavy bar in the corner and loading it up with weight and pressing it towards the corner to work the chest and arms, one arm at a time) - 5 rounds.  10 deadlifts and 10 high box jumps (like about hip height) - 5 rounds.  10 pullups (with emphasis on going all the way down and all the way up), 10 dips, 10 marine pushups - 5 rounds.  50 burpees.

I finally made it to the gym.  Hooray!  And I tried some new things there.  Double Hooray!!

Tomorrow I have a shadow cabinet brief to write.  I've left this kind of late, but I am confident it will work out fine.

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It's been a physically intensive weekend, with two big workouts.

YW: 100 bench press, 100 dumbbell swings with 10 pullups every time the dumbbell touched the floor, 100 leg openers and 100 closers at maximum weight, row 400 metres then 20 pushups then 20 SDHP - 5 rounds.

Then I met up[ with Cupcake Goddess who had kindly saved me her last piece of pizza (very welcome given my post workout hunger.)  We talked about work and her househunting escapades and things are going quite well for both of us it seems.  I also shopped for Terminator stuff for my fancy dress night.  I had most things I needed, but picked up some cheap sunnies (I never buy expensive ones as I know I'm just going to end up sitting on them or losing them somewhere) and a gun that looked suitable.  The $2 dollar store had quite a few fancy dress people in it.

And I think I wound up putting together something quite passable.

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Today there was no silly dressing up, but some sore muscles and another trip to the gym.

TW: 50 standing shoulder press, HIIT (total of 140 lateral jumps and 100 dynamic pushups), Core - 20 situps, 20 leg raises, 1 minute of plank - 5 rounds, then 100 side dips with 20kg.

Then a long sweat in the sauna.  Tonight I will recover in the hopes of another big week of physical fun.
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I got a very good response on the snarky e-mail I sent Friday regarding the sound at the rugby.  Apparently they turned the sound on about 60 seconds after I left.  Still, the fact that there was even a question was surprising to me.

Saturday I slept off much of the last week and then went to the gym.  I've not had a good workout for a while and I wanted to get back to the gym with a vengeance.

YW: AMRAP 10 dumbbell swings, 10 handstand pushups for 10 minutes.  Then deadlifts and shoulder presses, 40-10, 30-20, 20-30, 10-40.  I was getting very lightheaded towards the end.  I hadn't eaten for a whle and think my blood sugar was low.  One of the trainers said I looked like hell.  Perhaps he was right.

I spent the rest of the evening visiting [ profile] bakerypenguin  and watching a documentary on an insane Dutch man who ran a marathon wearing only shorts and sandals in -16 degrees in Finland.  He seemed a very unpleasant person, and his wife was about the most tolerant person I've ever seen.

I shopped on Sunday.  The shake up in my career prospects has inspired me to look professional, so I picked up some new whirts for work, but true to type, I got things that I can get away with not ironing.  Because I am a lazy man.  Also the fact that I got them considerably cheaper than I would have at Myer or David Jones by going to Trade Secret is a bit of a bonus for me.  I find it very satisfying to think that I have gotten a bargain.  Ripping off the retail industry (in a legal way) is fun.

TW:  I was more prepared today, and had a big session.  Floor wipers, push ups, bench jumps with a 10kg medicine ball, pull ups - sets of 30, 20, 20, 20, 10.  Then row 400m, 40 leg presses - 5 rounds.

I was just floating around on an endorphin high afterwards and had a good long sweat in the sauna.  I'm back!

Perhaps the beard I have grown over the last week (on account of the stitches) has had a Samsonesque impact on me.  Does anyone have any Philistines they need someone to slay?

Tonight dinner (an enormous chicken parmagiana and a lovely Matilda Bay dark lager at the Durham which generally has a diverse and varying range of beers) was had with Gundachick who is now unemployed.  There was career talk aplenty.  I'm feeling much more confident about my prospects than I was when we last spoke.
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Today's first stop was to swing by the home of bakerypenguin to pick up Molly the dog who is ecstatically happy to see me after spending the night alone outside after BP was called away unexpectedly.  The second stop was to drop Molly off at granny's house having fought of her frequent attempts to migrate over into my lap.

Work was reasonable today.  I am going to Mackay on Thursday to train up a local campaign on my demographic work.  There was a bit of busy work but overall things got done.

Yesterday the market dropped enough for the price of a brain testing and analysis company whose revenues have grown throughout the financial crisis and I picked up some shares.  I now have pretty much my entire net worth invested in the market.  There is very little spare cash around.  Lucky I don't have much in the way of expenses before I am next paid.
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Yesterday I had a visitor at work in the person of Mitzi who had come to Canberra on her way back to the country town where she is teaching.  This gave her the opportunity to meet some of the other people in my life.  She met Coffee Snob in the afternoon and [ profile] bakerypenguin  in the evening where dinner was had (which included a surprisingly effective teriyaki stirfry and some sliced up brisket, picked up as the only kosher meat available in the Coles outlet in Manuka.)  I make no claims at being a good cook, but things often don't go too far wrong for me in the kitchen.

This morning I woke early and was joined by Mitzi on a run to Mt Ainslie.  This was not my traditional Currahee run though.  This run was marked by ten pushups every minute in a style that I have not yet named.  (Is it too ego-centric to call it a Luckycanuck style run?)  I kept it up the whole way and met Mitzi again on the way down, running ahead and then being passed whilst doing pushups in the gutter.  In the end I did 620 pushups, which is the most I have ever done in a day.

Later this afternoon Cupcake Goddess and I will be making a longish drive out to Deniliquin to spend the weekend in the country and to drop off Mitzi.  This weekend's running should be decidedly flatter than this morning's.

Oh yes, and investments were made today.  I moved the proceeds from the sales of some shares in an education provider and a gold miner into a gold exploration company with promising interests in Java and in an Australian outfit that is pumping out natural gas in Italy that inexplicably dropped in price by 40% this morning.  Bring on the dead cat bounce.
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Not much done today.  It was a DVD morning watching the final installment of Lord of the Rings.  I rather enjoyed the scene I read about in a Cracked list about Hollywood's saddest attempts at feminism where the heroine stabs the evil faceless guy right where his face would be if he had a face.

Faceless evil guy: No man can kill me!

Blonde heroine: Behold my vagina!

Faceless evil guy: SHIT! (Dies)

I did get some additional photos documenting Flat Stanley's adventures from a friend who showed him around London.

Pics behind cut... )

TW: Another day of 10s.  10 rounds - 10 bicep curls, 10 cleans.  Rest.  10 rounds - 10 seated rows, 10 pullups (which changed to pull downs about half way through.)  Rest.  Then for dessert, 1 minute of plank, 20 situps in 1 minute, 20 leg raises in 1 minute, maintained for 10 minutes.

Then a nice sweat in the sauna.  Tomorrow morning will mean a big long run.

Tonight will mean going to watch the Brumbies with [ profile] bakerypenguin 
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Yesterday I went to buy some jeans and failed.  I bought a pair of jeans back in 2008 and was ecstatic that after many years I finally had a pair that fit my unusual frame.  The problem is that I am very thin in the waist, but relatively big in the legs, not to mention the fact that I have a big ass (in relative terms.)  To get jeans to fit me around the hips, there are generally several inches of excess around the waist.  If they fit me in the waist, the jeans people assume I must be some kind of skinny legged emo or something and generally I can't actually get them on.  I generally don't have this problem with other kinds of clothes, but for some reason, jeans are designed to be unreasonably tight.

So I went to the same shop to find another pair of the same jeans as I got a while back that actually fit well but that now have a hole in the crotch, and, naturally, they have discontinued them.  Stabby stabby!  Now what to do?

I spent part of yesterday visiting [ profile] bakerypenguin  and we watched Tropfest films and Clerks II, including a rather vulgar but hilarious deleted scene that I felt a little bit bad for laughing at.  We also were hit by two ginormous thunder crashes from lightning that broke very close by.  It was loud enough to shake the whole house.  Also it sent a shockwave through your body.  Also it freaked out the dog.  Also one of them temporarily knocked out the electricity to the house.

The drive home was through a hard driving rain so I went slow.  Unfortunately, it seems that someone else did not, as I passed by what I can only assume was a fatal accident.  The car involved didn't even look like a car anymore.

I've managed a lot of rest this weekend and I think I've beaten the cold that cropped up on Friday morning.

Today two new potential places to live were viewed.  One was a house in the same neighbourhood where I currently am, and one a less spacious townhouse one suburb over.  They will be making decisions later this week, and if they take me in I will have to have worked out whether I will want to move in.  Neither place is as nice as my current Chez Canuck (but I accept that I may be a bit spoiled in terms of the space I currently have.  I tend to get along well with most people, and I suspect I would be ok in a house with mid 30s types two of whom are apparently kind of greeny and hippies (though I haven't met them) or in a townhouse with some younger but responsible looking types.  Ahh decisions, decisions.  (Good thing I'm a luckycanuck as my decisions tend to work out well.)  Still, my instinct right now is one of reluctance.

I capped off the weekend with my first game of rugby for the year with the Parliament Wombats.  A bunch of politicians and I took on a team of soldiers, sailors, and airmen from the Defence Force Staff College.  It was a good game, which we won four tries to one.  What is more, I had one nice run that involved getting up after being knocked down, one nice tackle on a guy trying to run rings around me, and I managed to turn over the ball in the tackle.  I even was put on late in the game to play prop when the shadow treasurer was knocked unconscious.

Tonight, and tomorrow, the soreness will have its time.
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Of course, the Mardi Gras Parade is always delayed, as it's in Lent, Mardi Gras, of course, being the last day before Lent.  Ok, enough theology for tonight.

I'm finally calm enough to catch up and tell everyone how Mardi Gras went.


Convicty weekend fun and pics behind the cut. )

Apparently it is the most non judgemental atmosphere ever.  It's not something I would be up for on a regular basis and it's a bit (or a lot) self indulgent, but it's good to be a part of.  I've only ever seen the parade from the inside.  I've always been in it rather than watching it.


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